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002 Mod 2


Seamless uninterrupted form takes shape in the 002 collection with its soft round curves and innovative no-profile aerator. Hand crafted and hand assembled by global artisans, 002 suits minimalist and transitional luxury alike.

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PEG Module Img

ONE™ P.E. Guerin

Created by the artisans at P. E. Guerin, New York City’s storied makers of custom hardware with 165 years of expertise, each custom handle marries unique handcrafted details with contemporary design to iconic ends. Available Now.

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FP5 Module Img


The ONE™ FP5 handle combines the color and eclectic sensibility of postmodern design with the ornamental glamour of Hollywood Regency interiors. Flower-shaped form and vibrant color ways infuse the ONE handle’s minimalist design with an imaginative spirit, celebrating a departure from convention. Available Now.

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Armory Module Img

ONE™ Armory

Discover the poetics of motion in every touch with the ONE Armory handle, where clean, curvilinear forms merge with distinctive, tactile patterning.This sensitive exploration of texture introduces a language of detail to the ONE handle’s Minimalist aesthetic. Available Now.

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