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Elegant Tub/Shower Combo Ideas

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February 24, 2023
Kallista Design

A combination bathtub/shower is a standard configuration in many bathrooms, renowned for its convenience and space-saving capabilities. Whether you’re building out a new bathroom from the ground up or renovating an existing space, we’re here to help you bring your tub/shower remodel ideas to life.

No matter how big or small your bathroom is, appointing your tub/shower combo with premium products will result in a high-end bathing experience. KALLISTA offers a portfolio of luxury showering and bathing fixtures to fit various style preferences and space needs. Choose from air-induction showerheads, bath faucets, luxury handshowers, and shower trim to transform your tub/shower combo into a spa-like oasis.  

If you’re having trouble conceptualizing the look you want for your bathroom, consider the following tub/shower combo ideas with photos to spark your imagination.

Accentuate Your Faucets and Handles

white bathroom with alcove tub/shower combo
Credit: @hendrickinteriors Featured Product: One™ Showerhead With Arm

Simply upgrading your faucets, showerheads, handles, and diverters can have a surprising effect on your combination bathtub/shower. Aided by ample natural light, the chrome fixtures in this bathroom bring brightness to the space and are complemented by a brushed nickel towel rack. Along with a standard showerhead and bath spout, a handshower offers convenience for a quick rinse.

Modern Bathtub/Shower Combos for Guest Baths

gray bathroom with tub/shower combo in an alcove
Credit: @ninaazoulaydesign Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Cross Handles

Even smaller spaces like guest bathrooms can benefit from tub/shower remodeling. Instead of using a fixed showerhead, try a handheld option mounted on a sliding bar that can accommodate houseguests of nearly any height. This fixture is complemented by vertical lighting, a sleek mirror with clean lines, a contemporary vanity, and chrome sink faucets to create a polished yet airy atmosphere.

Transform Your Tub Into a Modern Shower

black bathroom with white tub and chrome shower fixtures
Featured Product: Laura Kirar Freestanding Bathtub

Adding a diverter handle and luxury showerhead system can transform a gorgeous freestanding bathtub into a modern, minimalistic tub/shower combo. In this design, reflective fixtures stand out beautifully against the black marble walls to create an elegant contemporary aesthetic. If you desire to have a wet room layout in your open-concept bathroom, be sure to seal all surfaces against water.

Create a Modern Shower Room

grey bathroom with shower room featuring an alcove tub and two ceiling mounted shower heads in black finish
Featured Product: KALLISTA Foundations Air-Induction Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

With enough space, you can craft a separate bathing area that makes transferring from the shower to the bath effortless. Matte black rain showerheads are accentuated by the natural gray stone tub and floors, resulting in a monochrome sanctuary. In keeping with the minimalist design, the shower room is separated from the rest of the bathroom and outdoors, with floor-to-ceiling glass doors on each side.

Use Natural Colors and Tones for Traditional Elegance

white bathroom with green tiled tub shower combo in an alcove
Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Bath Spout Credit: @changoandco

A traditional design for your combination bathtub/shower is the perfect opportunity for decorative elegance. As showcased by this tub and shower, using earth tones like seafoam green for tiles and bronze or brass fixtures can create a lush and luxurious style. Recessed shower walls can also maximize space in smaller bathrooms or when adding a bathroom to a basement.  

Get Creative With an Adjacent Bathtub and Shower

white bathtub with freestanding tub next to a shower
Featured Product: Laura Kirar Freestanding Bathtub

If space permits, consider keeping your freestanding tub and showering area separate but nearby for convenience. With adjacent bathtubs and showers, you have more liberty to include elaborate design elements, like staggered shelf lighting that creates a gorgeous backdrop to this freestanding tub. Seamlessly integrated into the tile wall, the lights complement the floor-mounted Unlacquered Brass bath faucet and adjacent handshower. A modern bath stool adds extra style and function to this design.

Luxurious Open-Concept Idea

walk in shower with white tub and gold fixtures
Featured Product: Laura Kirar Freestanding Bathtub

This tub/shower combo features slightly uneven floor and wall tiles for a subtle yet eccentric result. Combined with the natural splendor of a surrounding outdoor view, this idea creates a rustic quality offset by the elegant Unlacquered Brass fixtures in the bath and shower. The flowing open space between the shower and tub accentuates the sprawling view seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows, lending it a natural and bright feel.

