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5 of the Best Unlacquered Brass Faucets

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December 16, 2022
Kallista Design

The lasting quality of brass makes it a desirable material for bathrooms and kitchens. This durable metal originally gained fame when it was used in many 19th-century Victorian commercial installations. Resurfacing in the 1970’s, brass was sought-after to embellish many modern interiors at that time.  

Considered an industry gold standard, many KALLISTA bathroom faucets are constructed from solid brass for long-lasting performance, strength, and durability.

image showing the aging process of unlacquered brass, from shiny to aged patina.

Continue reading to discover some of our favorite brass faucets in their natural, organic state.

Best Unlacquered Brass Bathroom Faucets

KALLISTA has been a driving force in the revival of Unlacquered Brass, giving it a modern approach by keeping it in its natural state. In its return, Unlacquered Brass is a versatile, living finish that provides warmth of color and extraordinary durability to faucets and fixtures.

As the metal ages, it is prone to the natural process of oxidation—darkening in color and developing a distinct yet elegant patina. However, if you desire the brilliant shine of freshly polished brass, you can polish Unlacquered Brass faucets to restore their original sheen at any time.

Jewelry-Inspired Details of Pinna Paletta

close up of unlacquered brass faucet with detailed etching on the end of the spout
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

Add an artisan touch and air of handcraft to your bathroom with a decorative faucet in Unlacquered Brass. With an abstract textural pattern, the Pinna Paletta Collection by Laura Kirar marries tactile details with sculptural forms.  

close up photo of an unlacquered brass faucet with etched lever handle
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

Our Pinna Paletta faucets include an etched, organic-inspired motif, which is inscribed by a jewelry cutting machine to achieve precise patterning. This widespread sink faucet is ideal for 8” to 16” centers.

Smooth & Sleek One Collection

double bathroom sink with fluted marble countertops and double gooseneck faucets in unlacquered brass finish
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

With clean lines and exceptional performance and functionality, the KALLISTA One Collection elevates and defines any setting. The minimalist styling of these faucets makes them versatile for every taste. This collection is an excellent choice for new construction or as a singular upgrade, with its pared down, straightforward forms bridging existing décor in chic understatement.  

unlacquered brass bathroom faucet with white marble inlaid handles, sitting atop a white square
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, White Carrara Handles

KALLISTA One Decorative is the result of a collaboration with internationally renowned architect Andre Kikoski, expanding the One product offering with decorative marble inserts. The graceful yet functional spout and lever handles are juxtaposed with the classic beauty of fine marble for a thoughtful composition of textures.

These faucets from our One Collection feature a two-handle, widespread design for 8" to 16" centers.

Unlacquered Brass Bathtub Faucets

white bathroom with freestanding tub and unlacquered brass faucet
Featured Product: One™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

Unlacquered Brass offers a brilliant sheen for bath faucets, allowing you to coordinate your entire bathroom in golden elegance. True to modern minimalism, the One freestanding bath faucet embraces the art of simplicity to create a sleek and functional design.

Create Your Own Oasis

We're setting the industry standard with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.


Best Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Faucets

KALLISTA offers a sophisticated line of kitchen faucets, including semi-professional, single-control, and pull-down models, bar faucets, and versatile pot fillers to create the kitchen of your dreams. Crafted from solid brass construction–some with multiple spray options–KALLISTA features a fashionable array of traditional to contemporary designs to transform your kitchen space.

Choose Quincy for Traditional Appeal

unlacquered brass bar faucet
Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

The Quincy Collection remains one of the most enduring series within the KALLISTA portfolio. These faucets lean modern but have an innate familiarity that also translates beautifully in traditional settings.

farmhouse kitchen with white apron-front sink and golden unlacquered brass faucet with bridge
Credit: @meganlkarp Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet, Lever Handles

Quincy offers a pull-down kitchen faucet with patented spray technology, a deck-mounted bridge kitchen faucet with a 360-degree rotation, a sleek bar faucet, a side spray that resists mineral build-up, and complementing soap dispenser.

Modern and Minimal One Collection

kitchen with white walls, green cabinetry, black countertop, and gold unlacquered brass faucet
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet, Lever Handles

Our One Collection includes an array of kitchen fixtures, such as a deck-mounted bridge faucet, pull-down faucet, single-control faucet, bar faucet, sidespray, and soap dispenser.  

white and wood kitchen with golden unlacuqered brass faucets and cabinet handles
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

These chic designs make beautiful statement pieces or decorative accents alike in modern kitchens.

Is Unlacquered Brass Right for You?

When buying a new brass faucet, ensure the body is constructed of solid brass. Many entry-level faucets claim brass construction, while they are actually plastic bodies with brass plating. This plating wears off easily, especially when exposed to hard water.

Unlacquered Brass is so timeless that it can add striking appeal in almost any environment. KALLISTA expertly uses Unlacquered Brass finishes across many of our designer collections to create unique options for traditional, modern, eclectic, and contemporary faucets and fixtures for the bath or kitchen.  

Explore our guide on brass vs. stainless steel fixtures to learn more about the best materials and finishes for your home.

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