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58 of the Best Coastal Bathroom Ideas for a Private Paradise

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October 13, 2022
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There’s a reason coastal bathroom designs are common: the color palettes and textures work so well within a water-centric environment. When breezy materials like grass cloth and rattan are paired with nautical décor such as seashells and seaweed, it's impossible not to feel delighted. Even something minimal like an accent wall with blue tiles or tropical wallpaper can give a bathroom a perfectly balanced coastal feel.

Coastal bathroom décor ideas range from charming and traditional to sleek and modern in style, but the through line is the inspiration drawn from the shore.

Relaxing Coastal Bathroom Ideas With Photo Examples

coastal bathroom with tropical leaf wallpaper and wood shiplap walls
Credit: @cambriasurfaces Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Lever Handles

Designing your own coastal bathroom is fairly simple to accomplish. By incorporating beach colors and coastal accents, you can transform your bathroom into a seaside getaway. No matter how close or far you live from the ocean, these coastal bathroom décor ideas will transport you to the shoreline.

Oceanic Wall Art and a Bright Yellow Tub

coastal bathroom with oceanic wall art that reads "the only good suit is a wetsuit." A yellow claw-foot bathtub sits on black ornate feet.
Credit: @graceblu @ryangarvin Featured Product: Circe™ Claw Foot Freestanding Bathtub

Wondering how to decorate a coastal bathroom? Take advantage of wall space to display your favorite painting or photography of an ocean scene. Pair these coastal bathroom wall ideas with our Circe freestanding bathtub painted a cheery yellow for an undeniably joyful atmosphere.

Bring the Outside Views In

bathtub with chrome faucet in a room with glass windows, providing a view of the ocean
Credit: @janettemalloryinteriors Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Freestanding Bath Faucet

If you live close to the sea, take advantage of the natural imagery. This seaside bathroom looks over the ocean, providing a serene background to daily routines. Complete your waterfront sanctuary with luxury bathtubs and freestanding tub fillers from KALLISTA.

Coastal Bathroom Wall Ideas

bathroom with seafoam green tile walls, chrome faucet, wood-framed mirror, and wood vanity
Credit: @hommeboys Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

Rely on nautical colors to bring your seaside-inspired vision to life. Subway tile in a light blue-green shade with white grout provides a peaceful backdrop to this space. The One bathroom sink faucet brings a polished look to this coastal bathroom with a sleek gooseneck spout and lever handles.

Textured Blue Wallpaper and Coastal Bathroom Shelf Décor Ideas

blue bathroom with two white shelves above toilet
Credit: @briannebishopdesign Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Sink Faucet, Cross Handles

There’s no room for subtlety in this coastal bathroom. Nautical colors dominate the room, with textured wallpaper serving as oceanic inspiration. Seashells adorn the shelves above the toilet in a charming display of nautical décor.

Blue Subway Tile for Your Coastal Bathroom Wall

modern bathroom with blue subway tile, matte black geometric faucet, and lighted mirror
Featured Product: Grid™ Sink Faucet

In a design that’s not quite modern or traditional, the 3-D printed Grid faucet serves as the perfect pairing to the speckled ceramic backsplash in blue-green beach colors. Discover luxury bathroom faucets from KALLISTA to appoint your oasis in style.

Coastal Colors and Textures

blue oceanic wall in bathroom
Credit: @emiinteriordesign @davidyoungwolff Featured Product: One™ Collection

Deep blue, textured wallpaper with lighter blue swirls paints an oceanic scene throughout this bathroom. The mirror, flanked by sconces, reflects more of the aquatic wallpaper for an all-encompassing effect. 

Light Blue Seaside Oasis

coastal white and blue bathroom

Light blue and white striped tile walls create a coastal atmosphere. Pale blue towels adhere to the nautical color palette, while purple flowers provide a burst of brightness and charm. The medicine cabinet flanked by vertical lights offers sleek appeal to this charming environment.

Tropical Blue Wallpaper With White Trees 

bathroom with tropical blue wallpaper
Credit: @jeffreyfisherhome Featured Product: Script™ Sink Faucet, Ach Spout, Cross Handles

While some coastal guest bathroom décor ideas are subtle, others leave no room for guessing. This half-bath is surrounded by blue and white wallpaper with artwork of tropical leaves, inviting you to take a therapeutic pause as you conduct your daily routines.  

Blue Tile Accent Wall

luxury bathroom with chevron style blue tile wall
Featured Product: One™ Collection

For a minimalist approach, add an ocean-blue tile accent wall to a modern bathroom.

Pastel Blue Walls With a Marble Sink

light blue bathroom with circular marble vessel sink and chrome wall-mount faucet
Featured Product: Kasos Round Decorative Vessel

Light blue is one of those beach colors that is a well-known approach to coastal bathroom designs. A marble vessel sink and wall-mount faucet provide a sense of natural and functional elegance. Explore KALLISTA’s luxury bathroom sinks to bring your vision to life.

