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Striking Faucet Colors for Your Home | 12 Examples of Premier Faucet Finishes

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May 17, 2024
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In the world of interior design, details make all the difference. Among these, faucet finishes stand out as subtle but powerful elements that can define the ambiance of a kitchen or bathroom. From the classic luster of Polished Chrome to the understated elegance of Matte Black, choosing the right faucet finishes is more than just a detail—it's a statement.  

This article explores a variety of bathroom faucet finishes that can enhance your home's decor, offering both aesthetic allure and functional brilliance.

Selecting the Perfect Faucet Finish: A Quick Guide

3 faucet handles: 1 bronze, 1 chrome, and 1 gold

Before exploring the distinct qualities of each faucet finish, it's beneficial to understand how to match these finishes with your home's style and needs. The choice of finish can greatly affect both the look and longevity of your faucets. Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Consider the Overall Decor: The finish should complement the room's existing fixtures and color palette. For a cohesive look, choose finishes that harmonize with your cabinetry, appliances, and hardware.
  1. Think About Maintenance: Some finishes are more resistant to fingerprints, water spots, and general wear and tear. Consider your household's activity level and how much maintenance you're willing to undertake.
  1. Reflect on the Atmosphere You Want to Create: Different finishes can evoke different feelings. For instance, a Polished Chrome might lend a sleek, modern vibe, while Brushed Bronze might instill a warm, classic feel.
  1. Don’t Forget Lighting: The lighting in your room can dramatically alter the appearance of your faucets’ finish. Metallic finishes like Polished Nickel can look quite different under natural light compared to artificial lighting.

With these guidelines in mind, let's take a closer look at some popular faucet finishes, starting with the universally favored Polished Chrome.

Polished Chrome

chrome colored bathroom faucet finish
Featured Product: Chrome Bathroom Faucets

Polished Chrome stands as a testament to timeless beauty and durability. This finish brings a mirror-like sheen that captures light and reflects its surroundings, ideal for those who appreciate a crisp, clean look.


gunmetal colored bathroom faucet finish
Featured Product: Gunmetal Bathroom Faucets

Gunmetal is for the bold. This finish boasts a dark, matte appearance that lends a modern, industrial edge to any space. Perfect for creating contrast in a light-colored kitchen or complementing the minimalist style of a contemporary bathroom, Gunmetal stands out for its robust personality.

Unlacquered Brass

golden brass colored bathroom faucet finish
Featured Product: Unlacquered Brass Bathroom Faucets

Unlacquered Brass is a pristine living finish among faucets. Uncoated and exposed, it evolves with time, developing a unique patina that tells the story of its use and environment. This natural aging process makes each Unlacquered Brass fixture uniquely personal.

Nickel Silver

nickel silver colored bathroom faucet finish
Featured Product: Nickel Silver Bathroom Faucets

For a touch of warmth with a silvery finish, Nickel Silver offers a unique blend. This finish provides a muted luster that works beautifully in both traditional and contemporary settings. The slightly golden hue of Nickel Silver adds depth and complexity to the metal, making it a sophisticated choice for those looking to steer away from the high shine of more traditional chromes.

Brushed Bronze

brushed bronze colored bathroom faucet finish
Featured Product: Brushed Bronze Bathroom Faucets

Brushed Bronze offers a warm, inviting tone with its rich, deep color and a soft, satiny finish. This option is ideal for adding a touch of rustic elegance to any room, harmonizing particularly well with earth tones and natural materials like wood and stone.

Polished Nickel

polished nickel colored bathroom faucet finish
Featured Product: Polished Nickel Bathroom Faucets

Reflective and radiant, Polished Nickel offers a warmer alternative to chrome. It shines with a brilliance that catches the eye while maintaining an air of understated class. This finish meshes well with a multitude of luxury bathroom ideas, making it a versatile choice for any home.

Brushed French Gold

matte gold colored bathroom faucet finish
Featured Product: Brushed French Gold Bathroom Faucets

Brushed French Gold adds a touch of opulence without the ostentation of shinier golds. Its understated elegance is characterized by a soft matte finish that exudes luxury in a subdued, tasteful manner. This finish is perfect for those who wish to imbue their space with beautiful bathroom faucet ideas.

Matte Black

matte black colored bathroom faucet finish
Featured Product: Matte Black Bathroom Faucets

Matte Black is decidedly modern and unmistakably bold. It serves as a striking contrast against both light and dark backdrops, offering a contemporary twist that can be either sleek or dramatic. This finish is particularly popular for its ability to make other elements pop, whether it’s in a monochrome environment or as an accent among brighter hues.

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Faucet Colors: Handle Upgrades

blue and pink colored bathroom faucet handles
Featured Product: One™ FP5 Collection

Beyond the classic metal finishes, color handle upgrades offer a unique opportunity to inject personality and style into your home's design through thoughtful customization. These vibrant bathroom faucet colors can either complement or contrast with the base finish, allowing for a truly personalized expression in your space.

Pink Handles

pink colored bathroom faucet handles
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, FP5 Pink Handles

Pink Handles infuse a space with a playful, soft touch. Perfect for adding a dash of whimsy and warmth, these handles can soften the aesthetics of a bathroom or kitchen, making the area feel more welcoming and comforting. Ideal for spaces intended to be cheerful and inviting, pink handles can bring a sense of lightheartedness and youthful energy, turning everyday fixtures into sources of joy.

Blue Handles

blue colored bathroom faucet handles
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, FP5 Blue Handles

Blue Handles reflect the colors of tranquility and calm. They can create an atmosphere reminiscent of serene ocean depths or a clear, peaceful sky. This color range is perfect for adding a refreshing splash of coolness, which can be particularly appealing in a bathroom setting where a calming effect is desired. These handles are a natural fit for creating a soothing escape from the bustling world outside.

Zebra Jasper

zebra jasper black and white colored bathroom faucet finish
Featured Product: 002™ Widespread Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Zebra Jasper Cross Handles

Zebra Jasper handles are striking due to their natural black and white striping, each pattern unique to the stone from which it is cut. These handles can transform a standard faucet into a piece of earthy art. The bold contrast and intricate patterns found in Zebra Jasper make it an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and want to incorporate natural, yet sophisticated elements into their home design.

Rose Quartz

pink rose quartz colored bathroom faucet finish
Featured Product: 002™ Widespread Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Rose Quartz Cross Handles

Rose Quartz handles are truly unique, resembling fine jewelry. The soft pink hue of Rose Quartz is often associated with love and harmony, making these handles a luxurious and nurturing addition to any space. They can elevate a bathroom’s design by introducing an element of organic elegance, reminiscent of cherished gemstones. This choice is perfect for those who view their space as a personal retreat and sanctuary.

Beyond Functionality: The Art of Faucet Finishes  

chrome and gold faucets

Choosing the right kitchen faucet finishes is an essential step in creating a space that feels both inviting and reflective of your personal style. Whether you lean towards the boldness of Gunmetal or the quiet luxury of Brushed French Gold, each finish carries its own weight and whispers its own story. Explore these bathroom and kitchen faucet colors to find the perfect match for your home, and elevate your environment from ordinary to extraordinary. 

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