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30 Beautiful Spa Bathroom Ideas & Designs

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July 20, 2022
Kallista Design

The bathroom is not just a purely functional space in your home. With the right design, it can be a tranquil oasis where you begin and end your day in serenity.

At KALLISTA, we aim to help you enhance the personal and collective rituals of the everyday. The restorative therapeutics of a warm soak or the private self-care of grooming amongst a well-appointed faucet and sink—these are the moments of spa-like luxury and enjoyment we seek to cultivate within each fitting and fixture.

Relax in peace by bringing home some spa-inspired bathroom ideas. Whether you make modest updates or transformative renovations, here are our favorite ideas for how to style your bathroom like a home spa.

Create a Luxury Spa Feeling With a Designer Bathtub

designer spa bathroom idea
Featured Product: Papion™ Freestanding Bathtub

Luxury bathtubs are central to the planning of a spa bathroom sanctuary. The bowtie silhouette of this freestanding tub shows off its unique shape and stands out as a work of art. Marble cast-stone construction and a high-gloss finish provide a sturdy tub with a clean look. Surrounded by a fireplace and decorated with natural flora, this room demonstrates the most luxurious spa bathroom décor.

Modern Spa Bathroom Idea With Mixed Natural Materials

modern spa bathroom idea
Credit: @amycarmandesign
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet

These white marble countertops feature grey veining combined with distinct wood tones to represent this modern spa bathroom in chic style. Contrasting natural materials provide an upscale feel, invoking the atmosphere of a warm sauna.

Matte black bathroom sink faucets and drawer handles add an edge of sleek originality, with unique light fixtures bringing the space together in a soft glow.

Make Your Spa Bathroom the Most Inviting Room in the House

unique spa bathroom design

A statement chandelier immediately tells you this is not an everyday home spa bathroom. Patterned marble on the floor and walls elevates the room to create a sense of grandeur. A console sink with gold accents coordinates perfectly with other elements of the room. The gold theme continues throughout the premium brassware in both shower and tub.

Choose a Stunning Centerpiece for Your Spa Bathroom Design

centerpiece bathroom idea
Credit: @courtneygilesinteriors
Featured Product: For Town Sink Faucet

To take your spa bathroom decorating ideas to elegant heights, look for a centerpiece item. A decorative mirror or designer vessel sink will add allure to your home spa bathroom.

Stylish Small Spa Bathroom Idea

small spa bathroom idea
Credit: @hirshson_architecture_design

Don’t let space limitations deter you from bringing your dream spa bathroom idea to life. Various small bathroom arrangements can work in limited square footage. Historically, many big-city homes have older bathrooms that are smaller than what’s standard today. Additionally, a powder room can feel just as luxurious as a master bath.

To immediately create a high-end feel, consider installing luxury rain shower heads, which are offered in an array of finishes to best match your interior.

Modern Minimalist Spa Bathroom Design Idea

light spa bathroom design
Credit: @serendipitedesigns
Feature Product: One™ Sink Faucet

Natural light serves as a primary element of this airy and breezy modern spa bathroom. The white wall reflects more light, suggesting a larger space. The light wood double vanity is both functional and stylish. Designer hardware and pendant lights in matte black are added to create contrast against the uncluttered look in this minimalist spa bathroom decorating idea. 

Transitional Spa Bathroom Design With a Clawfoot Tub and Unique Flooring

transitional spa bathroom idea and design
Credit: Heartspace Design, Photography: John Trigiani

Elevate an oddly shaped space with unconventional flooring, like this backgammon tile that immediately gives this room a spa-style feeling. Traditional wood cabinetry is complemented by custom-cut mirrors. A black and white clawfoot tub finishes the room, completing a charming design style that borrows elements from both traditional mainstays and modern trends.

Create Your Own Oasis

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Use Accessories to Create a Spa Bathroom Experience

spa bathroom accessories ideas

Even small details can turn your space into a spa-style bathroom. To get ready for a long soak, add a bamboo tray to hold a book and some scented candles. A designer drink caddy can sit next to this tub for easy access to your favorite beverage. In this spa bathroom design, a tropical houseplant rests in the corner, providing natural beauty to a serene environment.

Calming Vanity Lights for Your Spa Bathroom Design

vanity spa bathroom idea
Credit: @shophousedesign

Vanity lights illuminate the space in front of the mirror to provide clarity to your daily routines. Luxury bathroom lighting provides numerous spa bathroom decorating ideas, as there is an array of stylish and functional options, from sconces to pendants and recessed LEDs.

Evaluate the size of your space to see if larger or smaller lights are required. The bathroom mirror can also guide what size is needed. A larger wall sconce can illuminate the bathroom by bouncing off of reflective services.

Incorporate Natural Materials Into Your Spa Bathroom Design

wood spa bathroom ideas and designs
Credit: @west_out_east
Featured Product: One™ Collection

Mixed, natural materials are used to create a luxurious home spa bathroom design. An unexpected combination of wood and marble unite to even serve as a divider between the two areas of the bathroom. The wooden shower is a spa oasis that suggests a sauna in a cozy, upscale lodge. Dual vessel sinks, made of vitreous china, sit atop smooth grey marble. Patterned tile floors pull both looks together for a cohesive, modern feel.

