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20 Bathroom Sink Ideas to Design an Elegant Oasis

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July 25, 2022
Kallista Design

Sinks and faucets are integral to the bathroom, providing access to water to cleanse and groom. While it’s easy to view these daily routines as purely functional, designer bathroom sinks and faucets can elevate your space into a sanctuary of tranquility and reinvigoration.

The best bathroom sink designs combine performance with style. KALLISTA’s luxury bathroom sinks are constructed for durability and designed for high-end appeal, with a wide range of modern and traditional aesthetics and complementary luxury faucets available.

Explore these luxurious bathroom sink design ideas from KALLISTA to get started on creating your own unique oasis.

Pair a Vessel Sink With a Gooseneck Faucet

A modern bathroom sink with a unique, boat-shaped design and a sleek chrome faucet set against a white counter and a decorative tiled wall.
Featured Product: Myam™ Decorative Vessel Sink

With durable cast bronze construction, the Myam decorative vessel sink from KALLISTA develops a graceful patina when aged over time. Each Myam vessel is unique and will have irregularities such as pitting and hairline cracks. These are not flaws, but authentic characteristics of a solid bronze cast vessel.

With a simple shape and diminutive scale, the Myam vessel is a versatile selection for master baths, powder baths, or entertainment spaces.

Alt text: A modern bathroom with a gold-colored countertop basin, sleek faucet, and a vanity mirror, accompanied by a tray with a decanter and two glasses.

The matte white finish on the underside of the vessel provides an elegant contrast to the golden bronze hue of the interior. This two-tone vessel sink design makes for an artful bathroom sink color idea. A single-control faucet with an arch spout is a graceful pairing for this vessel sink.

Discover all luxury vessel sinks from KALLISTA.

Exposed Console Legs: A Distinctive Bathroom Sink Idea

An elegant bathroom featuring dark walls, two white pedestal sinks with silver fixtures, a large mirror, wall sconces, and a patterned floor.
Featured Product: Per Se® Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

A bathroom console consists of a sink and countertop, which is either freestanding on four legs or wall-mounted with two or four legs. Some consoles have storage between the counter and the floor, while others leave the space open.

This vintage industrial bathroom features two wall-mounted consoles with reflective legs and exposed sink plumbing for functional luxury.

Small Bathroom Sink Design for Under-Mount Configurations

An oval undermount bathroom sink with a polished chrome faucet set on a gray countertop, accompanied by a bar of soap, a plant, and decorative items.
Featured Product: For Town Under-Mount Sink

With sleek, clean lines, the For Town under-mount sink lends itself well to a variety of settings. With the sink area measuring 14-7/8” (378 mm) x 11-7/8” (302 mm), this is an ideal solution for compact bathrooms.

Unlacquered Brass Bathroom Sink Faucets Exude Natural Luxury

unlacquered brass bathroom sink faucet
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Faucet, Tall Spout, Lever Handles

Faucet finishes can serve as decorative details for your oasis. One esteemed bathroom sink decorating idea is to install a designer faucet in a striking color.

Unlacquered Brass, often referred to as a living finish, is brass in its purest form with no protective lacquer to prevent it from aging. It has a natural beauty and organic quality with a deep, golden color.

As the brass ages, it is prone to the natural process of oxidation—darkening in color and developing a distinct yet elegant character. If you wish to display the brilliant shine of freshly polished brass, an Unlacquered Brass bathroom sink faucet can be polished by hand to its original sheen at any time.

Traditional Pedestal Bathroom Sink Idea

A modern bathroom sink with a white basin and silver faucets against a tiled backsplash with horizontal stone texture patterns.
Featured Product: Tuxedo® Pedestal Sink

When you think of fancy bathroom sinks, you may imagine the pastoral elegance of pedestal designs.

Sculptural with a traditional elegance that harkens back to earlier times, pedestal sinks are a beautiful addition to any bathroom—whether paired for a dramatic design statement or to appoint a powder room where space is at a premium. KALLISTA luxury pedestal sinks can be matched with any one of our sophisticated sink faucets for a custom approach and one-of-a-kind design result that will remain timeless for years to come.

Unique Sink Design: Marble Vessel

An elegant marble bathroom sink with silver faucets and a matching soap dish on the countertop.
Featured Product: Kasos Round Decorative Vessel Sink

Bring home the historical beauty of ancient Rome and Greece with the Kasos round decorative vessel. This unique bathroom sink is constructed of beautiful Calacatta Borghini, a white Italian marble with veining that includes grey and taupe colorations.

