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45 Elegant Bathroom Décor Ideas for a Simple Update or Full Remodel

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July 25, 2022
Kallista Design

Bathroom décor is often the final finishing touch to your elaborate renovation project. Other times, bathroom decorations are simple upgrades to keep your space feeling fresh. Whether you’re committed to traditional or modern style, you can bring your dream oasis to life with simple additions or sweeping transformations.

Get bathroom décor ideas from designer interiors, and be sure to add personal touches that you connect with on an emotional level. With a balanced commitment to both design, functionality, and personality, you can create a clean, open, and entirely unique sanctuary.

Bathtub Décor Ideas: Decorative Freestanding Tub Fillers

gold bathroom faucet decoration
Featured Product: Script™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

KALLISTA bathtub faucets have universal styling that speaks to both traditional and contemporary design aesthetics. Artisan touches in a choice of cross and lever handles are coupled with rich finishes for a selection of freestanding faucets to appeal to many tastes.

Crafted from solid metal for long-lasting performance, strength, and durability, KALLISTA freestanding tub fillers are designed with details in mind to remain a timeless choice for years to come.

Mixed Materials: Large Bathroom Décor Idea

light blue bathroom decor in open floor bathroom

Light blue tiles and white patterned marble delightfully contrast one another, with dark charcoal grey flooring evoking a sense of tranquil luxury. Inspired by traditional design elements, this large bathroom uses multiple materials to create a one-of-a-kind environment.

Bold Wood Mirror Against a Monochromatic Backdrop

wood mirror bathroom decoration
Credit: @yellowdoordesign
Featured Product: Script™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

Earthy bathroom décor breathes vibrancy into this stark interior. An ornamental wood mirror serves as a focal point in this statement-making space.

Artistic Light Fixtures and Wallpaper

gold light fixture in bathroom
Credit: @lynnbiasedesign  

Traditional and modern styles blend together in this eccentric yet upscale space. A Polaris-shaped light fixture illuminates the white and black artistic walls, with blue accent ceiling paint providing an elegant backdrop to the golden hue of the light.

Houseplants and Folded Towels: Simple Bathroom Décor Ideas

simple bathroom decor with plant and handshower
Credit: Chad Mellon
Featured Product: Contemporary Wand Dual-Function Handshower

Because there is limited décor in a minimalist space, everything must be functional and of particular importance. For an easy bathroom décor idea, try using existing amenities or foliage. This modern bathroom utilizes a stack of pure white folded towels next to a tropical houseplant as decorative accents on the deck of the bathtub. The black handshower serves as a striking shower décor idea, finishing this functionally elegant bathroom in style.

Noble Wood Sink Basin and Gold Hardware Accents

gold bathroom hardware and decor
Credit: @hommeboys
Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Single-Control Sink Faucet

Forego a pedestal sink or vanity for a tall wood basin, with light tones matching the golden fixtures throughout the room. Luxuriant black surfaces juxtapose with the warm tones to create a sultry atmosphere.

Add Natural Elegance With Unlacquered Brass Fixtures

unlacquered brass faucet handle
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

Harkening back to the Victorian era, brass is seeing a resurgence in popularity with a modern approach. Whether allowed to age and patina over time or polished to restore its luster, Unlacquered Brass is versatile enough to work on a variety of forms and appeals to a number of different aesthetics. Discover all Unlacquered Brass bathroom fixtures from KALLISTA.

Nero Marquina Marble Inset Faucet Handles

marble decor for bathroom
Featured Product: One™ Decorative Sink Faucet

Nero Marquina marble is an elegant stone that features a deep, black field interrupted by crisp white veining for a dramatic display of color. Add hints of this material throughout your bathroom to create a sense of contemporary urban luxury. With its sleek form and Nero Marquina handles, the One Decorative sink faucet by KALLISTA will make a statement in any modern bathroom setting.

Ornamental Towel and Robe Hooks

luxury bathroom towel hook decor
Featured Product: For Loft Hook

KALLISTA bathroom towel and robe hooks are artistic and unique, with the strength and durability to hold heavy items with ease. The hooks are crafted from solid metal for long-lasting performance and are offered in metal finishes to color-match your bathroom for a professional result.

Marrying polished details with a pure, minimal form, the For Loft luxury hook reflects the industrial aesthetic of the 1920’s and is the perfect addition to any bath setting.

Traditional Bathroom Décor Inspiration

classic bathroom wallpaper and cross handle faucet
Featured Product: Bellis® Noble Sink Faucet, Cross Handles

Traditionally styled bathrooms are private retreats that can be lavishly over-the-top in terms of design. Ornate wallpaper, finely-crafted brass faucets, and a houseplant in a white pot bring a sense of subtle elegance to this space.

