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Kallista Finishes

Kallista illuminates the poetry of everyday life with exemplary finishes that transcend the familiar. Our highly curated aesthetic and dedication to ever higher standards of craft promise a lifetime of longevity within each exquisite encounter.

Script Saint Louis

Artisan-Inspired Hues

A testament to the dynamic nature of invention, Kallista’s palette of artisan-inspired finishes come into being through a skilled layering process, melding color with metal to forge a distinctive aesthetic statement. Our diverse selection of living, powder-coated, and PVD finishes are truly original, capturing a spirit of rare vibrancy.

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Kallista finishes speak a subtle language of light and texture, conjuring a legacy of fine craftsmanship and artisan techniques within a distinctly contemporary sensibility. Our surfaces transport the senses and transform kitchen and bathroom spaces with their jewel-like qualities and exceptional performance.

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