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3D Printing

To create the Grid faucet, KALLISTA partnered with Indianapolis-based 3rd Dimension, a 3D printing company specializing in additive manufacturing, utilizing 3D Systems technology. Direct metal printing creates the faucet through a layer-by-layer process of powdered steel that is then laser fired to liquid and cooled. This process allows for the faucet’s open form and discreet interior channels that creates a product that is both functional and beautiful.

Superior Innovation, Exceptional Performance

At KALLISTA, beauty goes well beyond the intricate details, rich finishes and compelling designs. With the engineering advantages of being a wholly owned Kohler Co. subsidiary, KALLISTA® kitchen and bath products present pioneering innovation, the finest materials, extraordinary craftsmanship, and most of all, the highest standards of quality. You'll fall in love with the design; you'll discover unparalleled performance.

Air Induction

Second-generation air-induction technology creates a powerful, enveloping shower experience. Air is introduced into the water stream through a patented venturi located in the ball joint, infusing air into each drop of water. The large water drops and a more focused coverage feels great, cleanses thoroughly and minimizes wasteful overspray. Discover how air makes water even better.

TurnSpray Technology

TurnSpray® body sprays put complete control of the showering experience at your fingertips. The sprayhead delivers an invigorating 2.5 gallons of water per minute and pivots a full 25 degrees so you can direct the water just where you want it. High-performance ceramic disc valves provide a complete shutoff by simply turning the spray-face, removing the need for separate volume control valves and trims. Solid brass construction and two designs coordinate with traditional or contemporary spaces. Discover the luxurious power of water.

Cast Stone Baths

KALLISTA's cast stone bath design is 35 percent more durable than comparable materials with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that resists stains. The very nature of the cast stone composition keeps warm water at temperature much longer than standard materials and provides a thick gloss finish.

Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic valves control the mix of hot and cold water, the volume and consistency of temperature. A mixing valve senses the water temperature and adjusts to maintain the selected temperature. When the water is turned on again, it goes to that temperature automatically.

Pressure Balance Valves

Pressure balance valves sense the ratio of hot and cold water supplied to the valve as the user turns the handle.

Perfect Baths

Its clean lines make the Perfect Bath the ideal option for any setting - traditional to contemporary. The baths are innovatively designed to provide up to 6 more inches of legroom giving you ample room to relax. Discover the perfect blend of beauty and function, and immerse yourself in comfort.

Air Baths

Imagine millions of water bubbles rushing over your body. KALLISTA’s air bath technology, offered in all Perfect baths, features 122 air jets to create an incredible bath experience. The Zones of Control feature, integrated heater and variable-speed blower provide constant comfort. Discover your bath oasis.


KALLISTA toilets deliver an extraordinary combination of beautiful design, flushing performance and water conservation. Three distinct flushing options provide the optimum flushing technology that best suits the toilet style and application requirements. You’ll discover that KALLISTA toilets offer the refined aesthetic with optimal performance.

Jet-flushing Technology

Characterized by three perfectly positioned water channels and two optimized rim jets, KALLISTA toilets with jet-flushing technology address a variety of household needs. The gravity-fed water flow generates powerful momentum for superior bulk waste removal, and the quiet, swirling motion rinses the rim and bowl clean with each flush.

Dual-Flush Siphon Jet Technology

Offering two levels of flushing power, KALLISTA toilets with dual-flush technology addresses the varying needs of a household. Using Water-saving siphon jet technology, these toilets boast remarkable bulk waste removal while featuring a 1.0-gallon-per-flush button for significant water savings.