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Wet Room Bathroom Designs & Ideas to Inform & Inspire

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December 30, 2022
Kallista Design

If your ideal bathroom prioritizes convenience and minimalism, you may want to design an open wet room with limited dividing lines. A wet room bathroom may be the perfect style for your remodel or new build, creating an open space that provides plenty of room to express your personality and establish a spa-like refuge.  

What Is a Wet Room Bathroom?  

A wet room is simply a bathroom without any separation between the tub or shower from the rest of the room. In a wet room, floor-to-ceiling tiles are sealed watertight and the floors are sloped towards the shower drain, creating a more efficient, function-focused space. Some wet rooms include a shower screen to provide some level of separation between the shower and the rest of the space, but many are wide open.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite wet room bathroom ideas and accents to help inspire your adventure in creating the relaxing oasis of your dreams.

Install Large Tiles for a Simple Design

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The straightforward layout of a wet room bathroom allows you to flex your design muscles and find creative ways to make the space unique. The large, dark tiles on the wall of the wet room here create a feeling of expansiveness and high-class glamor, while establishing a simple design that speaks for itself. With the natural light from the skylight and the warmth of a live plant for décor, the space feels at once intimate and inviting.

Create Cohesion with a Single Tile Pattern on the Floors & Walls

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Wet room bathroom designs present an opportunity to create a sense of cohesion throughout the entire space. Extend the tile pattern across the floor, into the shower, and up the walls to establish a focused design. This strategy can be a helpful small wet room bathroom idea, making the room seem larger. Paired here with a metal console sink and the clean lines of a simple mirror and shower fixtures, the result is a chic aesthetic.

Install a Gold-Framed Shower Screen

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For an extra touch of elegance in your wet room bathroom layout, consider adding a shower screen framed in gold with luxury showerheads to match. Lighter tiles on the floor and walls can reflect the natural light, creating a spa-like sanctuary to soak or shower.

Create Your Own Oasis

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Create Natural Warmth With a Stone Wall

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Add personal elements to a minimalist room to express your own design preferences and style. A layered stone wall can add a sense of warmth and texture, and its random pattern can keep the design from feeling predictable or stagnant.  

Multiple Sprays Create a Luxurious Shower

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Adding shower body sprays can create a truly relaxing and luxurious experience, making this wet room master bathroom idea a fantastic option for improving your design. These modern body sprays pair well with almost any style and can provide a rejuvenating cleanse.

When designing your custom wet room shower, look no further than KALLISTA. Our pivoting body sprays are offered in modern and traditional styles and are made of solid brass for exceptional performance.

Add a Rain Showerhead for a Spa-Like Experience

Featured Product: Air-Induction Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

Wet room bathroom designs lend themselves well to rain showerheads, which provide a cascade of water for a relaxing yet thorough cleanse. When paired with other showerheads and handshowers, you can customize your showering experience to meet your preferences.

KALLISTA offers various styles of rain showerheads that feature air induction technology, which reduces water output yet ensures a drenching spray and even water flow.    

Enjoy the Latest Technology With a Handshower

Featured Product: Soft Modern Dual-Function Handshower With Hose

Luxury handshowers create a spa-like environment for the ultimate showering experience. Create a truly personal spa with handshowers available in multiple spray options, some with massaging, soft aerating, or pulsating choices, many paired with sleek, sweeping wands that release an immersing, yet gentle drench of water.  

Take advantage of the latest in state-of-the-art showering luxury and turn your bathroom into a personal spa.  

Keep Things Cool With Textured Minimalist Walls

Featured Product: Air-Induction Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

Lightly textured walls provide just enough visual interest in this wet room bathroom, proving you can’t go wrong with understated elegance through minimalism. Paired with luxury bathroom faucets and dual rain showerheads, the resulting aesthetic is one of cool and clean modernity.  

Add a Stool for Décor & Storage

Credit: @mindygayerdesign Featured Product: Soft Modern Dual-Function Handshower With Hose

A wet room bathroom often feels like a blank slate where you can express your own style and design. Add a wooden stool for extra storage and simple décor, creating a sense of warmth in contrast with cooler tile designs. Explore more shower décor ideas from KALLISTA.

Exude Elegance With Matte Black Fixtures

Credit: @rhgdesign Featured Product: Featured Product: Soft Modern Dual-Function Handshower With Hose

For modern wet room bathroom ideas, consider the clean lines and sharp contrast of black fixtures against lighter surfaces. The Matte Black shower fixtures in this simple wet room create a sleek and clean look, perfect for a modern farmhouse bathroom design.

Wet Room Bathroom FAQs

What are the benefits of a wet room bathroom?

A wet room helps open up a bathroom and makes efficient use of the space, pairing especially well with clean, modern, and minimalist designs. The open design is easier to keep clean than a traditional bathtub or shower, and the space is easy to customize to meet your specific design preferences or needs.  

Can a traditional bathroom be converted into a wet room bathroom?

In terms of layout, many bathrooms can be converted into wet rooms; however, smaller spaces may present more of a challenge.  

Regarding design, wet rooms tend to be more modern and minimal in appearance. If the home’s style is traditional and eccentric, you can continue the design sensibilities through uniquely patterned or colored tiles.  

What is tanking?  

Tanking is the process of fully waterproofing the floor and walls of a wet room bathroom. In most cases, the entire room will be waterproofed, unless a shower screen is installed.  

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