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Saving Space With a Statement: 20 Small Bathroom Shower Ideas

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August 16, 2023
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A small shower space doesn’t have to deter you from creating the luxurious bathroom of your dreams. With a little creativity and planning, you can design a showering experience that pairs flawlessly with your design sensibility and meets all your practical shower needs.

Reimagine your shower with these small bathroom shower ideas.

Small Shower, Bold Design

Credit: Deep River Partners Featured Product: One™ Collection

A compelling design can transform a small bathroom into a dramatic statement. This design pairs white subway tile walls with a shower enclosure, fittings, and fixtures in a deep Matte Black finish that stands out against the lighter backdrop.  

Small Shower Alcove

small bathroom with shower
Credit: Hirshson Architecture + Design Featured Product: Counterpoint® Showerhead

Even in a smaller space, you can still create a luxurious showering experience. This bathroom utilizes an alcove space for a small walk-in shower. You can add a glass door for separation, or create a wet room for an open-concept experience. Some wet room designs can work in smaller bathrooms to create the illusion of a larger space.

You can also explore our listicle of bathroom door ideas for inspiration on how to section and separate your space.    

Small Bathroom With Shower Door Removed

A bathroom with a round mirror
Featured Product: For Town Sink Faucet, Lever Handles

If you prefer convenience over privacy, eliminating a door entirely can help a small bathroom feel more open, making this strategy one of our favorite shower ideas for small bathrooms. Consider choosing a different tile pattern for the shower to mark the area as separate from the rest of the bathroom.  

Opt for a Lighter Color Palette

A bathroom with a glass shower
Credit: Mindy Gayer Design Co. Featured Product: Laura Kirar Showerhead

Sometimes a choice as small as a new paint color can help brighten up your small bathroom and make the space appear larger. White or other light hues can exude a sense of spaciousness, while also providing a convenient canvas for pops of color in your shower décor ideas.

Coordinate Metal Fixtures

gray small bathroom with shower
Credit: Nina Azoulay Design Featured Product: One™ Collection

Establish a sense of cohesion in your small bathroom design by matching the finishes on metal fixtures, such as the faucet and showerhead. Take the room’s sense of design flow to the next level by choosing matching drawer pulls and mirror frames as well.

In a modern, neutral bathroom, Polished Chrome fixtures offer a blue-silver hue and reflective, mirror-like sparkle.  

Create Striking Contrast

black small bathroom with shower
Credit: Stephanie Brown Inc. Featured Product: One™ Collection

Dark walls paired with a white vanity can create a sense of high contrast, letting both the lighter and darker elements of your design stand out. Add pops of color with fresh flowers or other pieces of décor.

Embrace Clean Simplicity With a Wet Room 

wet bathroom shower
Featured Product: Gunmetal Shower System

For a modern look, consider transforming your small bathroom with shower into a wet room. These rooms have no separation between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, featuring waterproofed surfaces designed to drain water more easily.  

For a luxurious, spa-like experience, install the best rain shower heads and handshowers. And if you’re not sure where to start with shower plumbing, explore our overview of shower valve types.

Create Your Own Oasis

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Small Bathroom Idea With Shower Enclosure 

small glass shower bathroom enclosure
Featured Product: Central Park West Collection

Keep your design simple by choosing a minimalist style that focuses on clean lines and functional furniture. While the pieces in this room may seem simplistic at first glance, they offer an elegant style that flawlessly pairs form and function, from the shower enclosure to the vanity and sink space.  

Pops of Color 

A bathroom with a glass shower
Credit: Robern Featured Product: One™ Collection

In a room of neutrals, even the most subtle hints of color can add vibrance to the overall design. The cool atmosphere of this room, with its gray and white tones, feels more inviting with the addition of the warm wood bench and navy blue vanity cabinet.  

Brass Details and Neutral Surfaces

small farmhouse guest bathroom with shower
Credit: Robern Featured Product: One™ Collection

For a charming approach, choose shower fixtures in finishes that reflect light with unlacquered brass tones. When paired with light colors, brass accents can help brighten up a small space, reflect additional light, and help the room seem more expansive.   

Save Space With a Shower-Tub Combo

tub and shower
Featured Product: Laura Kirar Freestanding Bathtub

Shower and bathtub combinations are excellent for compact areas, but they can also be a luxurious choice for your small bathroom design. Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom with a freestanding tub paired with Polished Chrome shower fixtures.

Maximize Your Square Footage

bathroom with shower and tub
Featured Product: One™ Collection

If your space has an existing walk-in shower but you want to add a tub, you may need to get creative with the layout. Consider placing a small freestanding tub on the floor next to the shower. Explore our overview of bathtub drain stopper types to consider in this situation.   

Reflect Light Surfaces

bathroom with a shower
Featured Product: One™ Collection

Even if a window isn’t an option in your bathroom, there are still ways you can reflect light within a small space. From lighted vanity mirrors to polished fixtures, choose reflective materials whenever possible. Another option is choosing a glass shower door that reflects the entire room, creating a doubling effect that makes the space feel larger.  

Colorful and Maximalist

colorful bathroom with shower and gold fixtures
Credit: @karynmillet Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

Subtle decorative details, such as colorful tile shower ideas for your small bathroom, can add visual interest to the space. Paired with vibrant décor throughout the rest of the bathroom, the result is a design that feels unique, warm, and welcoming.

Explore Elements of Transitional Design

A bathroom with a shower traditional style wallpaper
Credit: @mindygayerdesign Featured Product: For Town Collection

If you don’t want to choose between modern and traditional design, consider blending both elements. Known as transitional design, this style plays with elements like warm woods, traditional metal faucets, and modern tiles to make your small bathroom shower feel like a cohesive part of your overall design.  

Find Subtle Ways to Divide the Space

bathroom with glass walk in shower
Credit: @mindygayerdesign Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

Creating artful separation between the shower and the rest of the bathroom can establish the illusion of a larger space. Including a small half-wall to divide the shower from the vanity is a stylish method of creating this sense of separation, without adding an entire wall or doorway.

Add Warmth With Wood

shower with handheld sprayer
Credit: @mindygayerdesign Featured Product: Soft Modern Dual-Function Handshower With Hose

A wood stool can serve as both seating and convenient storage in any shower space, while adding warmth to the design.    

Find Creative Storage Solutions 

bathroom narrow layout with shower

When space is at a premium, traditional storage options like linen cabinets may not be feasible. Instead, look for clever ways to incorporate storage into your small bathroom design, such as utilizing counter space or adding towel racks just outside the shower for convenience.

Go Bold With Color 

blue bathroom with shower

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be subtle in its design. If you love bright colors, consider choosing a tile pattern for your shower that easily draws the eye, like this vibrant blue.  

Wall-Mounted Body Sprays and Multi-Function Showerheads

showerhead and body jets spraying water
Featured Product: Modern Body Spray

Turn your small bathroom shower into a luxurious spa by pairing a multi-function, air-induced showerhead with wall-mounted body jets.

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