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The Best Rain Shower Heads for Luxury & Performance

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July 22, 2022
Kallista Design

Rain shower heads provide an immersive and rejuvenating showering experience. With wider sprayfaces than standard shower heads, the best rain shower heads distribute a steady flow of water, the largest ones offering the sensation of showering in the rain.

KALLISTA offers a fine array of high-end rain shower heads equipped with advanced air-induction technology, reducing water output for efficiency while ensuring a permeating, balanced spray. Constructed from durable solid brass, KALLISTA rain shower heads deliver years of reliable performance.

Because of our wide range of sprayface sizes, styles, color-matched finishes, and flow rates, we’ve created this guide to help you discover the best rainfall shower head for your personal sanctuary.

Best Luxury Rain Shower Head and Handheld Combination

luxury rain showerhead with handheld shower head
Credit: @hommeboys
Featured Products: Laura Kirar Air-Induction Rain Showerhead and Handshower with Hose

While rain shower heads can be used alone, they are often installed in combination with other shower heads, handshowers, or body sprays, as part of a custom rain shower system. By pairing a rain shower head with a handheld shower head, you can elevate your bathroom into a luxurious oasis of relaxation.

A waterfall rain shower head with a handheld sprayer system offers a delightful set of showering options. The rainfall showerhead provides full-body coverage, while the handheld shower faucet can be utilized in two ways. When resting in the mounting bracket, the hand shower can be used hands-free to add to your luxurious shower experience. For a handheld spray function, simply remove the handshower from its holder.

With a sleek, simple design, the Laura Kirar Air-Induction Rain Showerhead, pictured in a brilliant Unlacquered Brass finish, is the perfect match for Laura Kirar's Handshower with Hose.

Key Features of the Laura Kirar Rain Shower Head

• Offered in striking finishes, such as golden Unlacquered Brass
• 10-1/4" diameter
• Water-efficient (WaterSense and CEC compliant with a maximum flow rate of 1.75 GPM)

Key Features of the Laura Kirar Hand Shower With Hose

Heat-resistant handle for ultimate comfort
• Includes 59" (1499 mm) hose
• Mounts to deck or wall with your choice of required installation hardware (sold separately)

Create Your Own Oasis

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Best Rain Shower Head from Ceiling

best ceiling rain shower head
Featured Product: Air-Induced Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

When mounted from the ceiling, rain shower heads allow water to flow down like a waterfall, providing a luxurious, refreshing wash. Spacious showers outfitted with ceiling plumbing are the best environments for installing ceiling-mounted rainfall shower heads.

While any of KALLISTA’s rain shower heads can be installed to the ceiling with a rain shower head arm, the Air-Induced Soft Modern Rain Showerhead stands out as a perfect addition to a high-end showering experience. Water cascades with a high flow rate from a four-sided, geometric sprayface, offering a powerful yet calming rinse.

Key Features of the Ceiling-Mounted Soft Modern Rain Shower Head

Maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM
Diameter of 11-1/8" (283 mm)
Offered in signature finishes, such as the lightly-textured Brushed Nickel
3”, 6”, and 12” ceiling mounts sold separately

Best Black Rain Shower Head

best black rain showerhead
Featured Product: Air-Induced Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

Matte black rain shower heads have become more popular in recent years across a variety of design preferences, from the classic farmhouse style to sleek, modern remodels. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a full-bathroom renovation or are simply thinking about switching out your shower hardware, you may want to consider a statement-making matte black shower head.

best matte black rain shower head

The Air-Induced Soft Modern Rain Showerhead is available in two powder-coat finishes from Matte Black and Gunmetal. Matte Black features rich, charcoal colorations, while Gunmetal simmers with blue-black shading and a layered shifting of color.

best soft rain shower head

When color-matched with other fixtures, such as the Soft Modern Dual-Function Handshower, you can create a bold display of color in your personal oasis.

