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Home Sweet Haven

The more time we spend at home, the more integral it is to elevate our spaces for self-care. The KALLISTA Circe freestanding bathtub and Central Park West faucet collection combine exquisite detailing with comforting brassware to turn any bathroom into a curated environment for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Complement Any Decor

The exterior of the Circe bath comes finished in white, black or primed so that you can perfectly complement the rest of your space.

Inspired Elegance

With ornate flourishes and ultra-durable enameled cast iron construction, the Circe bath makes a statement of style and substance.

Lustrous Luxuries

With an air of timelessness, the Central Park West faucet collection elevates any space with a flourish of grace and sophistication.

Finish Finesse

Explore the radiant range of finishes KALLISTA has to offer to complement your personal spa oasis.


Explore the world of KALLISTA and transform your space into your own dream sanctuary. Please call 1-888-4KALLISTA or visit a KALLISTA authorized showroom today.