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3D Printing

With advances in 3-D printing technology, the production of the visionary Grid™ faucet spout became a reality. The Grid faucet is created through a layer-by-layer process of powdered steel that is laser-fired into liquid, cooled and repeated until the form is complete. Interior channels embedded within the design allow water to flow through its open form.


With the engineering advantages of being a subsidiary of Kohler Co., KALLISTA® showering products combine pioneering innovation with superior materials, craftsmanship and quality. Of note are TurnSpray® body sprays, with a 25-degree pivoting sprayhead and full shut- off control; pressure- balance valves that sense the ratio of hot to cold water; and, as part of an ongoing commitment to providing sustainable solutions that contribute to a higher level of gracious living, WaterSense®- listed products at 1.75 gpm maximum flow rate that feature air-induction shower technology.


Constructed from durable dolomitic marble cast stone or traditional cast iron material, KALLISTA baths include a spectrum of imaginative and flexible designs. With a focus on comfort and depth, each is crafted to support the body's form and provide a deep, satisfying soak.


KALLISTA toilets deliver beautiful design, flushing performance and water conservation all at once. Flushing systems include jet-flushing technology, which features a gravity-fed water flow that creates powerful momentum for superior bulk waste removal, and dual-flush siphon-jet technology, which offers two levels of flushing power including a remarkably effective eco-friendly option.