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Open Kitchen Ideas & Layout Designs

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December 30, 2022
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Open kitchen layouts make it easy for guests to wander in, pull up a chair, and make themselves at home without impeding the flow of food prep. Here are some of our favorite open kitchen layout ideas to inspire your home design.

Fluid Curves Flow With Open Kitchen Concepts

kitchen island with high arc faucet in the middle of a large rectangle sink, flanked by a soap dispenser on the left and a smaller faucet on the right.
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High arc faucets and rounded countertop corners offer softness and comfort. You can also add warm natural elements, like the Multiere stainless steel kitchen sink with deluxe accessories, with a cutting board made of high-quality teak for a natural touch.  

Open Kitchen Idea With Island

kitchen with island in middle and two chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
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A kitchen island is a great way to add counter space and storage. The addition of chairs or barstools makes the area inviting and multifunctional. Opt for a contrasting cabinet color to add visual interest.

Dark Elements Add Contrast  

white and black kitchen
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Add dark brown or black to the lower half of the room, while painting the walls a lighter color to keep the space open and airy. You can also add darker accessories like light fixtures or window trim for a cohesive result.  

Soft Lines On The Ceiling Complement Open Kitchen & Living Areas

black and white kitchen
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Extend the open concept design to create a fluid flow between the kitchen and living room. Pendant lights with fluid arcs help draw the eye up and soften the room. Bright white cabinets gleam in an open kitchen, while dark matte fixtures and countertops add intrigue.  

Windows Make a Big Impact

open concept kitchen showing a long rectangular island and a large glass window wall
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Let natural light into your open kitchen with large windows. Natural elements, like wood cabinets and marble countertops, maintain the natural appeal of this approach. Paler grains and white marble help the light reflect through the room.  

Small Islands Give More Space

modern kitchen with an island on the left and cabinetry on the right, featuring flush recessed handles and backlit bars
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Use a smaller island to create a useful nook with bar stools. On the far side of the room, install a long counter with storage underneath and room for your kitchen sink to create a clean layout.  

Pendant Lights for Your Open Kitchen

white kitchen with black hardware
Credit: @designcollectivewest

Opt for a pendant light cover that’s made of clear glass for maximum light. Reflective fixtures and glossy surfaces will make your kitchen appear larger and more open.

Create Your Own Oasis

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Creative Open Kitchen Cabinet Design

white kitchen near a backdoor
Credit: @foundbymaja Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Tuck your kitchen on one wall and use cupboards or a half wall to divide rooms. The best open kitchen designs get an abundance of natural light, whether through windows or glass doors.

Kitchen-Dining Room Combo Idea

kitchen with red cabints and a dining room table in the middle
Credit: @summerthorntondesign Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet, Lever Handles

Eliminating a wall gives you the open space to place your dining set right in the kitchen. This layout is convenient for serving food as soon as it’s ready.

Use Cabinets to Your Advantage

open concept kitchen blending with a living room
Credit: @thisiseau Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Cupboards between the open kitchen and living areas provide clear borders and add extra storage and counter space.  

Connected Kitchen Island Idea

white and gray kitchen with gold hardware
Credit: @wilsonhowardteam Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet, Lever Handles

Connecting your island to the wall and extending the countertop into an overhang gives you space for additional seating.  

Small Open Kitchen Idea

white kitchen with table in middle and coffee pot on the right countertop

Setting up your kitchen area near large windows brings in lots of natural light and opens up the room. Add a coffee bar for an extra counter.  

Island-Dining Table Combos Save Space

white kitchen with gray chairs

This sophisticated open kitchen layout adds a modern touch. The gray chairs and warm wood provide a focal point in the white room.

Open Kitchen Shelving Idea

white kitchen with black cabinets
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Consider using light, open shelving when going with a chic black theme. It lightens the room and adds an intriguing contrast to the rest of the kitchen.  

Clever Lighting Enhances a Warm Open Kitchen Cabinet Design

wood kitchen with skylight

Installing recessed lighting really brings out the warmth in a lighter grain of wood. This is a great idea for kitchens that don’t have windows or a strong source of natural light.  

Dining Room Tables for Sectioning the Room  

white kitchen with wood accents

Opting for a table that matches the floor increases the flow between rooms. Maximize storage and efficiency by lining the walls with cabinets and counter space.  

Classic Black & White Open Kitchen Idea

white kitchen with a black backsplash and black lighting fixtures

Match your black tile backsplash to your accessories and lighting fixtures. Patterns and texture add depth to the backsplash and create a chic focal point.  

Natural Light Idea

white kitchen with gray accents

Bounce and reflect sunlight from a patio or balcony with shiny countertops and crisp, white cabinets. Use thoughtful décor to add splashes of color.

Small Open Kitchen Ideas for a Square Room

white kitchen with wood floors

Highlight the clean lines of a square kitchen with strong, vertical cabinets and sharp corners. A small island adds casual elegance without taking up too much room.

Wood Grain Idea

wood kitchen

Opt for an intriguing pattern for the floor with different colors of woodgrain. Light marble counters and stainless steel kitchen fixtures make a stylish contrast.

Fun Open Kitchen Shelving Idea

modern white kitchen with yellow accent wall featuring white open shelves

Make your open shelving a statement piece by lining the back wall with a striking color. A kitchen island with a stovetop allows guests to sit with the chef while cooking.  

Chrome Adds a Modern, Industrial Look

white kitchen with chrome hardware

Shimmering stainless steel and chrome are timeless in open kitchen designs. Wood floors add a touch of warmth.  

Wood Paneling for Your Open Kitchen

wood kitchen with four chairs at the island
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

A dark grain paired with clever lighting makes the room glow and adds a cozy cabin feel.  

FAQs About Open Kitchen Layouts  

What is an open kitchen design?  

The term “open kitchen” refers to a cooking area that doesn’t have the traditional four walls.  

How do you organize an open-concept kitchen?  

An island that has kitchen sink capabilities can help free up more room on your countertops. Installing a half wall or cabinet to divide rooms is also a great trick—it gives you more counter space while still keeping the open concept.  

Why are open kitchens popular?  

Open concepts are very inviting. They encourage your guests to enter the room and interact.


Are open kitchens a good idea?  

If you love to have company while cooking, an open kitchen is a great solution. It’s also a streamlined way to open up small rooms.  

However, it’s important to consider how an open design may cause cooking odors to drift throughout your home, eventually settling into the carpet and furniture. Consider an open kitchen with windows, a patio door, and a range hood for sufficient ventilation.  

How can I make my kitchen more open?  

If removing a wall isn’t an option, light colors, shiny surfaces, and clean lines can help open things up. Lighting is also a key factor—recessed lighting or intriguing pendant lights can draw the eye up, giving the illusion of space. Open kitchen shelving also frees up space.  

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