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9 of the Best Showerheads for Luxury Showers

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April 13, 2023
Kallista Design

The right showerhead can energize and reinvigorate your daily routines. But with so many options, what’s the best showerhead for your project? Explore our guide to the best showerheads for a luxury showering experience.

How to Choose the Right Showerhead

When it comes to purchasing a new showerhead, here are some of the most important considerations:

  • Style: Modern vs. traditional.
  • Configuration: Wall mount vs. ceiling mount vs. handheld.
  • Function: Single spray vs. multi-spray.

In addition, you’ll want sufficient pressure to provide a thorough and relaxing cleanse.

No matter your preferences, KALLISTA offers a full spectrum of classic and modern luxury showerheads that feature wide coverage, pulsating, and soft aerating spray choices. Our portfolio also includes air-induction showerheads that mix air and water to produce a powerful, even flow of water. 

Discover the Best High-End Showerheads from KALLISTA

Whether you need a new showerhead for a quick replacement or you’re planning out a newly constructed bathroom, look no further than KALLISTA to create the ultimate showering experience.

Best Multifunction Showerhead

chrome showerhead with black sprayhead

A multifunction showerhead allows you to have a personalized experience every time. As part of our For Town Collection, this showerhead features a modern style infused with classical details that work well within a variety of settings.

Takings its cues from Art Deco design, the For Town Multifunction Showerhead resonates with a timeless quality and air of handcraft.

Three Spray Options

shower with chrome showerhead spraying water out of a black multispray sprayhead

With multiple spray functions, you can turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. A simple turn switches between a wide coverage, rhythmic pulse, and soft aerated spray.

Best Rain Showerhead

black showerhead mounted from ceiling and has a square sprayhead

Rain showerheads provide a cascading release of water. The Foundations Air-Induction Soft Modern Rain Showerhead reduces water output while maintaining an invigorating spray and even flow. 

When looking for the best rain showerheads, prioritize solid brass construction for years of reliable performance. You’ll also want to consider the right finish for your color scheme. Dark finishes like Gunmetal or Matte Black are excellent choices for modern monochromatic interiors.

Ceiling-Mounted Rainfall

black shower with ceiling mounted black showerhead spraying water down

When mounted to the ceiling, rain showerheads offer a relaxing feeling of rainfall. You can use this modern rain showerhead alone or combine it with other components to create a robust shower system.

Best Traditional Showerhead

brushed nickel showerhead with circle sprayface

Our Script™ Showerhead combines delicate craft and technical innovation to offer an elegant cleansing solution. With a design that’s neither fully modern nor traditional, this is a perfect option for a transitional design aesthetic. Consider a warm finish such as Brushed Bronze, Unlacquered Brass, or Brushed French Gold for an enhanced glow.

Inspired by the 19th Century Gilded Age

brushed bronze shouwerhead moounted to a gray mosaic tile wall

The KALLISTA Script Collection articulates a sense of style and fashion to appeal to a wide range of lifestyles. Traditional in character yet modern by design, Script delivers chic showering components to transform any space into a respite of sophistication and impeccable taste.

Taking inspiration from the heralded Gilded Age of 19th-century America, the collection embraces the aesthetics of this earlier time. These thoughtful pieces work together yet have the adaptability and classic presence to appoint an existing space with ease.

Simple Handheld Showerhead

rounded handheld showerhead with chrome finish and hose

Customize daily routines with a handheld showering option, such as the Bellis® Single Function Handshower and Hose. You can mount this handshower to a deck or wall with your choice of required installation mounting hardware.

Complete Your Shower System

white marble shower with chrome showerheads and handles

With a sleek hose, soft lines, and delicate knurling details, this handshower from our Bellis Collection will breathe life into any traditional shower setting. 

Coordinate your handshower with matching luxury shower trim for a cohesive result.The right showerhead can energize and reinvigorate your daily routines. But with so many options, what’s the best showerhead for your project? Explore our guide to the best showerheads for a luxury showering experience.

Create Your Own Oasis

We're setting the industry standard with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.


Best Modern Showerhead

chrome showerhead with small sprayhead

Sleek design and subtle details make this multifunctional showerhead the ideal choice for any contemporary bathroom. As part of our timeless KALLISTA Foundations Collection, this Contemporary Multifunction Showerhead offers a creative option for inspired showering solutions.

Powerful Yet Energy-Efficient

chrome showerhead spraying water, mounted to a shower wall with white tiles

Even with sufficient pressure and multiple spray options, this showerhead remains efficient. With a maximum flow rate of 1.75 GPM, this is one of the best showerheads for low water pressure.

Best Geometric Showerhead Design

chrome showerhead with square sprayface

If you’re considering a unique look for a transitional or modern space, consider our Per Se® Air-Induction Showerhead With Arm. The square sprayface makes a bold design statement, while the air-induced waterflow offers a thorough cleanse.

Bold and Graceful Design

chrome showerhead with square sprayface mounted to a gray marble wall

Our Per Se Collection features sleek and sensuous bathroom fixtures inspired by minimalist details and chic couture styling. Paying homage to 1950’s and 1960’s designs that moved away from the complex fluting or layered details of earlier periods, the geometric forms are softened at the angles with a gentle rounding.

Best Versatile Handheld Showerhead

chrome sleek handheld showerhead with hose

If you’re searching for the best handheld showerhead, consider a multifunction handshower. This Contemporary Wand Dual-Function Handshower With Hose features two spray options—wide coverage and concentrated spray—for a versatile, handheld showering experience.

Create a Modern Spa Shower

close up of a chrome handheld shower spraying water in a vertical spray

With a simple wand shape and clean lines, this handshower is the perfect addition to any modern shower.

Elegant Showerhead Design

chrome showerhead with round sprayface

For traditional bathrooms, you can choose fixtures that blend superior functionality with decorative details. This Bellis Air-Induction Showerhead features knurling details, soft edges, and a polished arm to add a touch of luxury to any classic shower setting.

Polished Details

chrome showerhead visual from the side against a white wall

The Bellis Collection by KALLISTA offers a complete range of bathroom options to appoint any interior in classic detail. Bellis features a full range of showering components and accessories, with decorative elements to easily match to the rest of the collection regardless of preferred style choice.

Sleek Showerhead

chrome showerhead

True to modern minimalism, the One™ Showerhead embraces the art of simplicity, resulting in a straightforward yet chic design.

Minimal Design With Ultimate Functionality

close up of chrome showerhead

Modern in approach with clean, classic lines and exceptional performance, the KALLISTA One Collection offers a wide range of contemporary bathroom designs to elevate and define any setting. The minimalist styling and diverse product range make One a versatile choice with an extensive, sophisticated product line designed to perform and an extensive line of finishes to fit every taste. 

The One showerhead is an excellent choice for new construction or as a singular upgrade, with its pared-down, straightforward forms bridging existing décor in chic understatement. 

Design the Most Luxurious Shower With KALLISTA

Engineered with the latest in air induction technology, KALLISTA offers a portfolio of traditional and contemporary showering fixtures to accommodate various styles and space considerations. Choose from single to multi-spray standard and rain showerheads, handshowers, and body sprays to versatile trim kits and complementing fittings.

Whether you’re designing a modern monochrome space or a green bathroom with eclectic décor, KALLISTA provides all the components to transform any interior into a welcoming, spa-like oasis of distinction.  

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