Subtle Bathroom Vase Décor Ideas

bathroom vase with flowers for decor
Credit: KALLISTA, Park Hyatt, Shenzhen

Sometimes, all you need to tie your bathroom design together is a simple display of flowers in a slender vase. Mixed materials and brassware adorn this bathroom in functional elegance, while flora and fauna add a touch of nature to the sleek environment.

Staggered Wood Planks Bathroom Wall Idea

shiplap bathroom wall decor
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Cross Handles

Add texture to white bathroom walls by installing classic shiplap-style planks. Contrast your bright space with dark wood accents for a modern farmhouse appeal.

Charming, Vintage-Style Bathroom Décor Ideas

gold traditional bathroom decorations
Credit: @acamporainteriors
Featured Product: Bellis® Noble Sink Faucet, Cross Handles

Traditional design style is refined and comforting, making it ideal for those who appreciate detailed antiques, symmetry, classic forms, and décor with a warm, inviting feel. This pleasant bathroom features an ornamental mirror outlined in gold, coordinating with a sink faucet flanked by cross handles. The same light-golden tone is incorporated throughout to maintain a unified look, including in the picture frames, towel hook, and light fixtures.

Install a Luxurious Claw-Foot Tub

clawfoot bathtub with ornate feet decorations
Featured Product: Circe™ Claw-Foot Bathtub

A classic fixture of luxury since the late 19th century, the claw-foot tub is unmatched in terms of beauty and elegance. This ample-sized tub is supported by dramatic eagle claw feet embellished with scrolls, fleur-de-lis, and gargoyles and offered in an array of finish options.

One claw-foot bathtub décor idea is to enhance an existing vintage feel of your bathroom. Another strategy is integrating both old and new elements to create a unique transitional look.

Circe claw-foot bathtubs from KALLISTA are made of durable cast iron. With an enameled interior, the exterior is available in black, white, or primed to customize to your specific style and taste.

Bathroom Vanity Décor Idea

luxury vanity bathroom decor
Credit: @julierootesinteriors
Featured Product: Counterpoint® Sink Faucet, Lever Handles

Spruce up your floating vanity with decorative vases and soap dispensers on the countertop. Hexagonal tiles provide a tactile backdrop to the vanity mirrors.

Create Your Own Oasis

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Black Hardware Accents in a Bright Bathroom

black bathroom decor
Credit: @terriricciinteriors
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

Black bathroom décor and hardware act as a gentle contrast to this bright bathroom. Combining black accents with lightly-colored surfaces is a common theme of modern farmhouse design.

Gold Accents in a Black Bathroom

gold bathroom decorations
Credit: @psessions
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Lever Handles

Classic in style yet boldly elegant, this bathroom features black walls juxtaposed with gold finishes. This traditional two-tone approach creates an undeniably luxurious ambiance.

Chandelier Above the Freestanding Bathtub

shimmering chandelier as luxury bathroom decoration
Credit: @rcminteriors
Featured Product: Per Se® Deck-Mount Bath Faucet with Diverter

Soak in luxury underneath a brilliant chandelier. This stark, serene oasis features a freestanding tub and intricate lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling.

Discover luxury bathtubs from KALLISTA to enjoy your own relaxing soak.

Exposed Console Table Legs and Sink Pipes

gold bath decor
Credit: @katemarkerinteriors

One method for decorating your traditional style bathroom is coordinating the finish of your sink pipes and console table legs with the rest of your hardware. This modern industrial design uses gold hardware to make an elegant statement.

Subway Tile Accent Wall Idea

subway tile bathroom backsplash
Credit: @gabordesignbuild
Featured Product: Bellis® Noble Sink Faucet, Cross Handles

Incorporate subway tile into your bathroom wall for an engaging textural element. This design uses white tiles, cabinets, and marble countertops contrasted with warm, almond-colored walls.

Reflective Faucet Finishes

cross handle bathroom faucet
Featured Product: Bellis® Noble Sink Faucet, Cross Handles

Reflective finishes add striking brilliance to bathroom sink faucets. Polished Chrome by KALLISTA features a cool, blue-silver chrome coloration and sparkling, high-luster finish that captures the reflections of the surrounding environment.

With soft edges, knurling details, and polished cross handles, the Bellis Noble faucet will enhance the look of any traditional bathroom setting.

Charming Guest Bathroom Décor Ideas

floral bathroom wallpaper
Credit: @liacasaledesign
Featured Product: Bellis® Noble Sink Faucet, Cross Handles

Bring character into your guest bathroom with floral wallpaper, a cross-handle faucet, and a wicker storage container atop the toilet. The pedestal sink serves as a space-saving and stylish option for compact bathrooms.

