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25 Luxurious Walk-In Shower Design Ideas for Your Sanctuary

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July 20, 2022
Kallista Design

Walk-in showers provide an immersive bathing experience and can turn almost any bathroom into an elegant sanctuary. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or creating your dream shower space from the ground up, consider these walk-in shower designs and ideas from KALLISTA.

High-End Walk-In Shower and Bathtub Combination With Gold Accents

luxury walk in shower design
Credit: @hommeboys
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Collection

Add luxury to your bathroom with a walk-in shower and bathtub combination. A classic freestanding tub offers the opportunity for a relaxing soak, while a walk-in shower provides an abundance of space for cleansing amongst natural light.

Multiple showerheads and sprayfaces allow for a custom showering experience. The KALLISTA Pinna Paletta Collection by Laura Kirar boasts a simple, natural design in showering components and bathroom accessories with decorative details that lend an artisanal air to each product.

Consider a Wood Walk-In Shower Design for Natural Warmth

wood walk in shower design
Credit: @west_out_east
Featured Product: One™ Collection

For a more traditional and inviting look, consider wood walk-in shower designs. Fitting perfectly with the clean white lines of a modern style or the craftsmanship of a darker color theme, wood walk-in showers offer an inviting, spa-like experience.

This wood walk-in shower provides a comforting contrast to the monochrome color scheme of the walls, floor, cabinets, and faucets. Black showerheads and sprayfaces are color-matched with the sink faucets and towel bars.

Timeless and Traditional Walk-In Shower Ideas

traditional walk in shower design
Credit: @hirshson_architecture_design
Featured Product: Counterpoint® Air-Induced 1.7 gpm Showerhead

The neutral color palette of this traditional walk-in shower provides a flawless transition into the bathroom and hallway connected to the bedroom. White and grey tile partners with silver details to create a simple yet sophisticated look. This walk-in shower is outfitted with a powerful air-induction showerhead and complementing handshower, providing functional elegance.

Doorless Walk-In Shower Design Idea

doorless walk in shower design
Credit: @jonbijaricustomhomes
Featured Product: Script™ Collection

For a more innovative approach with sharp, clean lines, consider a doorless walk-in shower design. Instead of a door, a single pane of glass can partially separate the shower from the rest of the room. Reflective sprayfaces complement the shining accent wall, maintaining an elevated modern appearance. 

Practical Walk-In Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

walk in shower design for small bathroom

Walk-in luxury showers are not only for large bathrooms. A smaller shower can still offer plenty of room for a refreshing experience, even in bathrooms where space is at a premium. Design your ideal shower to flow smoothly into your style preferences, with details that match your home’s color scheme.

This design uses traditionally-inspired patterns to evoke a sense of classic elegance. Even though space is limited, the presentation of this walk-in shower remains impressive.

Create Your Own Oasis

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Install a Luxurious Showerhead Combination

rain shower head design
Featured Product: Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

Nothing says luxury like an immersive shower. A high-quality rain showerhead is often installed on the ceiling, creating a complete spray that cascades down, making it the ideal addition to your walk-in shower design. Install additional showerheads and sprayfaces for a more comprehensive wash.

All showerheads by KALLISTA are engineered with air-induction technology, providing a powerful yet relaxing wash, with durable sprayfaces to resist buildup.

High-Contrast Black and White Walk-In Shower Design

black and white walk in shower designs
Credit: @deepriverpartners
Featured Products: One™ Collection

For a striking walk-in shower idea, consider a black and white design. This study in contrast can be the perfect option for traditional and modern approaches alike. Whether you opt for white tile and black fixtures or black flooring and white walls, you can’t go wrong with the compelling atmosphere of this two-tone approach.

Breathtaking Marble Walk-In Shower Idea

marble unique walk in shower designs

Turn your bathroom into a space of artistry and elegance with a marble walk-in shower. Perfect for spacious rooms with a modern sensibility, marble can make a bold statement and matches well with almost any fixture. Gold fittings and mosaic tile flooring add extra touches of luxury to this sophisticated design.