Key Features of the Black Soft Modern Rain Shower Head

Matte Black is a powder-coated, lightly textured finish that is as sensuous to the touch as it is durable to the rigors of everyday use
Gunmetal offers a black shade with cool blue undertones, conveying a sophisticated modern look
Maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM
11-1/8" diameter

Best High-Pressure Rain Shower Head With 2.5 GPM

best high pressure rain shower head
Featured Product: Air-Induced Large Traditional Rain Showerhead

A luxurious bathroom requires peak performance and high-quality elements. The best high-flow rain shower heads provide users with  an invigorating stream for a bathing experience that’s anything but ordinary. For bathrooms with low water pressure, this simple purchase can upgrade a shower immensely.

With a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gpm and a sizable diameter, this Air-Induced Large Traditional Rain Showerhead from KALLISTA delivers a powerful, rainfall-like cleanse.

Key Features of the High-Pressure Large Traditional Rain Shower Head

Maximum 2.5 GPM high-pressure flow rate
Substantial diameter of 12-7/16"
Easy to clean sprayface resists mineral buildup

Best Rain Shower Head for Low Water Pressure With 1.75 GPM

best low pressure rain shower head
Featured Product: Air-Induction Eco Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

When conservation is top of mind, low water pressure is non-negotiable. Water-saving shower heads feature eco-friendly flow rates that are perfect for bathrooms with low-flow considerations and users looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

With a water-efficient flow rate, the Eco Soft Modern Rain Showerhead is friendly to the environment while still offering a refreshing wash. The innovative air-induction technology ensures an indulgent showering experience, even while reducing water usage.

Key Features of the Water-Efficient Soft Modern Rain Shower Head

WaterSense and CEC compliant maximum flow rate of 1.75 gpm
Simple yet elegant square design
Available in multiple color-matched finishes

Best Modern Luxury Rain Shower Head

best modern rain shower head
Featured Product: Air-Induced Large Contemporary Rain Showerhead

Modern bathroom designs are known for sleek minimalism, with clean lines and few colors. No matter the size of your modern bathroom, a modern rain shower head from KALLISTA can transform the space into an elegant escape for relaxation.

Pictured with a wall-mount installation, the Air-Induced Large Contemporary Rain Showerhead adds subtle elegance to modern showering routines. The sleek, disc-shaped sprayface adds an artful touch to contemporary installations.

Key Features of the Large Contemporary Rain Shower Head

Offered in sleek finishes like Polished Chrome
Large diameter measuring 12-3/8"
Complements KALLISTA’s fine selection of modern bathroom fixtures

Best Rain Shower Head for Traditional Bathrooms

best traditional rain shower head
Featured Product: Air-Induced Large Traditional Rain Showerhead

A traditional bathroom style combines current cutting-edge bathroom technology, ideas, and amenities with time-honored shapes and patterns. The best rain shower head for a classic space incorporates timeless design elements of vintage décor.

The KALLISTA Large Traditional Rain Showerhead is the perfect piece for adding a heightened sense of serenity and comfort to your shower. The subtle elegance of the stepped sprayface lends character and charm to any traditional bathroom interior.

Pair with a color-matched handshower for a unified shower design.

best traditional handheld shower head

Key Features of the Large Rain Shower Head for Traditional Bathrooms

Offered in finishes with gorgeous brass and bronze tones, such as Brushed Bronze and Unlacquered Brass
2.5 GPM maximum flow rate
High-quality solid brass construction

Best Rain Shower Head for Small Bathrooms

best small bathroom rain shower head
Featured Product: Air-Induced Small Contemporary Rain Showerhead

When bathroom space is limited, the shower head must be compact yet provide an effective spray. Even the smallest showers can be transformed into a spa-like experience for an indulgent daily routine.

Of course, the best rain shower heads for small spaces should be modest in size. Additionally, plumbing considerations are of utmost importance. Rain shower heads are commonly wall-mounted in small bathrooms, but some are ceiling-mounted to take advantage of the available space

With a diameter of 8-1/2", the Air-Induced Small Contemporary Rain Showerhead is the perfect addition to any bathroom where space efficiency is top-of-mind. Its clean design elements are the picture-perfect accompaniment to an array of interior design styles, from traditional to transitional and modern.

