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30 Elegant Bathroom Door Ideas

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November 23, 2022
Kallista Design

First impressions are impactful, and the first impression of your bathroom is often the door leading into the space.  

If you’re looking for the perfect door to match the design of your bathroom, here are some clever ideas to inspire your remodel.

Small Bathroom Entry Door Idea

image shows a gold and black guest bathroom with a white open door
Credit: @alistinteriors Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

For a smaller bathroom, place your bathroom sink directly across from the door to maximize your space. Paint a half-wall or accent wall a darker color against white fixtures for a striking contrast.  

Thoughtful Bathroom Door Hardware  

image of a white bathroom shows a counter with a single sink and single-handle faucet, with a white door in the background
Credit: @kpid Featured Product: Counterpoint® Single-Control Sink Faucet

Swap out the traditional round doorknob with a matte black lever handle. This simple bathroom upgrade adds character. For a more cohesive look, match the door handle to other fixtures in the bathroom, such as the faucet and vanity drawer pulls.

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Door Idea

modern farmhouse bathroom with wood door, ceiling, and walls.
Credit: @violetmarsh Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Lever Handles

Popular for its blend of modern and classic designs, the farmhouse style adds warmth and suits a log cabin-style bathroom. Stained wooden doors pair well with pistachio green cabinets and dark countertops for a classic farmhouse look.

Frosted Shower Doors for Privacy & Sophistication

monochromatic shower with grey walls, two ceiling-mounted black shower heads, and a frosted glass sliding door with black framing
Featured Product: Air-Induction Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with frosted glass. Creating a sense of privacy and adding an elegant look to any bathroom, frosted glass shower doors establish a sophisticated look. Treat yourself with a luxury shower system for ultimate comfort.

Pocket Doors Allow More Space for Décor

white bathroom with a white door and white freestanding tub
Credit: @coletteluesebrink Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Faucet, Cross Handles

Doors that slide into the wall create room to add cabinets or decorative touches, like a blanket ladder for towels and washcloths. A matte color on the bathroom door also adds contrast to glossy tiles and reflective fixtures.

Modern Townhouse Shower Door Idea

townhouse throom with white subway wall tiles, black mosaic floor tiles, and an enclosed shower with glass doors and black framing.
Credit: @deepriverpartners Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

Pair a clear glass door with stark black outlines for a compelling modern look. Matte black fixtures often feature clean lines for an elegant design and don’t show water spots like stainless steel.  

Idea for Bathroom Doors In Small Spaces

gray bathroom with glass shower door
Credit: @hirshson_architecture_design Featured Product: Counterpoint® Air-Induction 1.75 GPM Showerhead With Arm

Limited space doesn’t have to limit your design. Create functional storage space with a simple towel rack behind the bathroom door and bring out the shower wall to divide the space.

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Glass Bathroom Door Idea for the Shower

image of a modern shower with glass door and black framing. A freestanding tub sits in the foreground with a matte black faucet. a window on the right lets in natural light
Credit: @jillharrisinteriors Featured Product: One™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

Glass shower stall bathroom doors reflect light and add a mirror image of the view from the windows. This makes the room look larger and brings in color and natural light from outside.

Simplicity Pairs Well With Bright Colors

orange bathroom with white door, white countertop and white floor
Credit: @douglasgreiwedesign Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Faucet, Cross Handles

When opting for a vibrant hue, like this bright orange, a traditional door will make sure the focal point of the space remains the walls. White countertops and doors also ensure the room doesn’t become overwhelming and allow the bright walls to stand out.  

Understated Color for Your Bathroom Door

beige bathroom with wood vanity on the right and pistachio green door on the left
Credit: @andallthings

Sometimes a subtler hue can have a big impact. A soft dove gray bathroom door has a serene effect that goes well with both cool and warm tones.

Bathroom Pocket Door Idea

Credit: @giorgiotrovato

Use the space a pocket door provides in a smaller bathroom for full-length mirrors. The mirrors will give the illusion of a larger space and are convenient to have when choosing your outfit for the day.  

Master Bathroom Door Idea

master bathroom with shower on the left leading into a bedroom with a white door
Credit: @curtis-adams

Wide double doors add privacy to your primary bathroom while also providing a smooth transition between the bathroom and bedroom. The open concept created by a wider doorway allows for more natural light.  

Small Bathroom Double Door Options

large white bathroom with white double doors open. on the right side of the bathroom is a walk-in shower surrounded by glass, with double shower heads and levers.
Credit: @curtis-adams

Adding a set of double doors is still possible in a compact bathroom—just make the doors a little more narrow than usual. Marble floors and clear glass allow the light to flow and sparkle through the room.  

Protruding Entryway Bathroom Door Idea  

light blue and white bathroom. a white door is on the left with a protruding wall. a black freestanding tub sits in the middle with a chandelier above it. on the right is a double vanity with two sinks and two mirrors.
Credit: @curtis-adams

If your entryway protrudes into the bathroom, a simple door with a lever handle keeps your look understated and elegant and meshes well with any design style.  

Glass Bathroom Door Idea

modern bathroom leads into a bedroom with a white door open. a shower with a glass door sits on the left.
Credit: @curtis-adams

A glass shower door with a thick black border creates a modern aesthetic and can match the hardware in your bathroom. Adding textured tiles in a warm, neutral color softens the look and provides depth.

