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Reset Your Space for the New Year

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January 17, 2023
Kallista Design

The New Year is a perfect opportunity for fresh starts and resolutions, and one of the best things to accomplish during this time is to refresh your home. From a deep clean of the kitchen to a complete bathroom overhaul, implementing New Year's resolutions for your home is a great way to start the year off on the right foot.  

With a new year reset, you can establish a sense of peace, harmony, and cleanliness.  

How to Reset for the New Year With Refreshing, Cool-Toned Finishes

Add renewed luxury to your space by replacing faucets and fixtures with cool-toned finishes. Cool-toned metal finishes provide a soothing aesthetic, complementing an array of design styles and offering a refined character that is both clean and crisp. KALLISTA’s cool-colored brassware finishes include Polished Chrome, Nickel Silver, and Polished Nickel.  

Known for their versatility, these reflective metal finishes blend seamlessly with existing décor and can bring a modern, sophisticated feel to your new year home refresh. Whether you use them to accessorize a room or to give a traditional centerpiece a new look, these cool-toned finishes are sure to revitalize any space.

Polished Chrome

close up of reflective chrome faucet with a blurred background
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

Polished Chrome is a sparkling, high-luster finish that bears a cool, slightly blue shine, with a surface that captures and reflects surrounding light. It’s a durable and popular finish that works well with a variety of interior design styles, allowing for easy coordination.

Nickel Silver

arch spout polished faucet with a single lever control, installed on a white countertop with a round polished and hammered sink
Featured Product: One™ Single-Control Sink Faucet

Reminiscent of fine flatware polished over time and possessing a refined depth and subtle warmth, Nickel Silver is one of KALLISTA’s signature living finishes. With soft golden undertones, Nickel Silver bathroom faucets can beautifully complement traditional designs or serve as a welcome juxtaposition in contemporary surroundings.

What Is a Living Finish?  

Living finishes develop a distinct patina over time, resulting in a truly unique product. A fixture with a living finish can be left to age gracefully or can be polished back to its original shining form.

Polished Nickel

arch spout polished nickel faucet with two lever handles, installed on a marble countertop with square sink
Featured Product: Central Park West™ Sink Faucet, Arch Spout, Lever Handles

With a slightly warm and lustrous, high-sheen silver surface, our Polished Nickel finish has a wisp of soft yellow undertones. Featuring a durable Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finish, Polished Nickel bathroom faucets and fixtures will maintain their reflective shine for years to come.  

What Is a PVD Finish?  

The PVD process utilizes a state-of-the-art chemical technique, sealing the faucet surface with a molecular bond, making it as durable as possible. Generally, a PVD finish can help protect against corrosion, discoloration, and tarnishing.

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Photo Inspiration for Cool-Toned Finishes

With these elegant materials, you can easily renew your space to be stylish and inviting. Explore photos below to get inspired about how to use chrome and nickel finishes in your interior design, from mixed metal approaches to monochromatic gray bathroom ideas.

Gray Bathroom Design

gray bathroom with gray marble walls and flooring with horizontal darker grey streaks throughout. it features an open bathroom layout with shower on left and single vanity on right and toilet in the middle.
Featured Product: Per Se® Bathroom Collection

Cool-toned fixtures are the perfect addition to a luxuriant gray bathroom. With their sleek, modern finish, they provide an air of sophistication that can elevate your bathroom’s style. The reflective quality of these fixtures adds an eye-catching glint to the room, while the gray coloring grounds the look and ties it together. The combination of chrome and gray creates a truly breathtaking and luxurious look that is sure to make any bathroom the envy of all who enter.  

The floor and walls in this wet room are tiled with Calacatta Zebrino marble slab, offering a neutral-colored backdrop with engaging patterns and textures. Polished Chrome shower heads and sink fixtures provide a gleaming shine, resulting in a monochromatic bathroom that maintains visual interest throughout.  

Coordinated Reflection for the Kitchen

kitchen island in foregorund and grey wood cabinets in background.  a set of chrome faucets is installed on a white countertop
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

Polished Chrome kitchen faucets are the perfect accent to any gray and white kitchen design, bringing an elegant and modern feel to the space while also adding a timeless touch. The brilliant shine of chrome faucets catches the eye and makes them stand out from the rest of the room.  

Here, a multifunctional faucet setup is coordinated in Polished Chrome, exhibiting an impressive visual display while offering maximum functionality. The combination of the semi-professional pull-down faucet, soap dispenser, and water filtration faucet make this a dream sink setup for any homeowner.  

If you desire a subtle warmth and unique character for your fixtures, consider Nickel Silver kitchen faucets instead of chrome.  

Mixed Metals in a Traditional Interior

close up of bathroom vanity with low spout chrome faucet with lever handles and an oval mirror in thin black frame reflecting a showerhead on the opposite wall
Featured Product: Bellis® Sink Faucet, Traditional Spout, Cross Handles

Intentionally combining Polished Chrome bathroom faucets with other distinct metals, such as matte black mirror frames or bronze cabinet handles, can add visual interest and character. These elegant mixed-metal pairings work beautifully with a myriad of interior design approaches, including traditional, farmhouse, and maximalist styles.

Along with mixed metals, consider applying varying patterns and textures throughout countertops, walls, and floors for added depth. The combination of marble-inspired quartz countertops, patterned wallpaper, and natural wood accents offers an elegant layer of textures.

Maintaining Your Cool-Toned Fixtures

New year home maintenance is key to keeping your daily routines on track, and your fixtures play a vital role in your home’s functionality and appearance. Explore our product care guidelines to achieve your goals of maintaining a clean house for the new year.

Please keep in mind that success with maintaining your products is dependent upon various factors, including the hardness and temperature of the water, changes in cleaning formulas, measurements of ingredients, and the condition of the product. Due to these variations, KALLISTA cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the procedures mentioned.

Cleaning Polished Chrome & Nickel Silver

After each use of Polished Chrome and Nickel Silver products, we recommend rinsing away any soap traces and gently blotting them dry with a clean, soft cloth. Taking these steps will prevent water spotting and maintain the high gloss finish of your products.

When necessary, waxing with a pure, nonabrasive wax will prevent water spots from developing, and buffing with a soft cloth will give the surface a high sheen.

A small amount of Simichrome Polish™ can be used to remove water spots and tarnishing on fixtures; simply rub briskly and wipe with a soft cloth. A protective film is also included in Simichrome to make maintenance easier.

Avoid using abrasive solvents or cleaners.

Caring for Polished Nickel

Since Polished Nickel is a PVD finish, it requires a different cleaning method. First and foremost, avoid any cleaners that contain bleach, acid, or ammonia.  

After each use, rinse Polished Nickel kitchen faucets thoroughly and use a soft cloth to wipe them dry. Use a blotting method for drying rather than an abrasive or rubbing motion.  

New Year, New Home

Reflective, cool-toned fixtures can be a great way to add a touch of modern luxury to your home. With their bright, shining surfaces, cool-toned fixtures can bring a sense of airiness to any room. Not only are these fixtures stylish and chic, but they are also durable and easy to maintain.  

Whether you’re looking for solutions for a complete remodel or new build, or simply want to replace some outdated fixtures, cool-toned finishes are an excellent choice. Explore our designer collections online or visit a showroom to witness their beauty firsthand.

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