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The 11 Best Bathroom Sink Faucets for Quality & Style

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July 27, 2022
Kallista Design

Adding the finest-crafted faucets to your bathroom sink is a simple way to embellish your space with subtle luxury. With a fine assortment of spout types, handle arrangements, and colored finishes available, the style opportunities are endless. In this sense, the best bathroom faucet depends largely on your personal design preferences.

Common configurations for bathroom faucets include widespread, single-hole, and wall-mount. With this in mind, the best bathroom faucet for your bathroom is one that is compatible with your sink type.

3 bathroom sink faucets in different finishes - chrome, gold, and bronze
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Faucet by Laura Kirar

KALLISTA offers an array of premium faucets ranging from modern to traditional in approach. In a masterful convergence of elegant design and high-end function, KALLISTA offers the best quality bathroom faucets to appoint your oasis in sophistication.

Discover the finest bathroom faucets for 2023 and beyond.

Best Innovative and Unique Bathroom Faucet Design

One of the best bathroom faucets from KALLISTA with innovative 3-D printing technology.
Featured Product: Grid Sink Faucet, Cube Handles

Consider the appeal of innovation when seeking the best bathroom fixtures for your modern space. The stunning 3-D printed Grid faucet immediately transforms the bathroom into a designer showcase.

With advances in 3-D printing technology, the production of the visionary Grid faucet became a reality. The Grid faucet is created through a layer-by-layer process of powdered steel that is laser-fired into liquid, cooled and repeated until the form is complete. Discreet, interior waterways allow water to flow through its minimal form.

A powder-coated matte black finish atop solid metal construction provides reliability and strength to remain beautiful throughout years of daily use. Explore more luxury bathroom sink faucets from KALLISTA to complete your bathroom in style.

Key Features of the Grid Sink Faucet

• 3-D printed spout brings a unique and modern look to the bathroom
• Faucet handles are cast, hand-buffed and powder-coated, creating a lightly textured look
• WaterSense listed with low flow laminar stream (1.2 GPM flow rate)

Best Bathroom Faucets for Traditional Interiors

One of the best bathroom faucets from KALLISTA, with cross handles and classic knurling details.
Featured Product: Bellis® Noble Sink Faucet

As one of the most beloved styles, traditional design delivers charming warmth and comfort, reminiscent of the past but not strictly tied to a single time period. Many of our childhoods took place in spaces that would be considered traditional, so this style evokes feelings of belonging and appeals to people of all ages and personality types.

When you want a traditional bathroom space, the best bathroom faucets are those with the most classic feel. Create this stylish and decorative look with the Bellis Noble faucet featuring classic cross handles.

Best bathroom fixtures from KALLISTA with strongest material and most luxurious style.

The Bellis Collection from KALLISTA is inspired by the 1920’s, capturing characteristic familiarity and comfort with a unique twist. By merging soft contours with delicate knurling details, it provides a relaxed yet refined style.

Key Features of the Bellis Noble Faucet

• Widespread sink faucet for 8” (203 mm) - 16” (406 mm) centers
• WaterSense listed 1.2 GPM maximum flow rate
• Spout reach is 5" (127 mm)
• ADA compliant

Best Bathroom Sink Faucet for Single-Hole Configurations

One of KALLISTA's best single-hole bathroom sink faucets with arch spout.
Featured Product: One™ Single-Control Faucet

When determining the best single-hole bathroom faucets, keep in mind the type of sink and the amount of space you have. A single-hole bathroom faucet is trending amongst architects because of its simplicity both in design and installation. This configuration is sleek and works for compact counter spaces. The gooseneck spout on this One single-control faucet gracefully arches above the sink in a charming display.

The best bathroom faucet from KALLISTA for single-hole installations.