Close-up of a white marble column base with fluted design, set against a blurred background.

Hand-crafted, sculpted features achieve maximum detail in the scalloped exterior, with decorative handles providing further distinction. With no faucet holes, this ornate bathroom sink pairs best with a wall or counter-mount faucet.

Rectangular Bathroom Sink Design Idea

A modern stainless steel undermount sink with a reflective surface installed in a beige countertop, featuring a minimalist faucet and handles, with white flowers in a vase nearby.
Featured Product: Bacifiore® Under-Mount Bathroom Sink

Embrace a sleek modern sensibility by installing a square or rectangle bathroom sink. For ultimate durability, choose stainless steel for your bathroom sink material.

Finely crafted from 16-gauge stainless steel, the Bacifiore under-mount bathroom sink by Mick De Giulio will add stunning luster to your bathroom. The polished distressed finish is hand-crafted by Mick De Giulio's artisans, with curved walls providing a beautiful surface for water to flow.

Create Your Own Oasis

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Modern Bathroom Sink Idea: 3-D Printed Geometric Faucets

A modern bathroom sink with a sleek black rectangular faucet, water running into the basin, and matching black accessories on the countertop.
Featured Product: Grid Sink Faucet

If you want to create a cool bathroom sink with innovative and unique faucet configurations, look no further than the 3-D printed Grid faucet from KALLISTA.

The KALLISTA Grid sink faucet utilizes 3-D printing for its unique design elements, defying standard external housing requirements. Each solid brass form is created by layering powdered steel, which is laser-fired to a liquid state, then cooled before adding the final layer.

With the intrinsic beauty of simple, geometric forms on full display, consider the Grid faucet for your modern bathroom sink ideas.

Extra Large Sink Design Idea

An oval undermount sink with two silver handles and a spout on a dark countertop.
Featured Product: Citizen® Large Under-Mount Sink with Overflow

The Citizen large under-mount sink features clean lines and a fundamental form that pairs perfectly with modern bathroom settings. This ADA-compliant large bathroom sink is constructed of vitreous china for a remarkably clean, sanitary surface that maintains its polished shine.

Classic Elegance With Black Crystal Faucet Handles

A modern bathroom sink with a reflective chrome faucet centered over a white basin, flanked by two crystal-like knobs on a glossy black countertop.
Featured Product: For Loft Sink Faucet with Black Crystal Handles

These fine, European-cut crystal handles and lift rod accents deliver a bathroom faucet design reminiscent of a beautiful diamond. The For Loft sink faucet has a soft, minimal aesthetic that evokes a sense of traditional extravagance.

Unique Bathroom Sink and Tub Combination

A modern bathroom sink with dark-colored faucets and a single purple flower in a clear vase on the countertop.
Featured Product:  Papion™ Pedestal Sink
A contemporary bathroom featuring a freestanding white pedestal sink next to a sleek white bathtub, with geometric patterned tiles on the accent wall and neutral tiles on the other walls and floor.
Featured Product: Papion freestanding tub

The Papion pedestal sink has an extraordinary tapered design and sleek form that lends itself well to both traditional and contemporary bathroom settings. This unique sink design features a bow-tie silhouette, coordinating with the Papion freestanding tub for a unified arrangement.

Beautiful White Knob Handles for Bathroom Sink Faucet

A modern bathroom sink with a marble countertop and backsplash, featuring a tall bronze faucet and minimalistic accessories.
Featured Product: Script™ White Porcelain Handles Faucet

The Script™ sink faucet provides a sense of elegance while maintaining an artistic viewpoint. Detailed crisscross patterns on the white porcelain handles draw inspiration from micro-facets, commonly used by artisans through crafting furnishings, fashion, and jewelry. With a vibrant white gloss color, these knob handles add a fresh look to any powder room or master bathroom.

‍Artisan Vessel Sink Inspired by Ancient Techniques

An elegant bathroom with a wooden countertop, featuring a vessel sink and wall-mounted faucets, with a framed mirror above.
Featured Product:  Qing Liu Elliptical Decorative Vessel

This unique vessel sink idea mixes modern design elements with ancient techniques for a stunning result. Designed by Beijing-born artisan Robert Kuo, the Qing Liu elliptical vessel is hand-cast from solid bronze with beautiful exterior detailing.

‍Decorative Lever Handle Faucets

Close-up of a modern chrome faucet handle with ribbed detailing on a white sink, with the brand name "KALLISTA" visible.