Black and Gold Spa Bathroom Ideas

wood spa bathroom ideas and design
Credit: @leavermilyadesign
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet

Deep black cabinets and gold faucets are all this spa bathroom décor needs to achieve a minimalist, elegant look. A subtle marble countertop gives way to the One sink faucet, featuring a sleek gooseneck spout and golden Unlacquered Brass finish. Black and gold vanity hardware complete the upscale effect of this spa bathroom atmosphere.

Design Your Spa Bathroom With Earthy Tones

earthy spa bathroom
Credit: @janegianarelli
Featured Product: Myam™ Vessel Sink

A unique and warm spa bathroom decorating idea is to bring the peacefulness of nature into your home. Use earth tones to warm up a smaller space, and add unique visual elements to bring unexpected delight, like this tree painted on the walls. The juxtaposition of an artistic floating wood vanity continues the outdoor theme, while a luxury vessel sink adds a touch of elegance.

Spa Bathroom Design Meets Garden Party Inspiration

garden spa bathroom idea with plants

This spa bathroom décor is inspired by a garden, with lush vines acting as a design for one wall, playing off the simple and upscale décor of mixed white shades and designer gold accents. The garden theme moves right into the shower with plants mingling with pendant lighting. 

Ultra-Modern Spa Bathroom Design Idea

modern spa bathroom idea
Credit: @kellyhohla
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet

Designer touches are seen in every aspect of this modern spa bathroom. A warm, dark mood is brightened with designer sconces, while avant-garde tile adorns the walls in intermittent geometric patterns. Dual under-mount sinks with clean lines and high-end faucets add extra modern luxury.

Surrounded by Marble With Unconventional Accents

spa bathroom stool idea
Credit: @miguelewis
Featured Product: One™ Bath Faucet

Grey-tinged marble runs from floor to ceiling in a bright, minimalist space. Spa bathroom décor is as uncomplicated as a deep soaking tub and a sleek chrome faucet, with a warm towel and scented candle atop a tree-trunk table. A hint of neutral color softens the room to finish the feel of a spa-style bathroom.

Calming Grey Tones for Your Spa Bathroom

grey spa bathroom design
Credit: @miguelewis
Featured Product: Taper™ Sink Faucet

An essential component to a home spa bathroom is the sense of calm you feel when you enter. Using varying shades of grey and textured wallpaper adds a decorative element to this minimalist design. Refined marble sits atop white cabinetry, while designer chrome faucets share the same grey tones with a reflective sheen.

When Industrial Bathroom Design Meets Elegance

industrial spa bathroom idea
Featured Product: One™ Showerhead

A metal and glass industrial frame for an open shower is the starting point for this contrasting ​​spa bathroom décor idea. Complementing black fixtures, such as the One Showerhead with arm, are found throughout and continue to break up the continuity of white walls and sinks. The irregular floor patterning mixes black and white for an eccentric yet delightful effect.

Sultry Black Spa Bathroom Idea

black spa bathroom
Credit: Fieldwork Design

A bold trend in modern spa bathroom designs is to surround yourself with grounding, dark tones. Black tile envelops this bathing space from floor to ceiling in a refined ambiance. Natural light and a pale bathtub offset the dark colors, creating an alluring atmosphere for the bather to relax and wind down after a long day.

Traditional Simplicity in a Small Spa Bathroom Design

simple spa bathroom idea
Credit: @kpid
Featured Product: Counterpoint® Single-Control Sink Faucet

Cool grey cabinetry sits under a marble countertop, exuding a peaceful aura for this vanity. The Counterpoint by Barbara Barry single-control faucet features a fluid design and clean lines, adding new life to this traditional setting.

Classic white subway tile brightens up the smaller space. Additional small bathroom spa ideas include using natural wood accessories to beautify the counter.

Consider This Radiant White Spa Bathroom Idea

white spa bathroom ideas and designs
Credit: @lmsdesignllc
Featured Product: One™ Thermostatic Valve

A calming spa-style bathroom goes all-white with plush accents. The brightness of the room allows the spa-goer to feel refreshed. Chrome accents in the spa shower add designer modernity, while a fluffy white stool adds a touch of whimsy.

Imagine a Large, Spacious Shower for Your Spa Bathroom

walk in shower spa bathroom design
Credit: @miguelewis
Featured Product: Foundations Rain Showerhead

The highest end of spa shower ideas exists in this oversized bath space. Spending time is effortless in this designer space where daily rituals have been elevated to a luxury experience. The shower with a ceiling-mounted rain shower head coexists with a freestanding bathtub in a marble sanctuary where all shower spa accessories are readily available. See more of our best rain showerheads here.

Design a Spa Bathroom With Striking Marble Walls and Countertops

marble spa bathroom ideas and design

Characteristic marble walls and countertops bring a unique spin to this spa bathroom design. This theme reimagines a monochromatic landscape with extraordinary results. While a warm-hued faucet might be the obvious choice, adding chrome or nickel offers an unexpected sharpness. 