Key Features of the One Single-Hole Faucet

• Dual application allows faucet to be used as a sink faucet or bar faucet
• Single-control faucet with 1-3/8" spout height from base to arch of spout
• Latest valve technology allows for better performance
• ADA compliant
• WaterSense listed with a maximum flow rate of 1.2 GPM

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Best Material for Bathroom Sink Faucets: Solid Brass

A bathroom faucet made from solid brass, the best material for sink faucets for durability.
Featured Product: Central Park West™ Sink Faucet, Arch Spout, Lever Handles

Brass is known for its unmatched durability, with warm coloring and rich history dating back to the Victorian Era. It is currently enjoying a resurgence in design circles—providing golden, inviting tones in both traditional and modern spaces.

Solid brass bathroom faucets will never corrode or rust, unlike plated steel or aluminum. As a result of avoiding constant replacements, homeowners typically save money over the long haul with the finest quality bathroom faucets constructed of solid brass.

What Is Unlacquered Brass?

Unlacquered Brass, often referred to as a living finish, is brass in its purest form with no protective lacquer to prevent it from aging. It has an organic beauty with a deep, golden color. It dulls in sheen with age and contains visible texture variations as the product is buffed and burnished during regular use, a feature which is impossible to replicate in any manufacturing process.  

As the metal ages, it is prone to the natural process of oxidation—darkening in color and developing a distinct yet elegant character. However, if you desire the brilliant golden shine of freshly polished brass, an Unlacquered Brass faucet can be polished by hand to its original state at any time.

Best Bathroom Sink Faucet for Wall-Mount Installations

One of KALLISTA's best wall-mount bathroom faucets.
Featured Product: Central Park West™ Wall-Mount Faucet

The style and functionality of the Central Park West wall-mount faucet can’t be overlooked when designing your bathroom. If working with limited space or specific plumbing configurations, you may opt for a wall-mount faucet to install above the sink with fittings behind the wall. The best wall-mount bathroom faucet saves counter space, providing ample room for daily routines.

Three-hole faucet configuration which is best for wall-mount installations.

With fluted lever handles and a decorative spout, the Central Park West faucet fits seamlessly into any traditionally-inspired bathroom aesthetic.

Key Features of the Central Park West Wall-Mount Faucet

• 1.2 GPM maximum flow rate
• Quarter-turn washerless ceramic disc valves
• 7" spout reach
• ADA compliant

Best Gold Faucets for Luxury Bathrooms

Featured Product: Per Se Decorative Sink Faucet, Gold Flake Knob Handles

Install only the best bathroom fixtures by using luxurious gold to accent your bathroom sink. This faucet takes the premium look a step further, with intricate gold flakes adding detail to an oft-overlooked accessory, the faucet handle. Italian crystal knob handles flank a faucet finished in French Gold, a signature KALLISTA finish.

gold faucet handle

Key Features of French Gold Faucets from KALLISTA

Timeless elegance emanates from French Gold, a durable and brilliant Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finish that elevates traditional and modern environments alike. Against a backdrop of brilliant white, matte black, or dramatic color schemes, the soft gilded shine provides a subtle contrast and emits a sense of affluence. Discover all French Gold bathroom faucets from KALLISTA.

Best Bathroom Sink Faucet With One Handle

Quality bathroom faucet with wall-mount installation and one handle.
Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Single-Control Sink Faucet

Single control is a smart design choice because of its clean look, easy installation, and simplicity to clean. The single handle naturally results in space-saving efficiency and a minimalist appearance, evoking the feeling of a chic hotel bathroom.

Wall-mount single handle bathroom faucet.
Credit: @lisaschmitzinteriors

Key Features of the One Single-Control Bathroom Faucet

Embracing the art of simplicity with its pure form and polished details, the One wall-mount single-control sink faucet by KALLISTA lends itself perfectly to a variety of contemporary bathroom settings.

• Wall-mount installation
• ADA compliant
• WaterSense listed with a maximum flow rate of 1.2 GPM

Best Black Bathroom Sink Faucet for Esteemed Elegance

Featured Product: One™ Decorative Sink Faucet, Nero Marquina Handles

Often favored in modern, monochromatic designs, black bathroom faucets can add a premium look to your interior. The One Decorative sink faucet by KALLISTA takes the striking look of a modern bathroom faucet a step further with unique Nero Marquina marble handles. Renowned for its rich black hue and distinctive lightning-like streaks, Nero Marquina is sophisticated and chic, garnering international appeal for its contemporary sense of urban luxury.

