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23 Practical & Stylish Bathroom Towel Holder Ideas

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October 14, 2022
Kallista Design

As one of the most important rooms in the house, the finishing touches of the bathroom should never go unnoticed. Towel holders are a practical way to add both luxury and functionality to any bathroom.

For over 40 years, KALLISTA has been creating the finest quality bathroom fixtures. We know what it takes to design a luxurious and transformational interior with thoughtful touchpoints.

Explore this list of our favorite bathroom towel holder ideas with high-quality installation photos.

Timeless and Stylish Towel Ring Idea

white bathroom with chrome towel ring holidng white hand towel
Featured Product: Central Park West™ Towel Ring 

This bathroom towel holder uses a simple yet elegant design approach. The polished nickel towel ring from our Central Park West collection is wall-mounted and adds a timeless sense of luxury to the bathroom.

Brushed Bronze Bathroom Towel Holder Idea

bronze bathroom towel bar
Featured Product: Script™ 18" Towel Bar

This towel bar features a simple design that will complement any bathroom. The brushed bronze finish is beautiful and timeless, and the bar is made from high-quality metals that will last for years of daily use.

Simple Towel Hook Design

grey bathroom wall with polished chrome towel hook
Featured Product: Per Se® Towel Hook 

A minimalist hook is a sleek way to add an element of luxury to your bathroom. The polished chrome finish is perfect for any space, and the minimalist design will hold towels and robes with understated elegance.

Golden Unlacquered Brass Towel Holder Idea

gold towel bar
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® 24” Towel Bar

This 24” unlacquered brass towel bar features etched details for decorative emphasis. For a rustic bathroom towel holder idea, allow the unlacquered finish to develop a unique patina over time.

Storage Idea for Multiple Towels and Robes

four towel hooks with a single grey towel hanging from one
Featured Product: For Loft Towel Hook 

Install multiple hooks in a recessed wall area to add functionality and style to your bathroom. These hooks feature clean lines and a gleaming chrome finish with striking reflections.

Traditional Towel Hook Design

angular towel hook
 Featured Product: For Town Hook

This towel hook with a stepped base offers a decorative way to hang towels in your bathroom. With a polished chrome finish and ornate form, this hook is perfect for adding a timeless sense of luxury to your bathroom.

Sophisticated Towel Hook Idea

chrome towel hook
Featured Product: Central Park West™ Towel Hook

Add charm to your bathroom with this polished nickel towel hook, offering a compact stature that works perfectly in small bathrooms.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom Towel Holder Idea

black towel bar
Featured Product: Grid™ 12” Towel Bar

Modernize your bathroom with the intrinsic beauty of simplicity. This minimal design can elevate the appeal of your contemporary bathroom setting.

Two Hand Towel Holders for Your Double Vanity

elegant bathroom with two sinks and two hand towels hanging from wall-mounted bars on each side
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® 18" Towel Bar

Full bathrooms with a double sink may benefit from two hand towel bars for convenience. Match the finish of your towel bars and faucets for a cohesive look.

Large Towel Holder Idea

chrome towel bar
Featured Product: Central Park West™ 24” Towel Bar

A 24” polished nickel towel bar may be the ideal solution to accommodate larger towels. This bar is easy to install, and it comes with a hex wrench to get started.

Polished Bathroom Towel Bar Against Black Wall

chrome towel bar against black wall
Featured Product: Pure Paletta® 24" Towel Bar

A polished chrome towel bar is an excellent way to make your bathroom feel more luxurious, and it will look great on any black wall.

Rectangular Towel Ring Design

rectangle towel ring
 Featured Product: Pure Paletta® Towel Ring

 Bring a polished look into your bathroom with this sleek towel ring designed by Laura Kirar.

Matte Bronze Towel Ring Finish

bronze towel ringi
Featured Product: Script™ Towel Ring

A brushed bronze towel ring is the perfect way to add modern sophistication to your bathroom. 

Modern Towel Bar Design

polished towel bar against light teal wall
Featured Product: One™ 24" Towel Bar

This elegant and timeless towel bar embraces modern minimalism, and the polished chrome finish will match nearly any bathroom décor. The bar is constructed for durability and reliability, making it perfect for holding heavy towels.

Matte Black Towel Holder Idea

luxury bathroom with blue marble countertop, black towel ring, and black faucets
Featured Product: One™ Towel Ring

As a trending color for bathroom interiors, matte black is a simple yet elegant addition to any bathroom. The ring in this bathroom is finished in a beautiful matte black with rich charcoal colorations.

Unlacquered Brass Fixtures for the Guest Bathroom 

green bathroom with gold fixtures
Featured Product: Bellis® Towel Ring

 Add classic elegance to your guest bathroom with Unlacquered Brass coordination across fixtures, including the luxury faucet and towel ring.

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Ornate Towel Hook Design

elegant towel hook
Featured Product: Inigo® Towel Hook

This elegant design comes in several different finishes, so you can find the perfect one for your space.

Contemporary Bathroom Towel Bar Design

grey bathroom wall with chrome towel hook holding a grey towel
Featured Product: Per Se® 12" Towel Bar

A sleek design and modern finish make this towel bar a must-have for any contemporary setting.

Smooth Bathroom Towel Bar Design

chrome towel bar holding white towel
Featured Product: Counterpoint® 24" Towel Bar

This sleek towel bar designed by Barbara Barry is made from solid brass, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to your bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom Towel Bar Idea

brass towel bar holding grey towel
Featured Product: For Loft 24" Towel Bar

Inspired by the industrial visuals of the 1920s, this towel bar features classical details and a minimal form that matches various bathroom environments.

Classic Bathroom Towel Bar Design

chrome towel bar holding white towel
Featured Product: For Town 24" Towel Bar

Embracing the elegant aesthetics of 1930s Park Avenue apartments, this towel bar is the ideal addition to any traditional bathroom. When the beveled base is installed on textured wallpaper, the allure of tactile details is heightened. 

Elegant Bathroom Towel Bar Idea

long towel bar holding a white towel
Featured Product: Bellis® 24" Towel Bar

Add simple elegance to your space with this towel bar featuring a knurling detail and soft form.

Bathroom Design Tip: Coordinate Your Towel and Toilet Paper Holders

chrome toilet paper holder mounted to grey wall
chrome towel hook
Featured Products: Per Se® Collection

When implementing your bathroom towel rack decorating ideas, consider the other fixtures as well. Color-matching your bathroom paper towel holders with your towel bar or ring is a great way to create a cohesive look.

That’s why KALLISTA offers fixtures from the same collection and finishes for design cohesion, making it easy to find the perfect match. For example, it's easy to pair a polished nickel toilet paper holder with fixtures from the same collection.

Discover Stylish Bathroom Towel Holder Solutions

Eye-catching design and high-quality craftsmanship will ensure your fixtures will endure for years to come. Get more bathroom toilet paper holder ideas by visiting your local showroom.

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