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17 of the Best Modern Shower Designs & Ideas

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December 30, 2022
Kallista Design

If you’re remodeling a bathroom, you’ve most likely considered the sleek elegance of modern shower designs. Modern bathrooms are sleek, clean, and easy on the eyes. The modern look blends well with open and airy spaces, such as wet rooms and walk-in showers, giving your bathroom a spa feel and allowing plenty of room for pampering. Add decorative tile, luxury shower heads, and smooth marble to finish the look.

Discover the possibilities of how to create a modern oasis for daily routines with KALLISTA. Here are some of our favorite modern shower ideas for a relaxing and rejuvenating result.

Dark & Sleek With Touches of Nature

modern black shower room with skylight on ceiling. one wall features a ceiling-mount rain shower head with water spraying down from it, with a wall-mount handheld shower head and 3 valve handles. the opposite wall shows a vanity cabinet with vessel sink, black faucet, and two backlit rectangle mirrors
Featured Product: Gunmetal Shower Fixtures

Transform your shower into a tropical oasis with low lighting, leafy plants, and a fully appointed shower system. The best rain showerheads feature air-induction technology, creating a cascading flow of water that makes you feel as if you’re bathing in a waterfall under the canopy of leaves in the rainforest. Add a skylight to let more nature permeate your modern sanctuary.  

Bright Design for a Small Space

bathroom with alcove bath-shower combo. a large square, white marble tile encompasses the entire bathroom, with light gray streaks. a skylight is on the ceiling above the bath-shower
Featured Product: Inigo® Shower Collection

Space is often an issue when it comes to separating your tub and shower. If you don’t have the square footage for a walk-in, using marble to cover your floor, tub, and walls gives off the lofty appearance of a spa. This all-over marble approach can make your shower modern, even in the smallest spaces. Consider using light marble or quartz, such as white Carrara, as dark colors can shrink the room.

Modern Walk-In Shower With Bench & Handrail

white shower with gold fixtures
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Shower Collection

Spacious walk-in showers are the perfect opportunity for comfortable accommodations. Seating and handrails in your modern shower offer extra mobility. Unlacquered brass or brushed bronze luxury showerheads can add a debonair flair to the overall look. Use a mosaic tile to add a bit of personality.  

Patterns & Textures for Your Modern Walk-In Shower

wet room bathroom with a gray streak marble wall and floor
Featured Product: Per Se® Shower Collection

Multi-textured patterns add visual interest to a minimalist modern shower. Combine a pale ash wood pattern with an earthy brown to give your bathroom a rustic feel. Keep the look modern with additions like a handheld showerhead and sleek faucets with dynamic lines.  

Multiple Showerheads

dark gray shower tile wall with a round rain shower head, smaller shower head below it, and 3 valve handles next to a handheld shower head
Featured Product: Gunmetal Shower Fixtures

Sometimes you want the serenity of modern rain shower heads, or perhaps you need just a quick body rinse before work. Maybe you prefer a head massage with strong pressure after a long day. Having various options will make your shower superior each and every time.  

Create Your Own Oasis

We're setting the industry standard with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.


Simple Glass Shower Stall

white walk-in shower stall with chrome fixtures
Featured Product: Polished Chrome Shower Fixtures

Add embedded lights and a heated towel rack for a luxurious shower experience. The use of white also adds spa appeal—all you need are some warmed-up towels and robes.  

Modern Shower Door Ideas

shower in a chrome enclosure and with chrome valve handles
Featured Product: Polished Chrome Shower System

Crisp glass and brushed nickel are perfect for a clean look. Chrome fixtures blend well with this combo and add shine. Installing a built-in shelf for your shower amenities is both functional and classy.

Touch of Gold Decadence

white shower with a row of gold handles next to one another, with a gold handheld shower head on the left
Featured Product: Featured: Pinna Paletta® Shower Fixtures

Our Brushed French Gold and Unlacquered Brass finishes add a grand touch to your modern shower designs.

Outdoor Modern Shower  

outdoor shower in a recessed, curved alcove. the walls are a tan clay, and the shower fixtures are finished in matte gold. the walkway is cobbled stone
Featured Product: Brushed French Gold Shower Fixtures

Have a pool or live on a beach? Installing a modern shower stall outside allows you to rinse off before coming indoors. This method also helps to keep your indoor bathroom tidy.  

Thoughtful Accommodations

shower stall with white subway tile walls and polished nickel shower fixtures
Featured Product: Polished Nickel Shower Fixtures

While practical and useful for maintaining balance, vertical handrails blend seamlessly with modern designs. Coordinate the finish of your handrails with the rest of your shower trim to keep the look harmonious. Consider varying shades of white and off-white subway tiles to add subtle visual interest.  

Modern Bathroom Shower With a Window

bathroom with shower stall in middle, freestanding tub in left, and wood vanity on right side
Featured Product: One™ Bathroom Collection

Installing a privacy-conscious window in your shower allows you to look outside and see what type of weather the day will bring. A shower window can also offer convenient fresh air, ventilation, and natural light.

Monochrome Shower With Stark Matte Black Fixtures for an Ultramodern Touch

gray shower with two matte black rain showerheads mounted to the ceiling
Featured Product: Air-Induction Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

Dual black showerheads provide luxury modern showering at its finest.  

Matte Black & Gunmetal Finishes

gray shower with a matte black handshower
Featured Product: Soft Modern Dual-Function Handshower With Hose

Luxury gunmetal showerheads blend effortlessly with the modern aesthetic. The soft modern dual-function handshower helps add both minimalistic and modern appeal to bathrooms of any size.  

Large Rain Showerhead for the Ultimate Cleanse

white showerhead with a ceiling-mount square chrome rain shower head, and a wall-mount multi function showerhead
Featured Product: Air-Induction Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

Luxury chrome rain shower heads blend with many different styles and aesthetics. Go for a monochrome look, or use Polished Chrome to add a touch of reflection to darker modern shower designs.

Add a Modern Handshower for a Handheld Rinse

close up of a chrome, handheld showering wand mounted to a white shower wall
Featured Product: Soft Modern Dual-Function Handshower With Hose

Once you experience the convenience of having a luxury handshower, you’ll never want to go back. KALLISTA handshowers create a spa-like environment for the ultimate showering experience. The handshowers are offered in either a single spray, or two- and three-stream sprays with massaging, soft aerating, or pulsating choices, many paired with sleek, sweeping wands that release an immersing, yet gentle drench of water.  

Small Walk-In Shower Modern Bathroom Idea

shower-tub combo, with walk-in shower on left and tub on right. a glorious chandelier hangs above the tub
Featured Product: Per Se® Shower Collection

If you normally take baths over showers, max out your small room with what you use the most—the tub. A small shower stall tucked in the corner gives you the option of a quick shower without taking away from your tranquil bathing experience. Add a touch of elegance with a gorgeous chandelier hanging above the tub.  

Modern Walk-In Shower With Multiple Showerheads

bathroom with a walk-in shower stall, featuring large horizontal marble tile walls and a chrome rain showerhead mounted to the ceiling`
Featured Product: Polished Chrome Shower System

With multiple showerheads and diverters, you get to customize your showering experience. Combine the cascading rainfall of a rain showerhead with a high-pressure body spray, and reach for a handshower when it’s most convenient.  

Bring Your Modern Shower Ideas to Life

Modern shower stalls offer luxury and convenience to one of the most important areas of the home. At KALLISTA, our portfolio of luxury shower products includes a variety of fluid designs that blend with most modern styles. Our luxury faucets and hardware come in an array of forms and finishes that remain timeless for decades. Explore our designer collections to discover the best modern shower fixtures for your project.

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