Colorful Bathroom Wall Ideas

tropical bathroom wallpaper
Credit: @jeffreyfisherhome
Featured Product: Script™ Sink Faucet, Ach Spout, Cross Handles

This blue wallpaper with white tropical plants provides a whimsical setting for daily routines. While common in traditional-style homes with children, vivid wallpaper designs can bring vibrancy into any space.

Experiment With Patterns and Shapes

traditional black bathroom decorations
Credit: @honeycollinsinteriors
Featured Product: For Town Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Cross Handles

Shapes and patterns are commonly utilized in traditional and transitional interiors to create a sense of charm and personality. This black and white bathroom uses a mirror with decorative framing and wallpaper with squiggly patterns for a unique result.

Stool Storage Under the Vanity

bathroom vanity with stool
Credit: @els_interiors
Featured Product: Script™ Sink Faucet, Ach Spout, Lever Handles

A core essential for your bathroom vanity décor is a comfortable and functional stool. A floating vanity or a cut-out under your countertop serves as the perfect place to store your seat when it’s not in use.

Create Separation With Two Distinct Wall Tile Patterns

bathroom tile backsplash ideas
Credit: @cpbdesigns_studio
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Lever Handles

If you use tile for your bathroom walls, there’s no rule saying you have to use the same pattern throughout. One approach is to use a bold subway tile for the sink area and an intricate mosaic tile for the bathing section.

Freestanding Ladder for Spa-Like Luxury

ladder in bathroom with gold hardware
Credit: @coletteluesebrink

For a master bath décor idea, embrace a spa-like atmosphere with a freestanding ladder. The ladder can hold soft towels and robes within reach of the bathtub.

Pastel Color-Coordination and Illusionary Mirrors

circular bathroom mirrors and light blue decor
Credit: @joshuappickering
Featured Product: For Town Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Cross Handles

This traditionally-inspired space pairs pastel blue curtains with the wall color, softly contrasted with white cabinets and floors. A set of circular mirrors creates an illusion of extra space and allows for careful contemplation.

Guest Bathroom Décor Idea: Combine Wallpaper and Tile

bathroom wall with wallpaper and tile
Credit: @crockettstudio
Featured Product: Script™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

Add character to your guest bathroom by mixing up the wall materials. With tile on the bottom and wallpaper on top, this guest bathroom décor is pleasant and creative.

Sleek Modern Faucets and Light Fixtures

black hardware in bathroom
Credit: @serendipitedesigns
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

Minimalist décor is synonymous with modern style. Clean lines and simple forms provide a soothing purity for uninterrupted and undistracted design.

Modern bathroom décor must be functional and serve an important purpose. Any items in your space should be cohesive and complement one another in terms of form, style, and color—serving a specific functional, stylistic, or emotional purpose.

This space uses sleek faucets and light fixtures as black bathroom décor to contrast the stark, light walls.

Intricate Patterns and Textures

elegant bathroom light fixtures
Credit: @kellyhohla
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

Consider making flashy and elegant statements with your bathroom décor. Detailed wallpaper and gold, geometric light fixtures evoke the extravagance of a luxury hotel suite.

Bathroom Shelf Décor Ideas

blue bathroom with trinkets on shelves
Credit: @briannebishopdesign

Shelves don’t need to be purely functional. While they can hold towels or candles, you can also use them as a place to showcase your bathroom shelf décor ideas. Seashells, plants, and trinkets atop white shelves add individuality to this cool blue bathroom. 

Bathroom Towel Bar Designed With Exquisite Detail

gold bathroom towel bar
Credit: @laurakirar
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® 24" Towel Bar

With its uniquely etched pattern, the Pinna Paletta® 24" towel bar by Laura Kirar complements the Pinna Paletta Collection and pairs perfectly with fixtures across all of the designer's signature collections.

Engaging Wallpaper and Lighting

bathroom wallpaper
Credit: @samanthatodhunterdesign
Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Single-Control Sink Faucet

Design a captivating environment with artistic wallpaper and charming sconces. The black marble sink with white streaks serves as a grounding element to this eccentric bathroom interior.

Elegant Bathroom Décor Ideas: Gold Accents

gold bathroom hardware
Credit: @essentialdesignbuild
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

Neutral and monochromatic surfaces provide the ideal backdrop for gold accents in this regal design. Serving both visual and practical functions, the gold brassware contributes an upscale look to this oasis.

Install Decorative Vessel Bathroom Sinks

vessel bathroom sink
Credit: @binnsdesign
Featured Product: KALLISTA Myam™ Decorative Vessel

KALLISTA offers vessel sinks drawing inspiration from iconic architecture, ancient Greek design, and organic motifs.

