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Ready-to-Ship Program

With more collections available for immediate shipment, KALLISTA’s Ready-to-Ship program can help make your dream kitchen or bathroom sanctuary a reality sooner than you think.

Explore Juxtapose

Joining the already stellar Ready-to-Ship range, the Juxtapose collection in several finish options brings elegant design and exceptional performance to any kitchen.

Learn More About the Program

The Ready-to-Ship program offers several benefits, including full-suite solutions, reduced lead times, and prompt shipment for every project timeline. Currently shipping within three days on average.
New Arrivals
Explore the latest bathroom and kitchen offerings from KALLISTA.
Multi-Unit & Hospitality Design
Bringing compelling, timeless design to grand hotels and high-rise residential properties around the world, KALLISTA is the leader in fittings and fixtures for the multi-unit and hospitality market.


KALLISTA prides itself on creating only the most extraordinary products, and this catalog is no different. Brimming with luxury plumbing offerings, world-renowned artist profiles, and a collection of enlightening design stories, the catalog promises to be the ultimate source of kitchen and bath inspiration.