Key Features of the Small Rain Shower Head

Diameter is 8-1/2"
Maximum 2.5 GPM flow rate
Patented air-induction technology

Best Gold Rain Shower Head

stunning gold rain shower head
Credit: @hommeboys Featured
Product: Laura Kirar Air-Induction Rain Showerhead

Designing a sophisticated bathroom appearance is the dream of every homeowner. Determining the perfect shower fixtures that elegantly pair function with form is a crucial step in achieving a captivating style. One of the best ways to add a dazzling new dimension to your bathroom is by installing a gold rain shower head. As one of KALLISTA’s signature finishes, French Gold emanates timeless elegance, with a soft gilded shine providing a subtle contrast and emitting a sense of affluence.

A fine selection of KALLISTA rain shower heads and other bathroom fixtures are also offered in Unlacquered Brass, a living finish of depth and refinement. The natural aging process of Unlacquered Brass brings out an organic quality with distinct color and texture variations. Durable in quality and fresh in approach, Unlacquered Brass emits warm, golden tones in modern and traditional spaces alike.

The KALLISTA range of bathroom collections allows you to effortlessly color-match the Air-Induction Rain Showerhead by Laura Kirar with Unlacquered Brass shower trim and bath faucets.

Key Features of This Golden Rain Shower Head in Unlacquered Brass

Unlacquered Brass provides a brilliant gold color that develops aged appeal, with a luster that can be brought back with a simple surface buffing
Includes escutcheon for installation

Best Chrome Rain Shower Head

best rain showerhead in chrome
Featured Product: For Town Air-Induction Rain Showerhead

Chrome is a beloved finish for rain shower heads, due to its decorative appeal and long-lasting durability. Often used in modern bathroom interiors, chrome fixtures provide unique reflective qualities.

With a clean, polished aesthetic, the For Town Air-Induction Rain Showerhead is available in Polished Chrome, a sparkling finish that captures the reflections of the surrounding environment. Coordinate your luxury bathroom space with the For Town collection in Polished Chrome, which includes body sprays, shower trim, and sink faucets

Key Features of the Polished Chrome For Town Rain Shower Head

best polished chrome rain shower head

Complements the For Town collection
1.75 GPM flow rate
Standard 1/2” NPT connection

FAQs About the Best Luxury Rain Shower Heads

What is the best height for a rain shower head?

In most cases, a rainfall shower head is installed 84” up from the shower floor, higher than a standard shower head.

How do you increase water pressure on a rain shower head?‍

Replacing your rain shower head with one built for luxury and performance can often resolve the problem of low water pressure. Cleaning your rain shower head can also help, as calcium and mildew buildup can prevent water from flowing freely. Other common solutions include installing a shower pump or improving your plumbing.

What is the best way to clean a rain shower head?

How you clean your KALLISTA rain shower head depends on the finish. Explore our guide to maintaining your rain shower head.

Are rain shower heads worth it?

Rainfall shower heads make an excellent addition to existing or new shower configurations, providing an invigorating overhead rinse. However, rain shower heads don’t provide as much of a powerful spray as a standard shower head, so you may be disappointed if a rain shower head is the only sprayer in your shower. We recommend pairing a rain shower head with other sprayers, such as a handheld sprayer, for a more complete and refreshing showering experience.

What is the best way to mount a rain shower head?

Rain shower heads are often ceiling-mounted to allow for the complete rainfall effect. If no plumbing exists in the shower ceiling, rerouting pipes may be necessary to enable this setup. As an alternative to ceiling mounting, rain shower heads can also be anchored to the wall


Is a round or square rain shower head best?

The shape you choose for your rain shower head depends largely on the rest of the bathroom design. Square sprayfaces generally work best for modern bathrooms with angular elements, while round sprayfaces tend to pair well with traditional interiors.

Is 2.5 GPM or 1.8 GPM best for rain shower heads?

The ideal flow rate for your rain shower head depends on your preferences and where you reside. Federal regulations cap flow rates at 2.5 GPM, with certain states taking further limitations, such as California at 1.8 GPM. A higher flow rate provides a deeper cleanse, while a lower flow rate offers a gentle drench while saving water. 

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