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10 of the Best Double Sink Bathroom Ideas

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December 15, 2022
Kallista Design

The right double sink in your bathroom can transform the space, serving as a focal point while adding a functional area for your daily routine. Selecting the best double sink for your space involves several considerations, including size, configuration, and style preferences.

Whether your design is modern, classic, or something in between, the right double sink and complementary fixtures can complete your room, meeting practical and storage needs as well as coordinating with the overall design aesthetic.

Explore the best double vanity bathroom sink ideas from KALLISTA to inspire your redesign or remodel.  

Classic Wood Double Sink Bathroom Ideas

luxury hotel bathroom with double sink and alcove bathtub
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For a more classic style, a wood countertop for your under-mount double sinks adds a feeling of natural warmth to the space. Paired with the faux wood tiles on the floor here and a visually compelling marble alcove around the bathtub, the result is a cozy and inviting space with all the room needed for storing essentials.  

Glamorous Art Deco Inspiration

double bathroom sink setup with black marble counters, two round white sinks, and two chrome single control faucets
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A modern look with a vintage touch, this Art Deco-inspired bathroom pairs a glossy countertop space with shimmering metallic legs and classic lever faucets. Ideal for a smaller space, this configuration provides all the benefits of a double sink without taking up too much room.  

Emphasize Contrast With a Minimalist Black Faucet & White Countertop

two black faucets on a white bathroom countertop
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Add drama to a simple white countertop with the sharp, modern lines of minimalist black faucets. Partnered here with unique light fixtures, the design is visually striking while still maintaining a cohesive look. One of our favorite double sink bathroom vanity ideas, this space allows for plenty of room for morning routines, storage space, and even touches of décor if you want to add extra detail.  

Separate Sinks With Elegant Seating  

double bathroom vanity with cushioned stool in the middle
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If you have the space, one of the most elegant master bath double sink ideas is two separate vanities joined by a seating area, ideal for applying makeup or making final preparations for your day. Here the graceful gooseneck faucets with lever handles pair with the opulent antique look of the vanities to create a truly stunning space.  

Alcove Double Sink With Ambient Lighting

bathroom with double sink wall-mount faucets, tube lights on side of mirrors, and black marble tile
Featured Product: One™ Bathroom Sink Faucets

An alcove sink can allow you to create the best space for your daily routines with plenty of counter space. Add vertical lighting around the mirrors to illuminate the area and ensure that you can easily see your reflection and find whatever essentials you need. The lighting adds a soft glow to the darker alcove, establishing a museum-quality ambiance to the vanity.  

Create Your Own Oasis

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Farmhouse-Style Double Sink

white and black bathroom with black cabinets, white countertops, and black faucets
Featured Product: One™ Bathroom Sink Faucets

If you’re looking for farmhouse bathroom ideas, consider dark cabinets paired with marble countertops and under-mount sinks for a cozy yet modern look. The hanging mirrors add a casual feel, while the spacious cabinets provide an abundance of storage. Add a few plants to bring some natural warmth and life into the space.  

Old World Elegance & Charm

bathroom with a double oak vanity with white countertop, chrome faucets, and black scalloped mirrors
Featured Product: Central Park West Bathroom Sink Faucets

While a wide rectangular mirror is most common for a double sink, more unique double sink vanity mirror ideas offer a chance to show off your style and personality, as in this modern yet rustic bathroom. The darker frames around the two vanity mirrors here create a charming contrast that pairs well with the elegant details of this classically styled bathroom, with enough space between the mirrors to provide room for charming lighting fixtures.  

Mid-Century Modern Style

bathroom with double vanity featuring a reeded exterior, white counterotp, two chrome faucets, and two scalloped mirrors
Featured Product: Per Se® Bathroom Sink Faucets

If you’re looking to the past for double sink bathroom ideas but still want a modern flair, you can’t go wrong with the mid-century modern aesthetic. Geometric patterns, striking textures, and subtle décor details all work together in this bathroom to make a bold statement. The console serves as the focal point of the room without drawing attention away from the unique vanity mirrors, and the large plants add a little color to the space.  

Warm Scandinavian Design  

bathroom with wood shiplap walls, two wood floating vanities, and chrome faucets
Featured Product: One™ Bathroom Sink Faucets

Separate countertops are one of the most popular double sink ideas for bathroom vanities because it allows each person their own space, pairing functionality with style. The warm wood of this simple Nordic-inspired design emits the feeling of relaxing in a high-end spa, with gentle lighting and oval mirrors that easily shed some light on your daily self-care rituals.  

Opulent Space With Clean, Modern Lines

white bathroom with two vanities flanking a freestanding tub
Featured Product: One™ Bathroom Sink Faucets

With a large bathroom, you can make a compelling statement even with empty space. The striking accent wall here serves as the perfect backdrop for twin mirrors with recessed lighting, while the standalone tub is the centerpiece that draws the eye. With elements of both traditional and modern design, this transitional space feels inviting and coolly elegant.  

Double Sink FAQs

What are the benefits of double sinks?

For bathrooms shared by more than one person, a double sink can simplify and speed up daily routines and provide additional storage space for essentials. A double sink can also potentially boost your home’s value.

What does a double sink cost?  

The cost of a double sink varies widely depending on multiple factors, such as whether you purchase a single vanity or two separate vanities, what type of sink you buy, and what type of faucet you purchase.  

How much space do I need for a double sink?

The average width of a double vanity is anywhere from 60 to 72 inches. Smaller options with more limited counter space are available at 48 inches, and some double sinks are as large as 84 inches wide. If you want decent counter space, plan for at least 60 inches.

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