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Luxury Bathroom Design

Kallista’s bathroom collection unites exceptional engineering with transformative beauty to evocative ends. Our expansive range of faucets, showers, toilets, tubs, sinks, and accessories stir the senses with rare techniques and uncommon finishes that equally inspire the eye and the touch.

Faucets All Bathroom (1)


Where fluid lines meet arresting finishes, and considered form conceals exacting engineering, Kallista’s decorative bathroom faucets marry an uncommon attention to detail with innovative features for a lifetime of exceptional performance.

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Argile All Bath Sinks (3)


Each Kallista sink is a singular statement of beauty and purpose, combining unique silhouettes with a discerning approach to materiality. From sculptural freestanding pedestals to discrete undermount configurations, Kallista’s sink collection seeks to redefine the formal profile of the contemporary bathroom.

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Argile All Bath Tubs (1)


Kallista’s impeccably designed and engineered bathtubs take inspiration from time-honored bathing traditions. Our collection includes deep-soaking, freestanding, drop-in, and undermount designs, exemplifying the range and possibility of the art of self-expression in the home’s most intimate space. Each piece can be fitted with complementary or contrasting fixtures across faucets, trim kits, drains and overflows.

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ONE All Bath Showering (1)


Every Kallista shower tells a captivating story of form and function, from our precisely engineered and intuitively designed showerheads, hand showers and body sprays, to our integrated range of trim kits and fittings.

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ONE All Bath Toilet (1)


A forward-thinking approach to design and performance is at the heart of Kallista’s skillfully engineered toilet collection, combining clever functionality with intentional aesthetics across a full range of toilet seats, flush handles, bidet faucets, and supply valves.

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Consoles All Bath


A thoughtful addition to the spatial dynamic of the bathroom, Kallista’s console tables are the result of intuitive design rendered in expressive materials. Our collection encompasses a range of personas from striking centerpieces to discrete, storage-focused elements.

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Towel Ring Accessories (1)


Crafted with our custom attention to detail, Kallista bath accessories are designed to complement our collections with unexpected harmonies and contrasts that delight.

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