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41 Stylish Shower Décor Ideas for Your Bathroom Sanctuary

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September 20, 2022
Kallista Design

Your shower deserves to be a space of pure relaxation and self-care. And if you’re wondering how to decorate a bathroom with elegant shower décor, look no further. Creating the shower of your dreams is achievable with high-quality fixtures and thoughtful consideration.

Explore our curated list of beautiful shower designs to inspire you to create your own spa-like oasis of distinction.

Monochromatic Marble Shower With a Colorful Bathing Backsplash

Marble shower with matte black fixtures and red tile as decor.
Featured Product: Matte Black Shower Systems

Separate your shower and bathing areas by using striking materials and patterns on the walls. A red tile wall behind the tub provides an elegant juxtaposition to the white and grey marble walk-in shower. Matte Black fixtures offer a distinct touch to this luxurious modern bathroom.

Thoughtful Gold Shower Fixture Ideas

Gold shower decor
Featured Products: Unlacquered Brass Shower Systems

Gold shower fixtures serve as elegant accents in this otherwise neutral shower design.

Multi-Colored Square Tiles

Colorful shower tile and chrome shower head
Featured Product: Contemporary Multifunction Showerhead with Arm

Small, square tiles in arbitrary patterns of color ranging from emerald green to gold provide a unique and compelling backdrop to this shower.

Shower Wall Idea: Black and White Marble Walls

Black and white marble shoer decor
Featured: Handshower With Hose by Laura Kirar

With clean aesthetics and reflective qualities, polished shower fixtures designed by Laura Kirar for KALLISTA offer a sparkling contrast to dark Nero Marquina walls. A freestanding tub provides versatile bathing options in this walk-in shower.

Decorate Your Shower Suite With Tropical Plants

Houseplants as bathroom shower decorations in a modern bathroom, outfitted with matte gold fixtures..

Tropical houseplants provide decorative relief in this modern bathroom outfitted with brushed gold shower fixtures.

Wooden Recessed Shelf Amidst Colored Tile

Light blue shower with wood decor
Credit: @formandfield Featured Product: One™ Collection

A pastel blue shower is beautifully disrupted by a cut-out wooden shelf, providing visually-pleasing storage space for bathing amenities. 

Traditional Mosaic Shower Tile Idea

Traditional shower decor with mosaic tiles and bronze shower head
Featured Product: Script™ Showerhead

In a traditional bathroom with brass fixtures, consider mosaic tile for a timeless shower wall idea.

Shower Wall Idea: Stacked Stone

Stacked stone shower decor
Featured Product: For Town Air-Induction Rain Showerhead

A layered stone veneer in the shower adds a rustic, mountainside appeal. This simple approach to earthy shower décor creates a three-dimensional artistic display.

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Contrasting Shower Wall Idea

Black marble bathroom white white shower decor
Credit: @stephaniebrowninc Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet

n a dark bathroom, consider adding a white-colored accent wall. This black marble bathroom is juxtaposed with diamond-shaped tiles on the shower wall.

Elegant Walk-In Shower Seating for Pampering

Walk-in shower with gold decor
Credit: @hommeboys Featured Products: Laura Kirar Air-Induction Rain Showerhead and Handshower with Hose

This bright walk-in suite is adorned with ornate gold accents. A regal bench sits in the middle of the spacious room to provide a comfortable environment for self-care.

Large Shower Décor Ideas: Art Deco Shower Suite

Large bathroom suite with marble shower decor
Credit: ANN SACKS®

Incorporate stylish elements of the 1920’s and 1930’s Art Deco movement into your shower décor ideas for a result that lives between traditional and modern.

Inverted Marble Shower Design

Luxurious shower with alternating walls of white and black marble, with black shower fixtures
Credit: KOHLER®

Unmistakable luxury exudes from this thoughtful marble design, with shades of sandstone and charcoal grey juxtaposing one another in a gorgeous presentation.