Crafted from solid cast bronze, this decorative vessel captures the purity of lines and the quiet essence of understated design. The KALLISTA Myam™ decorative vessels are sculptural, elliptical forms that will transform any space into a bathroom of utter sophistication.

See bathroom sink ideas and discover all luxury bathroom sinks from KALLISTA.

Luxurious Pendant Lights and Marble Countertops

luxurious black bathroom
Credit: @simplyinspiredaz
Featured Product: Pure Paletta® Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

This enchanting black bathroom features hung pendant lights and striking black marble with beautiful white streaks. Use this look as inspiration to create an undoubtedly luxurious space.

Delightful Flowers, Speckled Wallpaper, and a Gooseneck Faucet

bathroom decor idea for blue wallpaper
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

Sometimes, simple bathroom vase décor ideas can have a major impact. White flowers in a goblet-style vase sit next to the gooseneck faucet and lever handle, while blue and white speckled wallpaper adds a cool and comfortable element to this environment.

Natural Wood Side Table for Your Freestanding Bathtub

bathroom decor side table with candle
Credit: @miguelewis
Featured Product: One™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

If you’re looking for bathroom table décor ideas, consider something unique like a small table cut from a solid wood log. Place candles or bathing amenities on this side table to be within your reach while you enjoy a relaxing soak.

Add Greenery to Monochrome Bathroom Interiors

minimalist bathroom with green tropical houseplants
Credit: @serendipitedesigns
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Cross Handles

While minimalist interiors require little décor, don’t be afraid of utilizing the natural beauty of plants. Tropical leaves bring a sense of life into this modern neutral interior.

Decorative Tile Shower Décor Ideas

shower tile bathroom decor
Credit: @moniquevarsamesdesign
Featured Product: Bellis® Collection by KALLISTA

Consider outfitting your shower with two different types of tile for a unique visual and tactile experience. One wall can serve as an accent, with intricate designs contrasting other walls with blockier subway tile.

Geometric Bathroom Faucets

chrome bathroom faucet
Featured Product: For Town Single Control Sink Faucet

Bathroom sink faucets can serve an important role in unifying your overall design. With its classic details and polished style, the For Town single control sink faucet evokes the elegance of a 1930’s Park Avenue apartment.

Simple Bathroom Decorations: A Stone Stool and Flower Vase

elegant bathroom decor
Credit: @changoandco
Featured Product: Freestanding Bathtub by Laura Kirar

DIY bathroom décor can be as simple as adding a vase with flowers to your countertop or using a stone stool to place bathing amenities.

Color-Coordinate Your Bathroom Accessories With Vibrant Walls

orange bathroom decorations
Credit: @douglasgreiwedesign
Featured Product: One™ Towel Ring

Don’t be shy about putting vivid colors on full display. If you have distinctly-colored walls, try coordinating them with your towels or rugs. This orange and white bathroom makes effective use of this strategy, achieving a daring yet pleasant result.

Upgrade Your Toilet Paper Holder

reflective toilet paper holder in chrome
Featured Product: Inigo® Toilet Paper Holder

Inspired by Mediterranean design, the Inigo® toilet paper holder has beautifully rich layers and exquisite details that will enhance any bathroom setting.

FAQs About How to Decorate a Bathroom

How do you spice up a plain bathroom?

Various accessories and decorations can breathe life into monochromatic or neutral interiors. Decorative brassware, tropical houseplants, wall art, and colorful towels are popular choices for adding flair to your oasis.

How do you decorate a small bathroom?

While limited space must be considered, it doesn’t serve as a full stop to your aspirations. A flower vase atop the sink, shelves above the toilet, and ornamental towel rings and bars are all common bathroom décor ideas for compact rooms.

How do you accessorize a bathroom?

This largely depends on whether your bathroom is modern or traditional. Modern bathroom décor is typically purposeful and minimal, while traditional interiors are known for decorative embellishments.

For a modern bathroom, use only a few colors and materials and look for larger-scale tiles with small grout lines to avoid complicating the design. Use a continuous flow of the same material—such as luxurious Carrara marble that runs across the counter, up the wall, and even into the shower or around the bathtub—and select corresponding fixtures with simple adornment and fine finishes to complete the overall look.

Traditionally styled bathrooms can be lavishly over-the-top, with ornate wallpaper, finely-crafted fixtures, and opulent lighting.

What should I hang on my bathroom walls?

Consider your bathroom walls a blank canvas for your own preferences and personality. Collectible art can serve as a conversation piece and status symbol, while a local artist’s work may suit your aesthetic and align with your values. You can also hang soft robes and towels on your wall with decorative towel bars and robe hooks.

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