Luxury is in the Details of Your Spa Bathroom Design

luxury spa faucet and sink
Credit: @jamie_banfield_design
Featured Product: Finishes by KALLISTA

The major spa components like a bathtub and shower are important to a spa. For additional spa-inspired bathroom ideas, focus on the details of the faucets, shower heads, and accessories. Start by understanding what kind of sink you have and what sort of brassware you need. Then, consider your style and color preferences.

KALLISTA signature finishes combine form and function with delightful visual appeal and long-lasting durability. Reflective finishes will radiate throughout the room, while powder-coated finishes provide quiet elegance. Explore KALLISTA signature finishes featuring artisan-inspired hues.

Prioritize Quiet Time in a Soaking Tub

spa bathroom soaking tub design
Credit: @curatedjade
Featured Product: One™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

The most fundamental spa bathroom decorating idea can be easily executed by adding a luxurious tub and faucet pairing. In this harmonious bathroom design, the freestanding tub stands unassumingly in the corner, absorbing the natural light, the surrounding walls and floor providing a neutral and calm atmosphere.

Elevating the look is a timeless, golden Unlacquered Brass tub faucet rising from the floor, serving as an artful decorative piece.

Utilize a Thoughtful Mixture of High-End Materials

wooden spa bathroom design

Feel like you’ve entered a five-star hotel grand suite with this high-end modern spa bathroom. A cocooned shower and bath space combine rich wood tones with upscale marble, while a mosaic stone wall completes this premium space. After bathing, step out onto the marble floor where the wood theme continues in a floating vanity. 

Choose Modern Finishes for Spa Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

black and white spa design and ideas
Credit: @kallistaplumbing
Featured Product: One™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

Spa bathroom decorating ideas can be as effortless as changing your faucets and hardware to a high-end, surprising look. Matte black faucets are a contrast to standard chrome or nickel. The black works well with white, marble, or wood designs and expresses a sophisticated edge with a simple change.

An Inviting White Spa Shower With Gold Accents

white and gold spa bathroom ideas and design
Design by Holly Gagne Interior Design, Photography by Jared Kuzia

To bring high-end spa shower ideas into your bathroom, create clean elegance with bright white tiles throughout the shower walls and floor. Gold accents add an upscale atmosphere to this fresh space. 

Welcome Natural Light and Landscapes Inside

spa bathroom with large windows idea
Credit: @janettemalloryinteriors

Take advantage of your surrounding environment to design your home spa bathroom. Bring in natural light and views of nearby landscapes to brighten up the entire room. During the day, the light will reinvigorate and re-energize. At night, enjoy a relaxing soak in your freestanding tub while stargazing. 

Home Spa Décor Inspired by the Art Deco Movement

art deco spa bathroom design
Designer: Patrice Nichole Rios, Photography: Keith Trigaci

Incorporate bright colors and geometric shapes into your spa shower ideas with a patterned design covering the entire shower wall. This luxury hotel spa-like design is reminiscent of Art Deco style, popularized in France in the early 20th century.

Gold shower heads and trim serve as functional yet decorative elements. This space is modernized with a sturdy bamboo stool, providing a restful seat for bathing and grooming. 

Textured Walls Meet Frosted Glass in This Luxury Spa Bathroom Idea

frosted glass spa bathroom designs

This spa bathroom design invokes the feeling like you’ve stepped into the most upscale bathroom, with tactile and visually-striking details. Frosted glass encases the shower space, while a square designer sink floats between premium wood cabinets. Inset lighting brings this harmonious design together in soft illumination. 

FAQs About Spa Bathroom Ideas

The first question you may ask about designing your home spa bathroom is how to get started. You can either hire a designer or look at spa bathroom decorating ideas online and visit spas to get inspiration to renovate on your own. 

How can I make my bathroom look like a luxury spa?

You can achieve a spa-style bathroom with simple changes like décor, towels, and vanity hardware. Another easy change is to install a rain shower head for an immersive drench. Go big by adding a freestanding, deep-soaking tub and a designer vessel sink. You can make other impactful changes by adding textured wallpaper, mosaic tile, or a marble-topped vanity. 

What is the difference between a spa tub and a jetted bath?

A spa bath can be as simple as adding scented bath salts or even herbs to your soaking tub. A jetted tub, or whirlpool tub, has as many as 122 jets that propel water at high speeds providing localized relief to sore spots.

What is a spa bathroom?

Spa bathroom ideas range from simple aesthetic changes to creating a look and feel of a high-end spa to a total renovation. Easy spa bathroom decorating ideas are designer faucets, shower heads, and luxury shower systems that include body sprays and handshowers. An array of finishes are available to match your personal style needs.

What are the top bathroom design trends?

Spa bathroom decorating ideas are trending towards freestanding bathtubs, designer surfaces like marble and wood, custom luxury shower systems, and natural elements, like tropical plants.

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