Create Your Own Oasis

We're setting the industry standard with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.


Beach-Inspired Colors and Textures

white and tan bathroom with reeded vanity
Credit: @mimiandhill Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

Use beach sand as your inspiration. A reeded cabinet vanity and gold hardware provide texture and warmth, while an accent wall of mosaic tile and an eccentric black chandelier offer some levity and charm.

Mixed Textures and Colors

blue and green coastal bathroom with grassy wallpaper
Credit: @hamptondesignershowhouse Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Sink Faucet

The mixing of tactile elements and a bright color palette makes this bathroom feel like a beach-side escape. Green, grassy wallpaper serves as a backdrop to the mirror frame and shades made of rattan, a staple of coastal bathroom design. The light blue vanity features seashell-like embossed patterns, serving as subtle yet effective coastal accents.

Blue Marble Countertop Idea for Your Coastal Bathroom 

blue marble bathroom with black wall-mount faucet with two cross handles
Credit: @monicafrieddesign Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Sink Faucet, Cross Handles

Natural stones like blue marble help bring us closer to the sky and the sea through a gorgeous visual display. Add towels with cabana stripes to complete your coastal bath décor idea in a cohesive design. 

Pastel Blue Oasis With Glossy Tile Walls

pastel blue tile in shower
Credit: @formandfield Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Bath Spout

You can create an aquatic sanctuary by installing light blue tiles throughout the walls of your bathroom. This design includes an inset wooden shelf to provide a subtle contrast of natural materials, adding to the breezy coastal atmosphere.

Paint Your Vanity Cabinets

white bathroom with blue vanity
Credit: @jamie_banfield_design Featured Product: One™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

Add a splash of color to your monochromatic interior with dark blue vanity cabinets. With plants atop the counter, this walk-in suite offers chic coastal appeal. You can also create a nautical theme in your bathroom by using materials such as rope or rattan.

Restful Alcove Designed With Beach Colors

alcove bathroom with freestanding tub and houseplants
Credit: @latonyayvette

This coastal alcove provides a place to rest, rejuvenate, and revive. Beach colors, tropical plants, and striped towels complement one another effortlessly for a subtle but undeniably warm nautical look.

Dive Under the Sea With This Aquatic Sanctuary

blue aquatic bathroom with seashell decorations
Credit: @andreaschumacherinteriors

With beach accents throughout, this design is as coastal as it gets. Seashells adorn the round mirror in a gorgeous decorative display, while aquatic colors evoke the feeling of swimming amongst the marine life.

Half Bath Full of Color

half bath with blue and white bathroom wallpaper
Credit: @florence.beacon

Blue and white floral walls create a charming environment in this guest bathroom, with gold accents adding a tasteful touch of sophistication.

Catia Marble With Oceanic Patterns

catia black marble vanity with gold arch faucet
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

Incorporate natural materials into your coastal bathroom design. This suite features an elegant bathtub crafted from Catia Black marble, displaying wisps of white against dark blue, evoking a serene oceanside scene. The vanities are topped with the same fluted stone and a lower shelf in Catia. 

Warm and Comforting Tones

white bathroom with gold accents
Credit: Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Cross Handles

While many coastal bathrooms utilize bold nautical colors and statement pieces, you can still accomplish your goals with a monochrome approach. Consider other coastal bathroom décor ideas, such as white surfaces, grey-and-white striped towels, brass hardware, and patterned terra cotta planters.

Traditional Beachside Color Palette

charming bathroom with white double vanity and brass fixtures
Credit: @erincondroninteriors Featured Product: Bellis® Traditional Faucet, Cross Handles

Traditional design combines warmth, class, comfort, elegance, and a sense of the past without being confined to a specific period in history. Traditional spaces are familiar to many of us, so they evoke feelings of being right at home and appeal to people of all ages and personalities.

As a result, this style of interior design allows you more freedom to experiment and add your own personal touches than many of the other styles currently in vogue. Debossed cabinets, ornate brass fixtures, and baby blue walls create a homely feeling in this coastal environment.

Add Blue Towels to a Minimalist Monochromatic Space

grey bathroom with blue towels
Credit: @2sdesignstudio Featured Product: Bellis® Traditional Faucet, Cross Handles

There is a quiet confidence to minimalist design. A neutral color palette, simple forms, and an abundance of natural light distinguish this style. As the name implies, minimalism is based on curated items, carefully chosen to enhance the functionality of a space.

When it comes to decorating your home, an understated design doesn't mean losing your own sense of style. Simply pick a few personal pieces to highlight, and let go of anything that doesn't add a sense of calm, openness, or modernity. For example, blue towels add a subtle touch of coastal color.

Coastal Bathtub Décor Ideas

white bathroom with blue rug
Credit: @hpetersondesign Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Cross Handles

Your bathing routine deserves to be as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Enhance your coastal bathroom with a blue-and-white rug and a stool for storing your bathing amenities. With a wooden stool, you can keep soap, brushes, and towels easily within your reach while enjoying a luxurious bathing experience.  