Large Walk-In Shower Ideas for a Master Bathroom

large walk in shower ideas and designs
Credit: @kallistaplumbing
Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Collection

If you have ample space in your master bathroom, consider walk-in shower ideas that can create a large, spa-like oasis right in your home. Turn your master bath into a luxurious en suite featuring a massive walk-in shower with built-in seating and an abundance of storage space.

Finished in golden Unlacquered Brass, the Pinna Paletta shower trim features decorative details that can make your master bath feel like an upscale spa sanctuary.

Coordinate Fixtures Between Your Walk-In Shower and Bathtub

seamless walk in shower design
Credit: @formandfield
Featured Product: One™ Collection

For larger bathrooms with both a walk-in shower and a tub, create a seamless flow with color-matched fixtures and fittings. KALLISTA shower and bathtub fixtures are available in a fine array of finishes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for any design or style preference. Pictured here is the One Collection of shower and bath trim, finished in a highly-reflective Polished Chrome.

Try Charming, Neutral Colors for Your Luxury Shower

natural walk in shower design
Credit: @hommeboys
Featured Product: One™ Decorative Sink Faucet

Make your space feel comfortable and inviting with pleasant neutrals. Soft, light shades of blue, beige, and grey can brighten up your walk-in shower and add charm to the design. Consider color-matching shower fixtures with your faucets to create a seamless flow from the sink to the walk-in shower.

Modern Walk-In Shower and Tub Layout in a White Bathroom

modern walk in shower design
Credit: @miguelewis
Featured Product: Large Contemporary Rain Showerhead

Modern walk-in shower designs without doors offer a streamlined, elegant look with clean lines, as well as ample space for an all-encompassing showering experience. Built-in shelving keeps in line with the clean design of this bathroom, allowing for storage without adding accessories to the space.

A rainfall showerhead and sprayer are the perfect additions for an invigorating cleanse. When a relaxing soak is preferred, a freestanding tub sits readily available. Flush, recessed lighting provides a serene ambiance for clearing one’s mind.

Create the Perfect Bathing Spot for Your Pup

walk-in shower for dog
Product: Adamo 3"x9" Tumbled, Design: Aimee Anderson, Photography: Sabrina Cole Quinn

The best walk-in shower designs and ideas accommodate all members of the family. With easy access and the right setup—including handheld sprayers—you can create a comfortable place to keep the family dog clean.

Add Multiple Sprayers to a Large Walk-In Shower

large walk in shower designs in white
Credit: @mariazoedesigns
Featured Product: Modern Body Spray

If you have an abundance of space in your walk-in shower, consider adding in-wall body sprays or handheld shower heads. In addition to a rain showerhead, these fixtures can provide you with a 360-degree showering experience for maximum immersion.

Color-Match Your Walk-In Shower Fixtures

walk in shower matching idea
Credit: @hommeboys
Featured Product: Large Contemporary Rain Showerhead

For a unified design, choose color-matched fixtures. From the classic gold hues of Unlacquered Brass to dark Gunmetal, KALLISTA offers a fine array of signature finishes for you to choose from, allowing you to effortlessly coordinate your luxury bathroom design.

Try Juxtaposing Dark Floors With White Walls

white and black floor walk-in shower idea and design
Featured Product: One™ Showerhead

Create a striking visual contrast in your walk-in shower design with dark floors and white walls. Dark fixtures stand out with elegant distinction while allowing for engaging pops of color with the sight of brightly-colored flowers. Dark cabinets and dark accents on the shower door only add to the sophisticated style.

Add a Partial Wall to Your Walk-In Shower Design

partial wall walk-in shower
Credit: @jamie_banfield_design
Featured Product: One™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

A half-wall between the walk-in shower and tub or the rest of your bathroom can offer the feeling of privacy provided by a standard shower, while still emphasizing the luxury of a walk-in design. The pattern or style of your bathroom flooring can be carried out on the partial wall and even in the shower itself to create a sense of cohesion.

Bathe Comfortably With a Built-In Seat for Your Walk-In Shower

walk-in shower with seat for elderly
Credit: @lmsdesignllc
Featured Product: One™ Shower Trim

Ergonomic walk-in shower ideas often include simple designs without any sharp edges, but a built-in seat on the shower wall is perhaps the most practical accommodation. By providing space to sit during the shower, a walk-in shower with seat adds an extra level of comfort, regardless of age.

