Our Story

At KALLISTA, we believe there is no substitute for beauty. That’s why every piece we create is carefully crafted to elevate the simple pleasures of bathing and grooming. Our world-renowned designers reimagine luxury to provide global inspiration to the world’s most distinguished destinations. Distinctly designed, our plumbing is created to express tasteful lifestyles, reflecting our dedication to craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail.

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    Superior Function, Exceptional Innovation

    KALLISTA believes beauty goes well beyond the intricate details, rich finishes and compelling designs. With the engineering and R&D advantages of being a Kohler Co. subsidiary, Kallista kitchen and bath products present pioneering innovation, the finest materials, extraordinary craftsmanship, and most of all, the highest standards of quality. You'll fall in love with the design; you'll discover unparalleled performance.


    At home in destinations across the globe

    Gracing the finest destinations, resorts and personal sanctuaries across the globe, KALLISTA is distinguished by its attention to artful detail. Whether you're looking to add an inspired touch to your hotel or designer elements for your next commercial project, explore our wide array of designer collections well-suited for the hospitality industry.