Shimmering Shower Wall Idea

A shining silver wall is a stunning piece of shower decor in this bright bathroom
Credit: @jonbijaricustomhomes Featured Product: Script™ Collection

Make a statement by installing a shiny veneer in your shower. A grey or silver veneer provides a pleasant contrast to an all-white space.

Decorative Shower Tile Ideas

Floral tiles are a beautiful shower decor idea paired with chrome fixtures
Credit: @moniquevarsamesdesign Featured Product: Bellis® Collection

Try two different types of tile within your shower. This unique shower wall idea uses geometric patterned tile on one wall with stark subway tile on the other.

Striking Wood Shower Meets a Neutral Interior

Wood shower decor in a monochrome bathroom
Credit: @west_out_east Featured Product: One™ Collection

Even modern shower décor can have a touch of warm personality. Consider all-wood surfaces for your walk-in shower to contrast a monochrome bathroom. Coordinate black shower fixtures with matching luxury bathroom faucets for a cohesive presentation.

Minimalist Bathroom Shower Ideas: All-White Tile

White subway tile decorations on shower wall
Credit: @terri_sears_designs Featured Product: Per Se® Air-Induction Showerhead

Sometimes, simple shower décor ideas are all you need. White subway tile with white grout is paired with chrome hardware for a sleek, modern look.

Marble Wall With Recessed Area for Towel Hooks

Reflective towel hooks serve as artful shower decor in a marble bathroom
Featured Product: For Loft Towel Hook

With subtle tile providing tactile detail, this recessed bathroom storage area offers the eyes a delightful rest from the luxurious marble surrounding the room.

Green Vertical Tile Décor

Shower and tub combo with decorative green tiles
Credit: @changoandco Featured Product: One™ Collection

Add a pop of personality to your shower wall with seafoam green tile installed vertically, creating the illusion that the space is taller and more expansive than it truly is.

Industrial Shower Door Ideas

Black shower decor
Credit: @jillharrisinteriors Featured Product: One™ Freestanding Faucet

Enhance an industrial space with a glass shower door enclosure, outfitted with black metal framing for a stately presentation.

Calming Coastal Colors for a Walk-In Shower

Coastal bathroom decor
Credit: @hommeboys Featured Product: One™ Decorative Sink Faucet

A pastel blue and white color palette offers charm in this coastal bathroom with a walk-in shower. For large shower décor ideas, incorporate pastel tile throughout the walls and floors. 

Coordinated Shower Fixture Idea

Large walk-in shower with complete shower system including handheld sprayers
Credit: @mariazoedesigns Featured Product: Modern Body Spray

When shower fixtures are matched by color and style, the result is a striking display of cohesion. Explore shower décor from our signature collections to curate a flawless design.

Contrasting Floor and Wall Tile Idea

Tile walls and marble floor are the perfect shower decor ideas for this luxury shower
Credit: @hirshson_architecture_design Featured Product: Counterpoint® Air-Induced 1.7 GPM Showerhead

Consider patterned tile floor and subway tile shower walls to create a charming yet cohesive contrast.

Coordinate Body Sprays With Shower Handles

Chrome fixtures serve as polished shower decor
Featured Product: Modern Body Spray

Choose the same finish and design approach for your shower body sprays and handles. Reflective shower handles and sprayfaces glisten with beauty and capture the reflections of the surrounding environment.

Neutral and Subtle Subway Tile Inspiration

Subtle shower decor idea for a white bathroom
Credit: @boutlier Featured Product: One™ Collection 

Add subtle hints of texture and color to a white bathroom by installing white and grey marble tile in the shower.

Black and White Townhouse Shower Design

White and black shower decor idea
Credit: @deepriverpartners Featured Products: One™ Collection

Design an industrial townhouse shower with a black-framed enclosure for a transitional look.