Narrow Bathroom Door Idea

an image of a long hallway with a narrow door leading into the bathroom
Credit: @dayvison-de-oliveira-silva

Thick, vertical lines that contrast with your door color make the entryway look lofty and tall. This sophisticated style helps take focus off the narrowness of the bathroom door and entryway.  

Unique Idea for Bathroom Doors  

modern gray and white bathroom. a lighted mirror sits above the vanity on the right side with a rustic wood bathroom door on the left
Credit: @max-artbovic

A shiny brass panel added to your door emits a sophisticated, smoked mirror appearance. Opt for a different texture, like rough wood, for the rest of the door for striking contrast.

Accent Door Idea

white bathroom with a light wood door in the middle
Credit: @max-artbovich

Want your bathroom door to be your statement piece? Horizontal grain, decorative stripes, and shiny silver hardware can make your door stand out in a classic white bathroom.

Paint It Black

hallway leading into a modern black and white bathroom. the black door is open revealing a floating vanity, vessel sink, and wall-mount faucet
Credit: @max-artbovich

A pure black door with matching hardware is modern and appealing. Sharp black trim complements the look.

Experiment With Bathroom Door Colors

modern bathroom ith contrasting white and gray tiles. the bathroom door is in the middle and is the color gray.
Credit: @max-artbovich

Blue and gray tones are popular bathroom themes because of their cool and calming nature. Use your door to add another shade, creating a cohesive look that sticks with the overall theme.

Solid Wood Door Idea

modern white bathroom with a wooden door on the left, with a black handle. on the right is a black floating vanity, white vessel sink, wall-mount faucet, and circular mirror
Credit: @max-artbovich

Thick, solid wood resists moisture and is less likely to become warped by steam. For high contrast, pair a dark wood bathroom door with lighter walls and color-match door fixtures to faucets and other details.

Recessed Bathroom Door

white bathroom with a white door framed in a light colored wood
Credit: @max-artbovich

A slightly recessed door adds depth to your entryway. Surround a simple white door with wood trim for a natural look with a hint of contrast.  

Stark Door Idea

elegant bathroom with floral patterned tile. a white tub is on the left and a black bathroom door is on the right
Credit: @max-artbovich

Offset a busy pattern on your walls with a stark door in a solid color. Add a simple stripe down the middle to create visual interest.

Bold Door With a Horizontal Panel

white bathroom with a black vanity and black-outlined mirror. the bathroom door is black with a silver rectangle accent
Credit: @max-artbovich

Match the horizontal panel on a glossy bold bathroom door to the metal of your hardware. The clean lines of a simple lever handle add flow to the horizontal design.

Contemporary Elegance

modern bathroom with a large tub on the right. the bathroom door is wood with glass slits
Credit: @max-artbovich

A warm, toasty door color can make your bathroom feel cozy and inviting. Thin, shiny horizontal lines against the light brown pair well with silver fixtures and hardware.

Narrow Doorways Create a Discreet Entrance

image of a living room with a narrow door leading into the bathroom on the left. the door is open revealing a vanity sink
Credit: @max-artbovich

A narrow entryway helps draw focus away from the bathroom door if it’s located in a living or family room. This is also a great solution for a guest bathroom, allowing for a simple narrow entryway that blends into the surrounding design.  

Wide Doorway Idea

modern bathroom with grey tiles on the left and a tan all on the right. the bathroom door is wood with thin silver lines
Credit: @max-artbovich

A wide door composed of medium or dark wood can give your bathroom the subtle sophistication of a luxury hotel. A delicate lever handle adds the appearance of even more width.

Small Bathroom Door Ideas

black hallway with a narrow doorway leading into a white and gray bathroom. a black curtain is open in lieu of a door
Credit: @wpacifico  

A collapsible door or a curtain can be a smart solution for smaller bathrooms. This style saves room and is a great option for the boho aesthetic.  

Double Door or Bifold Bathroom Door Idea

double bathroom door leading into a room with a freestanding tub

Double doors add luxury to any bathroom space, creating a grand entrance. Place a statement piece like a freestanding tub and overhead lighting in a straight line from the doors to make an impact.  

Clean Lines Add Elegance

bathroom with double vanity setup on the left, with a white closed door on the right

Something as simple as vertical lines can add classic style to your bathroom door. Instead of a standard plain door, the simple design on these white doors provides a sense of texture, adding warmth to the room’s style.

FAQs About Bathroom Door Ideas

What type of door is best for the bathroom?  

The best door for your bathroom will depend on your available space and design. In most cases, it’s best to opt for a strong door made of solid materials.  

Can you use a curtain for a bathroom door?  

Using a curtain removes the extra room that’s needed behind the door when it swings open. This option is not as private as a standard door, but it works well if privacy isn’t a major concern. Just remember to wash the curtain frequently to prevent moisture buildup.

Should a bathroom door swing in or out?

Most bathroom doors swing in to keep your hallway clear.  

Can you use a bifold door in the bathroom?

Since bifold doors are usually double the size of the standard door, they may not be suitable for small bathrooms. But if you have the room, bifold or even bathroom barn door ideas can be a fantastic way to add extra style that fits with your design.

What is the standard door size for a bathroom door?

Often, bathroom doors are 80” tall and the width is between 32-36". Of course, this can change depending on the space you have and the type of door you choose.

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