Create Your Own Oasis

We're setting the industry standard with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.


When Rustic Touches Meet Timeless Elegance

bathroom with sink on left and alcove tub/shower on the right
Credit: @mindygayerdesign Featured Product: For Town Collection

The earthy colors of this tile wall blend well with cross handles that evoke a traditional look. The cornflower wallpaper beside the shower and tub accentuates this theme, as does the farmhouse bathroom stool that matches the rich chocolate vanity with black knobs. Horizontal lighting and a scalloped mirror tie together one of the best shower tub combo inspirations for traditional bathrooms.  

Modern Wet Room

marble bathroom with tub and shower
Featured Product: Klyne Collection

With enough space and limited walls, you can blur the lines between your tub/shower combo and the rest of your bathroom to create an unburdened space. The shower, bathtub, and sink flow together in this open wet room, accented by a modular vanity that complements splashes of color in the marble and glass tile surfaces. Matte black fixtures in the shower and tub are a great choice for a modern bathroom, especially when coordinated with the black trim of the vanity, mirrors, and chandelier.

Minimalistic Tub/Shower Design

bathroom with shower in center, freestanding tub in left, and sink counter and mirror on the right
Featured Product: One™ Collection

If your bathroom features a walk-in shower stall, consider adding a freestanding tub in an unused corner. The adjacent tub and shower are kept uncomplicated with neutral colors accented by a chrome showerhead and bath faucet. Simple yet elegant vertical sconce lighting and vanity with flush drawers add a touch of excitement while keeping with the minimal design. In this compact space, moving between the sink, shower, and tub is convenient and effortless.

Coastal Elegance for Adjoining Tub/Shower Combos

blue shower with wood recessed shelf
Credit: @formandfield Featured Product: One™ Collection

Combining soft blues and greens with natural wood grains is a great way to create a coastal bathroom. This charming walk-in shower idea is elegantly accented by simple chrome fixtures. When woven together, these elements create a bright bathroom that evokes the feeling of bathing in a seaside resort.

Spacious Combo Idea

shower room with freestanding tub inside
Credit: @miguelewis Featured Product: One™ Collection

Consider creating a spacious shower room and placing a freestanding tub inside of it. The innovative placement of glass shower walls can be among the most useful tub/shower combo ideas, helping to keep non-water-resistant flooring from becoming damaged. The use of floor-to-ceiling glass, windows, and sophisticated lighting bring warmth and energy to the white tones in this inspiring bathroom.

Simple Yet Luxurious Color Contrasts

freestanding tub with black faucet
Credit: @serendipitedesigns Featured Product: One™ Collection

Achieving understated elegance can be as simple as utilizing contrasting colors in your combo tub and shower. A black bath faucet and handshower can stand out nicely against a primarily white and cream bathroom for a timeless result.  

Use Gold Accents for a Regal Touch

gold bathroom with white freestanding tub
Featured Product: Laura Kirar Freestanding Bathtub

Similar to using black to contrast white design elements, gold or brass fixtures can starkly contrast both white and black to add a more royal, traditional design to your combination bathtub shower. This inspiration combines all three for a stunning design that stands out with natural lighting.

Modern Meets Industrial  

bathroom with two vanities on left, white tub in center, and shower on right
Featured Product: Per Se® Collection

An open bathroom allows you to experiment with different designs that come together in the same space. Here, modern sinks and mirrors are set against an industrial-style wall with darker tones. These sit next to a brighter bathtub space, then back to a neutral shower. Gray and charcoal tile floors in a chevron pattern tie these motifs together and create an elegant visual journey.

FAQs About Tub/Shower Combo Ideas

How much room do you need for a tub/shower combo?

Tub/shower combos are useful for compact and spacious bathrooms alike. As you can see from the above examples, tub/shower remodel ideas range from sprawling wet rooms to smaller powder rooms. In fact, conjoined showers and bathtubs can help you save space without sacrificing luxury design.

Is a tub/shower a good idea?

One of the main benefits of a combination bathtub/shower is that it can save space. Combining these two elements together also offers convenience, with a relaxing place to soak and relax at the end of the day and a shower for quicker cleanses.

What is the best material for a tub/shower combo?

Cast stone and iron are popular choices for tub/shower combo surfaces because they’re durable, polished, and can retain heat better to keep your bathwater warm longer. For faucets and fittings, solid brass is one of the most durable and beautiful materials to use.

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