Bright Walls and Whimsical Colors

Orange shower decor
Credit: @douglasgreiwedesign Featured Product: One™ Towel Ring

You can have a lot of fun with a bright modern bathroom. Complement orange bathroom walls with orange towels and a colorful patterned shower curtain.

Tactile and Eco-Friendly Bathroom Shower Tile Idea

Blue and gol shower decor
Credit: KOHLER®

Light and shadow dance over the three-dimensional surface of this tile by KOHLER WasteLab, made from +99.5% recycled materials. The blue tile evokes the appearance of carved or sculpted clay for an artisan look.

Textured Shower Wall Idea

Speckled shower walls
Credit: @hendrickinteriors Featured Products: One™ Collection

Minimalist shower ideas are subtle and purposeful, always serving a purpose within the overall function or design. In an all-white bathroom, consider adding a textured wall for a thoughtful finishing touch.

Functional and Minimalist Shower Ideas

Plants as shower decor in this bathroom with a black handheld shower head
Credit: @mellon_studio Featured Product: Dual-Function Wand Handshower With Hose

Keep shower décor thoughtful and utilitarian in minimalist settings. Consider contrasting white walls with a black handshower, or stack folded towels on a built-in bench for a spa-like yet practical display.

Shower Fixture Ideas: Shower Head Combinations

Two shower heads are not only functional but decorative
Featured Product: Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

An easy shower décor idea is to pair a standard shower head with a rainfall shower head. Coordinate these shower fixtures in Polished Chrome for a radiant touch.

Modern Shower Décor Inspiration

Black and chrome shower decor
Credit: @amlimidtownmiami

When glossy, dark tile shines and all the finishes reflect, you’ve entered a midsummer night paradise.

Marvel at This Elegant Shower Décor

Marble shower decor
Credit: @brendanfallis

An all-marble shower design is a breathtaking display of natural materials, sure to capture attention as an artful focal point.

Natural Stone and Brass Shower Fixtures Idea

Gold shower decor
Credit: @2birdsdesign

Install brass fixtures to complement the natural beauty of stone shower walls to create an elegant and graceful atmosphere.

Ornate Shower Tile Idea

Black and white shower decor
Credit: @mhousedevelopment @margaretrajic

Black and white tile travels through the flooring and up the shower walls as a full shower system setup stands ready for a customized shower experience.

Reflective Shower Head With Black Sprayface

Black marble shower walls with polished chrome shower head
Featured Product: For Town Multifunction Showerhead

With a modern style infused with classical details, the For Town Multifunction Showerhead is one piece that will work with a variety of settings.

Golden Unlacquered Brass Shower Trim

Golden brass shower decor
Featured Products: Unlacuqered Brass Shower Fixtures

With shower handles and sprayfaces in Unlacquered Brass, this shower exudes elegance. Designed by Laura Kirar for jewelry-inspired appeal, this shower collection marries tactile details with sculptural forms.

Sweeping Marble Shower Wall Idea

Marble shower decor with chrome showerhead
Featured Product: Per Se® Air-Induction Showerhead

Luxurious, light grey marble with dark streaks creates a gorgeous surface for your shower. 

Guest Shower Décor Ideas

Gold shower fixtures
Credit: @pulpdesigns

This compact alcove shower remains chic and functional with a striking gold shower system against glossy black tile. 

Weaving Marble Patterns

Beautiful marble shower decor
Credit: @pulpdesigns @kbshowhouse 

Bronze-hued stone features wispy patterns in this luxury shower, suggesting a stunning tangled web of beauty.

Black and White Shower Décor Ideas

Credit: @tactandgrit

For a subtle shower décor idea that still stands out, select Matte Black finishes for your shower fixtures against white walls.

Appoint Your Oasis With KALLISTA Luxury Shower Systems

Engineered with the latest in air induction technology, KALLISTA offers a portfolio of traditional to contemporary showering fixtures to fit myriad style preferences and space needs. Choose from a wide array of shower heads, handshowers, body sprays, trim kits, and fittings to bring your shower décor ideas to life.

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