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Design an at-home spa sanctuary to nurture your body and soul. Start now with hundreds of Ready-to-Ship products.
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KALLISTA is committed to maintaining high-demand products in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Look for the In-Stock and ready to ship icon. Select from hundreds of products with confidence for bathroom and kitchen updates ready to begin.

Your Home. Uplifted.

Today, more than ever, we look to our homes to find beautiful refuge from life’s stressors. Now is the time to redefine our spaces and create environments to recharge the mind and invigorate the senses. With the KALLISTA Ready-to-Ship program, begin designing an at-home spa sanctuary today.

Pinna and Pure Paletta Collections

With an abstract textural pattern and palette of finish possibilities, the Pinna Paletta collection by Laura Kirar gives users that touch. Also explore the Pure Paletta collection available on Ready-to-Ship, with sleek geometry and unique minimal form, offering a clean aesthetic that complements a variety of decors.


Discover classically elegant options including bathing and showering sets accompanied by pointed accessories to achieve a zenfully minimalistic design. The One collection also includes sleek kitchen faucets.


Meaning “in itself,” the Per Se collection embraces its name with clean-lined freestanding baths, thoughtfully designed shower ensembles, and distinct faucets.


Traditional in character, modern by design, this collection delivers a chic bathroom suite with a myriad of components from faucets to showers and accessories. Transform any space and craft your story with Script.


Juxtapose by Mick De Giulio offers slim profiles and sophisticated details to contemporary kitchens. Available in a chic palette of single and mixed-metal finish combinations, the collection features a semi-professional faucet with impressive multispray technology.

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Begin redefining your space today with featured KALLISTA products ready to ship. Please email KALLISTA, call 1-888-4KALLISTA or visit a KALLISTA authorized showroom.