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Complete Your Bathroom With Inspiration from 20 Bathroom Art Ideas

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February 23, 2023
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Many people consider their bathroom designs works of art—after all, the physical forms of faucets and fixtures can be artful on their own. But paintings, photographs, and prints can accentuate the overall aesthetics of these intimate spaces. Whether you’re looking for modern art to complement a minimalist vanity mirror or black and white photography for a contrast against colorful fixtures, bathroom artwork can enhance even the most elegantly designed rooms.  

You can breathe new life into your bathroom project with a subtle art piece or eye-catching mural. Discover new ways to accent your current interior design or find a starting point for a new motif with these bathroom art ideas.  

Modern Bathroom Art Inspiration

Using modern art in interior design is a fantastic idea because many pieces use a range of colors that can fit your overall style. If a particular piece of bath artwork calls to you but doesn’t match every color in the room, don’t worry; one or two common colors will do.  

Frame or No Frame?

two art pieces hanging on the wall

Some art speaks for itself and works best standing alone without a frame. However, if you have a bathroom that accumulates humidity, you may want to frame and seal your artwork to prevent water damage. Many paper prints and pictures for bathrooms fall into this category, as well as untreated paintings.  

Additionally, many photographs are enhanced by using frames. They can help art stand out on your wall or rest easier on shelves.

Add a Splash of Color With Your Frame

wall art hanging in the bathroom
Credit: @mindygayerdesign

Some of the best frames aren’t just functional—they’re also decorative. If you’re utilizing similar neutral colors in your design and classy bathroom wall art, a little contrasting color can make your artwork and wall stand out a bit more. Consider black frames with gold accents like the ones shown here.

Use Bright Art to Counter a Neutral Interior

bathroom corner with white tub, black faucet, and colorful wall art
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Some design aficionados prefer a consistent, monochromatic color scheme throughout their bathroom, while others choose to add a dash of color to brighten an overall theme. While most modern bathroom art ideas will avoid too many eclectic tones, some contrasting colors may add an interesting touch of personality.

Black and White Photography for a Monochrome Bathroom

white bathroom with black and white artwork in black frame
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Marble is a popular choice for monochrome interiors, especially in shades of black, white, and gray. The subtle patterns and textures of marble tiles and countertops add just the right amount of visual interest while maintaining a grayscale theme. Black and white photography can excellently complement this design approach.  

Splashes of Color

gray, white and yellow abstract art
Credit: artAIstry

Black and white photography isn’t the only way to complement your grayscale bathroom. Consider a monochrome painting with pops of bright color to enhance your overall theme. Coordinate accents in the same color throughout the room for a cohesive look.  

Use Minimalist Art to Accentuate White Walls  

white bathroom with gold bath faucet
Featured Product: One™ Freestanding Bath Faucet Credit: @curatedjade

Some of the most impactful bathroom art ideas incorporate very simple designs. If you use a lot of white in your bathroom design, a black minimalist painting can give new life to your wall space. In this bathroom, the black in the artwork and the golden brass faucet counterbalance one another, maintaining a bright and airy feeling.

Bring the Shore to Your Bathroom With Coastal Artwork

white bathroom with yellow tub and oceanic artwork on the wall
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For an artist or art connoisseur, the best freestanding tubs are customizable with a fresh coat of paint. Consider painting a primed bathtub in a bright shade of yellow for a cheerful approach, while white walls and natural lighting provide a perfect ambiance to let the tub shine. Complement the yellow tub with beach-inspired artwork for an elegant coastal bathroom design.

Abstract Coastal Art Inspiration

abstract art with shades of blueand turquoise
Credit: artAIstry

Creating a seaside ambiance in your bathroom doesn’t have to involve hanging paintings of ships or utilizing beach photography. Sometimes, more abstract art can achieve the desired effect for your coastal bathroom ideas, like paintings that use shades of blue and green.

Create Focal Points With Your Bathroom Artwork  

blue bathroom with gold-framed artwork matching the gold-framed mirror
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles Credit: @kiradaviddesign

This chic guest bathroom has several great design elements, but the matching mirror and art frames draw the eye to these two features for a museum-like display. The artwork’s color and design make it a great companion to the blue wallpaper without blending in and becoming dull or unnoticeable.  

Add Understated Elegance

gray bathroom with black-framed artwork
Featured Product: For Town Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Cross Handles Credit: @dualconceptdesign

Even a simple figure drawing can accentuate your bathroom’s elegance. Notice how the curves and earth tones of this bathroom print offset the clean lines and shades of gray that the marble countertop provides. Additionally, bright violet flowers on the countertop expertly complement the subtle shade of blue in the wall art.  

