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Each Kallista sink is a singular statement of beauty and purpose, combining unique silhouettes with a discerning approach to materiality. From sculptural freestanding pedestals to discrete undermount configurations, Kallista’s sink collection seeks to redefine the formal profile of the contemporary bathroom.
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20 Bathroom Sink Ideas to Design an Elegant Oasis

Sinks and faucets are integral to the bathroom, providing access to water to cleanse and groom. While it’s easy to view these daily routines as purely functional, designer bathroom sinks and faucets can elevate your space into a sanctuary of tranquility and reinvigoration.

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A true celebration of the eclectic character of the contemporary home, Kallista’s diverse range of products and collections embrace the art of personal expression. Our pieces embrace an aesthetic that is striking yet timeless, matched only by our commitment to the pursuit of innovation in kitchen and bathroom design.

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