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11 of the Best Bathtub Ideas

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December 15, 2022
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Choosing the perfect tub for your bathroom is essential to creating a relaxing and spa-like experience that blends practical function and stunning style. Whether your aesthetic is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, the right bathtub ideas provide a space for rest and rejuvenation while serving as a focal point within the overall design.

Keep reading to explore our top 11 bathtub ideas to inspire your bathroom renovation, remodel, or new construction.  

Blend Luxury & Function With a Built-In Tub & Shower Combo

alcove bathtub on the right with walk-in shower on the left
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Bathing Collection

A separate bathtub and shower allow for spacious areas for each activity, and a built-in tub is ideal for a long soak. The wider ledges of this built-in bathtub idea provide opportunities for expressing your décor sensibilities, whether with framed art, plants, or a few aromatic candles to help you relax.  

Elegant Claw-Foot Bathtub Idea

open concept bathroom with law-foot freestanding tub in the middle under a chandelier
Featured Product: Circe™ Claw-Foot Freestanding Bathtub

Available in black, white, or a primed exterior to paint any color you choose, claw-foot tubs are gorgeous additions to opulent bathroom interiors. Paired with a luxury bathtub faucet, this tub is the striking centerpiece of an elegant bathroom, offering a solid focal point amid compelling wall and tile patterns.  

Create a Spa-Like Alcove With a Mirrored Wall

bathroom alcove with an oval tub
Featured Product: Bellis® Deck-Mount Bath Faucet, Cross Handles

An alcove offers a comfortable area for relaxation, especially in a bathroom with limited space. One of the best alcove bathtub ideas is adding a mirror on the back wall to help the space feel more open and create the illusion of a larger area while maintaining a cozy, warm feel.

Keep Things Simple With This Classic Freestanding Bathtub Idea

white freestanding tub with wall-mount chrome faucets on a blue tile wall
Featured Product: KALLISTA Classic Freestanding Bathtub

Sophistication is easy to attain with this freestanding tub's gentle rim and oval shape. The bright white fits well with almost any design, meshing equally with dark gray floors, blue tile half walls, and off-white marble walls. Paired with a wall-mount cross-handle faucet, the result is a transitional look that flows seamlessly between modern and traditional design sensibilities.  

Striking Bathtub Idea With a Shimmering Contrast

bathroom with black marble tiles, white freestanding tub, and chrome fixtures
Featured Product: Laura Kirar Freestanding Bathtub

The clean lines of a white freestanding tub pair well with the shine of Polished Chrome fixtures, evident in the hand shower and faucet pictured above. Against a black or dark accent wall, the luxury bathtub’s elegant design contributes to a modern aesthetic that feels freshly chic and inviting.  

Make a Statement With a Marbled Bathtub & Gold-Toned Faucet

marbled bathroom with a fluted freestanding tub and gold faucet
Featured Product: Unlacquered Brass Tub Faucet

A standalone tub can be both practical and artful. The texture of this tub adds visual interest to the room’s design, complementing the marbled tile and geometric pattern on the floor. Set on a raised platform and paired with a gold faucet, this bathtub draws the eye and acts as the focal point of the room’s aesthetic.  

Create Your Own Oasis

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Use a Round Tub as a Transitional Centerpiece

rounded freestanding tub in a traditional bathroom with brown wallpaper
Featured Product: Polished Chrome Bathtub Faucet

Blend elements of traditional and modern styles for a unique transitional result. The clean curve of this standalone round bathtub contributes to the more updated feel, while the earthy décor elements showcase warm, classic comfort. Both styles work well together, creating a sensibility that feels like the best of both worlds.  

Pair a Freestanding Bathtub With a Walk-In Shower

white freestanding tub with chrome faucet next to a walk-in shower
Featured Product: Script™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

The graceful rim of this freestanding bathtub offers a charming detail that meshes well with traditional design aesthetics, making this look one of the best bathtub remodeling ideas. Partnered with the convenience and modern look of a walk-in shower, the result is a multi-functional and relaxing bathroom.  

Appoint a Built-In Tub With Marble Tile & Silver Fixtures

bathtub with marble tile deck and wall filled up with water
Featured Product: Inigo® Wall-Mount Bath Spout

The best bathtub surround ideas can turn a simple rectangular tub into an elegant space. Here, the bathtub is surrounded by marble tile paired with classic metallic fixtures, turning a bathroom alcove into a spa-like oasis.

Modern Shower & Bathtub Idea

monochrome shower room with grey walls, bathtub, and two black ceiling mounted rain shower heads
Featured Product: KALLISTA Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

You can establish a cohesive aesthetic of clean lines and monochromatic shades by pairing a modern tub and shower in the same space. If you're looking for bathtub front panel ideas, look no further than how the gray stone blends seamlessly into the matching walls. The dark fixtures keep the design cohesive and visually compelling.

Add Modern Fixtures & a Recessed Shelf

white bathtub with angular bowtie shape, with black faucet and hexagonal brown wall tiles
Featured Product: Papion™ Freestanding Bathtub

For a striking look, pair a standalone bathtub with a matte black faucet. Here, an open shelf is built into the wall, allowing for practical storage of bathing essentials and décor to add personality to the space. With the geometric pattern on the wall adding texture to the design, the overall effect is one of sophisticated style.  

Bathtub Ideas FAQs

Should I install a freestanding tub or an alcove tub?  

Alcove tubs, also known as built-ins, are the most common type of bathtub and fit neatly between three walls. A freestanding tub, as its name suggests, sits away from any walls but must be installed near plumbing lines.
The type of bathtub you choose to install will depend on your style preferences, space considerations, and the configuration of your bathroom. It’s always a good idea to work with a professional designer and plumber to ensure that you choose the right bathtub for your space and install it properly.  

Can you turn any bathtub into a jetted tub?  

Installing a jetted tub requires planning ahead because you will need to include a pump, an air switch, and an electric timer. A professional installer can help you design your bathroom to install a jetted tub safely and correctly.  

Should I repair or replace my bathtub?  

Cracked or leaking tubs generally need to be replaced with new installations. However, if your bathtub just has a few chips or stains, refinishing may be the way to go, saving you money and allowing you to maintain the character your tub provides to your bathroom.  

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