Create Your Own Oasis

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Let Your Artwork Complement Natural Materials

white bathroom with oceanic artwork
Credit: @robern @eleanorhalffandco

Scandinavian design that utilizes rich and warm natural wood grains is ripe for bathroom art ideas that counterbalance this aesthetic. While bright and splashy colors aren’t the best choice for this, simple and demure contrasting colors can tie the whole room together.

Enhance the Rustic Ambiance of Your Bathroom

white bathroom with artwork on wall
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles Credit: @thayerdesignstudio

Landscape paintings and photography can be ideal for accentuating a rustic bathroom design or farmhouse bathroom idea, as they flawlessly complement natural elements and add to the warm feeling of these spaces. Simple and sparse is typically the best approach to take with this type of bathroom wall art.

Look to Nature for Inspiration

floral bathroom art
Credit: artAIstry

Nature is rich with stunning colors that can add warmth and life to nearly any bathroom design, including green bathroom ideas. However, you need not only look to landscape photography and realist paintings: classy bathroom wall art inspiration can come from more abstract pieces as well.

Using Modern Fixtures and Artwork

white bathroom with abstract art
Featured Product: One™ Bar Faucet Credit: @stephaniebrowninc

With their often-minimal aesthetic, modern bathroom sink faucets can be enhanced by contemporary bathroom paintings for walls. Here, the simply elegant white counter and chrome faucet are accentuated by splashes of color from the lights and artwork. The result is clean yet energetic, without cluttering or over-complicating.

Traditional Bathroom Art Inspiration

If your interior leans more traditional, you can take more risks with your art, particularly with colorful and eclectic pieces with decorative frames. But while bolder choices may work well in classic interiors, remain thoughtful in your placements and inclusions to avoid an overwhelming effect.

Use Traditional Design to Create an Art Gallery  

blue and purple bathroom with ultiple pieces of wall art in elegant gold decorative frames
Credit: @kohler

Sometimes a single piece of artwork can tie an entire bathroom design together. However, many bathroom art ideas involve using multiple pieces with sufficient wall space. This wall’s varying colors and patterns make it ideal for multiple pieces arranged as you would find in a gallery. Opt for embellished frames to add a sense of extravagance to your interior.

Let Your Art Express Itself

white bathroom with big abstract colorful wall art in the middle behind freestanding claw-foot tub
Featured Product: Circe™ Freestanding Claw-Foot Bathtub Credit: @kohler @designhomestudios

Other times, a single piece of art can be so visually interesting that it doesn’t need to complement the colors or design of a bathroom—after all, there’s no wrong reason to showcase beautiful works of art. After arranging your fixtures and accessories, you may find that they create a unique focal point in the room where your eye is automatically drawn. This can be a great place for bathroom wall art that captures your gaze.

Move Beyond Traditional Wall Art

bathroom with walls painted an abstract mural
Credit: @kohler @modernbymiles

If a few pieces of bathroom artwork aren’t enough, there are bold and stylish ways to transform your whole wall or room into a work of art. The blend of colors in this mural-like wallpaper excellently complements the fixtures and décor while providing an eye-catching enhancement.

Blur the Lines Between Function & Fashion

black and white artistic bathroom
Credit: @kohler

Bathroom art ideas are ever-evolving, and your artwork doesn’t have to stop at your walls, as exemplified here. Let your imagination run free when thinking about art placement in your bathroom. You may be surprised by the results.

FAQs About Bathroom Art Ideas

What kind of art should I hang on my bathroom walls?

For an elegant design, choose paintings and décor that match or counterbalance the style utilized in the rest of the room. Choosing bathroom art pieces that are eye-catching and provoke thought or emotion in the viewer can also be effective.

What kind of art is good for bathrooms?

Many people try to match their art with the design aesthetic used in the rest of the bathroom. If your bathroom has modern-style fixtures, you may choose modern bath art that fits your color scheme. However, anything that appeals to your artistic sensibilities can be a good choice to showcase your personality.

Where should I hang my bathroom art?

Ideally, your art should be placed in the focal point of your bathroom. Look at the arrangement of your shower, tub, fixtures, mirrors, and other features and find the spot where your eyes are naturally drawn to find where to hang your bathroom wall art. Of course, you shouldn’t place art where it’s likely to get wet.

What paintings can you hang in a bathroom?

You can hang any paintings made from materials that will hold up to the amount of humidity and heat you commonly experience in your bathroom.

How do you make a boring bathroom interesting?

It doesn’t take much to make your bathroom more exciting; even a small splash of color will do. Some of the most fruitful bathroom art ideas only make changes with a dash of red or violet, but incorporating décor with earth tones can greatly impact your overall design.

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