Key Features of the Black Marble Handle Faucet

With the faucet available in a myriad of finishes, the unique black marble handles provide an enigmatic look to any interior. Utilize the faucet on its own for a subtle inclusion of marble or coordinate with a Nero Marquina console tabletop for a luxuriant display of natural material.

• Two-handle, widespread sink faucet for 8" to 16" centers
• WaterSense listed with a maximum flow rate of 1.2 GPM
• ADA compliant

Best Bathroom Sink Faucet for Durability and Performance

Best quality bathroom faucet made from solid brass.
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Lever Handles

KALLISTA offers premium design and functionality throughout all our luxury bathroom faucets, with solid metal and brass construction withstanding the rigors of daily use. In partnership with world-renowned designers, each KALLISTA faucet boasts top-tier construction and exquisite detail, elevating any bathroom into an elegant oasis.

Sturdy spout on this durable bathroom faucet constructed of the finest brass.

KALLISTA’s finish portfolio includes PVD, a long-lasting coating that retains quality and visual appeal for years to come. PVD shades from KALLISTA include Brushed Bronze, French Gold, and Polished Nickel.

Etched handle details, showcasing the best luxury faucets have to offer.

Key Features of the Durable Pinna Paletta Faucet

The tall spout and etched handle details pair perfectly with fixtures across all of Laura Kirar’s signature collections.

• High-quality solid brass construction for durability and reliability
• Widespread sink faucet for 8” (203 mm) - 16” (406 mm) centers
• Spout reach is 5-1/2" (140 mm)
• WaterSense listed with a maximum flow rate of 1.2 GPM
• ADA compliant

FAQs About the Finest Bathroom Faucets for Your Luxury Oasis

How do I know if my bathroom faucet will fit?

When searching for the best quality bathroom faucets, you will need to understand what type of sink setup you have. Widespread faucets have traditionally been the most common, with a faucet in the center with two handles flanking it on either side. The sink will have three holes drilled to accommodate this style. 

The single-hole faucet style is becoming popular with designers and architects due to the ease of installation and space efficiency with a single hole.

What faucet materials and finishes last the longest?

The best quality bathroom faucets are constructed of solid brass for long-lasting reliability throughout years of use. KALLISTA offers an array of durable PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finishes to ensure your fixtures maintain optimal beauty.

How many types of faucets are there?

Choosing the best bathroom fixtures depends on your sink type. If you have existing drill holes, you will want to stay with that configuration.  When starting from scratch with a new bathroom sink, the most common types of bathroom faucets are widespread, single-hole, and wall-mounted. There are advantages to each of these. The best-rated widespread bathroom faucets are those that are made of solid brass with an array of finishes to fit your personal design needs. 

Single-hole faucets are good for easy installation. Additionally, this will take up less space on your countertop. Finally, the wall-mounted faucet, either single or double handled, is a chic choice and frees up even more counter space and allows for easy cleaning as water won’t pool up behind the sink top faucets. 

What is a valve on a bathroom faucet?

Valves control the flow and temperature of the water coming from your bathroom faucet. Additionally, a valve maintains a seal to prevent water leakage. When you purchase your new bathroom sink faucets, choose the valve that’s appropriate for your configuration. The best quality bathroom faucets have premium valve construction. KALLISTA offers premium valves with quarter-turn washerless ceramic discs and solid brass construction. 

Should I get a single or double-handle bathroom faucet?

With so many choices in bathroom faucets, installing a single or double-control faucet is a personal style and design choice. If you have existing faucets and are making upgrades, the selection is best made by what exists in your current configuration. With one or two holes, you may need to opt for a single handle. Three holes will require a double handle arrangement. 

If you are designing your bathroom sink from scratch, you have the option of researching bathroom faucet reviews and deciding which is best for you. With a smaller bathroom countertop, a single handle has the advantage of taking up less space. In a bathroom with more space, or a dual sink layout, a double-handle widespread faucet is a common choice. 

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