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Transcending Design

At KALLISTA, we believe in pushing the envelope of design by partnering with the very best: world-renowned designers, architects, and artists to reimagine and elevate every detail. Each piece we create is engineered to perform and crafted from the finest materials. Explore our extraordinary collections and see what sets KALLISTA apart.

Partnering with the very best

Focusing on design vision, KALLISTA chooses to partner with the very best. Our world-renowned KALLISTA designers reimagine luxury for the kitchen and bath. Their visionary work elevates the simple pleasures of bathing and grooming to high art.

Exquisite Detail

KALLISTA reinterprets beauty with the compelling details that express unpretentious luxury while capturing the essence of each design. From jewel-like crystal and hand-cut facets to 24-karat gold flake and meticulously forged brass, KALLISTA design details are matched by the exquisite craftsmanship that brings them to life.

Intrinsic Beauty

Whether gleaned from the Bauhaus, 1940s Hollywood, or haute couture, every element is thoughtfully considered and carefully articulated. Through generous shapes and warm finishes, KALLISTA bestows a fresh twist on classic forms to reveal a new kind of sophistication.

Form & Function

Setting the industry standard with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, KALLISTA faucets, fixtures, and suites offer unparalleled performance. From the enveloping shower experience of air-induction technology to the deep-soaking pleasure of an ergonomic bath, KALLISTA delivers exceptional function for life’s daily rituals.