Accent Wall Ideas for a Small Walk-in Shower

walk in-shower accent wall design
Credit: @moniquevarsamesdesign
Featured Product: Bellis® Collection

If you want a bolder look for your walk-in shower, consider adding an accent wall. These striking design features aren’t just for the living or dining room. Select an artisanal patterned tile for a single wall of your walk-in shower. Tiling just one wall with a more intricate design will save on budget and create a striking centerpiece for your walk-in shower.

Upscale Walk-In Shower Design With a Sliding Glass Door

black marble walk in shower design
Credit: @stephaniebrowninc
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet

While one of the more common walk-in shower ideas is to have no door at all, a simple sliding glass door can offer a classic look, as well as a sense of separation from the rest of the room. A sliding door can also help keep the bathroom clean, ensuring that water from showering doesn’t puddle on the tile floor and present a safety hazard.

Walk-In Shower Design Idea for a Wide Open Space

large light blue walk in shower idea
Design: Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio, Photography: Haris Kenjar, Product: Context Field in Spa 

In a large bathroom with an abundance of space, you can create a truly spa-like oasis. A wide walk-in shower with multiple showerheads and handheld sprayers can offer a luxurious and refreshing experience each time you step inside. Consider adding a built-in bench or bringing in a stool for extra relaxation. 

Classic Artisan Walk-In Shower Idea

artisan walk in shower
Blue Celeste Marble, 3"x6" Field, Pencil Liner and 2" Hex Mosaic

Create a traditionally-inspired walk-in shower with rich tiles and intricate details. Add gold fixtures and accents for that perfect touch of extravagance and classical artistry. Bring the design of your walk-in shower into the bathroom space with traditional sink and cabinet styles. 

Mixed Materials Offer Zen Simplicity

zen simple walk in shower design

Create a rejuvenating and relaxing oasis in your home with a simple walk-in shower design and layout. Plain dark tiles and classic metal fixtures can help you wash all your stress away and turn your showering experience into one of true spa-like tranquility. Marble flooring and wood cabinets contrast against this dark interior design.

Bright Bathroom With a Freestanding Tub and Walk-In Shower

bright bathroom design
Credit: @kallistaplumbing
Featured Product: One™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

Choosing a bathroom color scheme can be a challenge, especially when it comes to complementary fixtures and details. For modern simplicity, consider opting for an all-white design with black shower fixtures. The simple, clean approach creates an inviting space to relax, whether refreshing before bed or preparing to start a new day.

Weave a Walk-In Shower Into the Overall Bathroom Design

vintage glam walk in bathroom shower design

Rather than create a separate space in the bathroom for your walk-in shower, consider leaving the area open. Use the same tile throughout the room, allowing for a truly cohesive design that will make the entire space feel more open and welcoming.

FAQs About Walk-In Shower Designs and Ideas

What are the benefits of walk-in showers?

Walk-in showers offer a more open space for cleansing, as well as easy access for those with mobility concerns. Adding a walk-in shower to your bathroom also allows you to choose a door—or no door at all—to fit with the design and style of the space. And best of all, these showers are easier to clean than traditional bathtub and shower combinations.

How do you make a walk-in shower ADA compliant?

For easier accessibility and ADA compliance, only a few items need to be added to your walk-in shower design, such as built-in seating and horizontal grab bars, both on the back and side walls. ADA-compliant walk-in showers must also have a threshold height of no more than ½ inch. Better yet, design your walk-in shower with no threshold at all.

Other ergonomic walk-in shower ideas include handshowers, body sprays, and lever shower handles for ultimate convenience.

Will a walk-in shower add value to my home?

Adding a walk-in shower to your bathroom, especially a master bath, can potentially improve the resale value of your home. A high-end walk-in shower is preferred over a standard version. Just keep in mind that, if you have only one bathroom in your home, you may want to include a freestanding tub to accommodate different bathing preferences, particularly for families with children.

Can you put a walk-in shower in a small bathroom?

Walk-in showers are not limited to large bathrooms. Consider using lighter tiles to make compact space appear larger or adding recessed light fixtures to brighten the room.

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