Striped Towels for Coastal Nostalgia

bathroom with freestanding tub, with striped towels hanging over the edge
Credit: @juliedaltondesign Featured Product: Laura Kirar Freestanding Bathtub

A striped towel evokes memories of beach clubs and hotel pools, a nod to the quintessential summer season. Hang striped towels from a hook, fold them on a stool, or drape them over the edge of your tub for a subtle coastal bathtub décor idea.

Cozy Rug for a Coastal Atmosphere

white bathroom with gold accents
Credit: @katemarkerinteriors Featured Product: Laura Kirar Freestanding Bathtub

Sandy beach colors on rugs can serve as the perfect complement to golden brass hardware. With sleek white surfaces as the backdrop, this bathing sanctuary evokes the feeling of relaxing on a white sandy beach.

Coastal Bathroom Décor Ideas

modern minimalist bathroom with green houseplants and matte black faucets
Credit: @serendipitedesigns Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Cross Handles

If you are working in a modern minimalist space, you can use tropical houseplants as beach accents. Greenery is such a simple addition that can bring your coastal bathroom idea to life, even without introducing nautical colors.

Warm Cabinets and Sconces

modern bathroom with wall-mount sconces
Credit: @stediladesigninc Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

If you’re looking to create a modern spa-like environment, use this chic bathroom design as your guide. Warm wood vanity cabinets, a patterned marble countertop, and vertical sconces create a sleek yet inviting atmosphere. The low-spout, lever handle One faucet in matte black completes the look with a refined profile.

Experiment With Tile and Plants

pastel bathroom
Credit: @hommeboys Featured Product: One™ Decorative Sink Faucet, White Carrara Handles

Mosaic tile in shades of turquoise, baby blue, and white provides a scene that is undeniably inspired by the seaside. Beach décor, like coastal plants, can be the perfect finishing touch to your design. 

Reeded Oak Bathroom Vanity

luxury bathroom with reeded vanity and large leafy plants
Featured Product: Per Se® Collection

Cool elegance meets a pared-down sensibility in this mid-century modern bathroom suite. The oak vanity with reeded vertical lines evokes the feeling that you’re relaxing at a spa in an all-inclusive island resort. For simple coastal bath décor ideas, use various types and sizes of tropical plants.

Coastal Shower Décor Ideas

walk-in shower suite with blue tile walls and clean, modern furnishings including floating vanity and recessed medicine cabinet
Featured Product: Obidos Decorative Vessel Sink

If you have enough space, why not create an immersive, walk-in experience? This suite adopts several large coastal bathroom décor ideas, the most impressive being a surrounding wall of mosaic blue tile for the walk-in shower. The floating vanity is topped with a vessel sink and wall-mount faucet for an artisan-inspired look.

Luxury Shower With Ocean Colors

Credit: @raineyrichardsoninteriors

This unique shower wall design is ideal for beach lovers, painting a scene of oceanic paradise to enhance daily routines.

26 More Coastal Bathroom Ideas

image of a beachside bathroom with a white freestanding tub
image of a teal coastal bathroom
image of a luxury beach house bathroom
image of a beautiful luxury bathroom with blue tiles
image of a luxury victorian style coastal bathroom
image of a white beach house bathroom
image of a blue coastal farmhouse bathroom
image of a green coastal farmhouse bathroom
image of a luxurious emerald green bathroom by the beach
image of a beachy boho chic bathroom
image of an elegant white coastal bathroom
image of a rustic, organic yet modern bathroom with coastal trees outside the window
image of a blue coastal bathroom with coral decorations
image of a blue and wood coastal bathroom
image of a glossy emerald green bathroom by the shoreline
image of a luxury bathroom with blue mosaic tile and brass fixtures
image of a green coastal bathroom with elegant decor
image of a white and blue tiled bathroom
image of a beige minimalist scandinavian bathroom
image of a blueish green coastal bathroom
image of a boho style bathroom with view of the coastline outside the door
image of a white farmhouse bathroom with a view of the coast
image of a modern rustic bathroom with wood interior and rattan storage bins
image of a bohemian chic style bathroom with wicker furniture
image of a luxury teal bathroom
image of a rustic chic bathroom with corner walk-in shower

FAQs About How to Decorate a Coastal Bathroom

How do you style a coastal bathroom?

Coastal bath décor often incorporates blues, greens, and beige colors. Consider adding summery hues, such as coral or yellow, if you prefer. You can create a nautical theme in your bathroom by using materials such as rope or rattan. Towels, rugs, and wallpaper decorated with marine life are also popular choices for coastal accents.

How can I design my bathroom to look like the beach?

You can achieve a beachside oasis with cabana striped towels and beige-colored surfaces. Decorate with seashells found at the beach for a personal touch.

Is herringbone coastal?

Coastal spaces can feel both refreshing and refined with a herringbone tile pattern in white, especially if you're looking for a more classic style. Add blue or green accents for splashes of beach colors.

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