Featured Product: Central Park West™ by Robert A.M. Stern Architects Faucet, Tall Spout

The fluted lever handles on this faucet embrace distinctive design details and the air of handcraft that harkens back to the elegance of an earlier era.

Constructed from durable solid brass, the Central Park West sink faucet with tall spout fits seamlessly into any traditional bathroom aesthetic.

Natural Wood Bathroom Sink Design Idea

A modern bathroom featuring a round wooden sink, a mirror with an oval shape on a dark tiled wall, and circular wall lights.
Credit: @hommeboys
Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Single-Control Sink Faucet

Incorporate natural luxury into your design by using a wood basin in lieu of a vessel or pedestal bathroom sink. With no faucet holes, this stately freestanding sink requires a wall-mount faucet.

‍Traditional Bathroom Sink Faucet for Single-Hole Sinks

A brushed nickel faucet over a white sink with a bar of soap on the side, set against a white tiled backsplash.
Featured Product: Counterpoint® Single-Control Faucet

When working with a single-hole configuration in a classic environment, look to the Counterpoint single-control faucet by Barbara Barry. With its fluid design and clean lines, this bathroom sink faucet will add new life to any traditional setting.

Double Vanity Sinks Idea

A modern bathroom with wooden cabinetry, brass fixtures, a marble countertop with an integrated sink, and two mirrors on the wall. There's a window providing natural light and decorative items, including a small plant and wheatgrass bouquet.
Credit: @mimiandhill
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

Often referred to as a ”his and hers” layout, this double vanity sink idea provides ample space for partners, roommates, or families to conduct daily routines. The One sink faucet with gooseneck spout and lever handles brings a polished look in Unlacquered Brass.

Bathroom Sink Faucets With Marble Handles

A modern chrome faucet with separate hot and cold controls mounted on a marble countertop.
Featured Product: One™ Decorative Sink Faucet

Renowned for its enigmatic, rich black hue and distinctive lightning-like white streaks, Nero Marquina is a sophisticated and chic marble, garnering international appeal for its contemporary sense of urban luxury. The One Decorative sink faucet incorporates Nero Marquina into its sleek handles for an elegant statement.

Seamless Natural Materials for the Bathroom Sink and Countertop

Alt text: Modern bathroom sink with a matte finish and matching faucet in a minimalist design, accompanied by a hand cream bottle, a cup, and cosmetics including a brush and compact.
Credit: @milieu_interiordesign
Featured Product: Script™ Sink Faucet, Arch Spout, Lever Handles

For a luxurious bathroom sink color idea, use sweeping stone or marble throughout the countertop and backsplash. The continuous texture conveys a unified sense of elegance for this bathroom sink. With an arch spout and lever handles, the Script™ sink faucet offers an artful finishing touch to this setting.

Pair Decorative Vessel Sinks With a Matching Freestanding Tub

An elegant bathroom sink with a textured design, mounted on a white countertop with a wall-mounted faucet, next to a vase of white hydrangeas.
Featured Product: Argile™ Collection by Workshop/ADP

A bright and modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, double vanity, large mirror, and a window offering natural light.

One thoughtful vessel sink idea is to coordinate it with your freestanding bathtub. Both belonging to the Argile collection by Workshop/ADP, this vessel sink and tub pairing offer a distinct look. Both forms feature organic minimalist design elements, from the cocooning half-moon shape to the textural raised pattern that cascades over the exterior in decorative relief.

FAQs About Bathroom Sink Design Ideas

What’s the difference between an under-mount sink and a drop-in sink?

An under-mount sink, also known as a bottom-mount sink, is considered more elegant because it creates a seamless flow from the counter to the sink. Under-mount sinks are bonded from underneath to meet the counter at the top.

A drop-in sink, also known as an overmount or overlay sink, fits into an allotted space. With the proper measurements, a drop-in sink can easily be installed, and caulk applied to seal it to the countertop. If you decide to upgrade your sink, a drop-in sink is much easier to pull out and replace with a stylish stainless-steel option.

What type of sink is the most durable?

KALLISTA designer bathroom sinks are constructed from quality materials to last for years to come. Our durable forms are constructed from materials including vitreous china and stainless steel. Stainless steel sinks offer both durability and luster and vitreous china sinks have a high-gloss, stain-resistant finish.

What is the most common size for bathroom sinks?

Circular and oval bathroom sinks are often between 16” to 20” wide. Square and rectangular bathroom sinks can measure between 19” and 24” wide and 15” to 23” front to back. The depth of a vanity sink generally measures between 4” and 10”.

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