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From Unlacquered Brass to Matte Black, from Brushed Nickel to Blush Bronze, KALLISTA's decadent range of finishes turns faucets and fixtures into stunning, one-of-a-kind showpieces. Created in complex layers to allow the color to penetrate the metal, each finish is crafted to elevate the feel of a space with a touchable warmth and dramatic aesthetic. The composition of the finish is as purposeful as it is beautiful: the KALLISTA line of Living Finishes is designed to naturally patina over time, imparting a soft, weathered appearance, whereas powder-coated finishes like Matte Black provide a smooth durability that withstands the rigors of daily use. No matter your finish choice, KALLISTA will bring it into your home environment...beautifully.

Matte Black

Matte Black is a powder-coated, lightly textured finish that is as sensuous to the touch as it is durable to the rigors of everyday use. The velvety sheen of the finish adds a different texture to a space that can be dramatic when used in thoughtful abundance or eye-catching when infused as a design accent.

The Beauty of Blush Bronze

KALLISTA is proud to include Blush Bronze in its repertoire. Blush Bronze marries delicate brush strokes with a warmth reminiscent of the sun hitting the Moroccan desert dunes. Its warm golden hue and satin glow resonates with burnished undertones adding depth to transitional settings and a sense of rich history to traditional ones. Metameric in nature, this finish can express a subtle two-tone due to the reflection or direction of light.

Unlacquered Brass

KALLISTA introduces the Unlacquered Brass finish to its living finish repertoire. A material known for both its durability and warm aesthetic, brass has a history that reaches back to the elegance of Victorian design as well as a recent resurgence with an altogether modern approach. Naturally, brass will tarnish with use for an aged appearance.Whether allowed to naturally tarnish over time or polished to restore its brilliance, Unlacquered Brass adds warmth to modern designs and a sense of history to traditional settings.

Standard Finishes

KALLISTA prides itself in its range of living finishes. Whether left to tarnish over time or be restored to brilliance, each living finish adds a jewelry-like touch to the bath. Explore our wide variety of finishes and discover which ones suit your design style.
  • Black Nickel
    Black Nickel
  • Blush Bronze
    Blush Bronze
  • Bronze
  • Brushed Nickel
    Brushed Nickel
  • Carbon Black
    Carbon Black
  • Chrome
  • Gunmetal
  • Matte Black
    Matte Black
  • Nickel Silver
    Nickel Silver
  • Polished Nickel
    Polished Nickel
  • Unlacquered Brass
    Unlacquered Brass
  • Weathered Bronze
    Weathered Bronze

Special Order Finishes

Discover KALLISTA's golden state. KALLISTA offers a gold-tone special order on the top-selling collections of Per Se and For Town for bathroom faucets, bathroom accessories and showering components.
  • 24K Gold
    24K Gold
  • Unlacquered Brass
    Unlacquered Brass