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41 Gray Bathroom Ideas for a Bathroom Update or Remodel

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December 30, 2022
Kallista Design

Modern bathroom design encompasses varying types of aesthetics. You can explore numerous bathroom designs to find the right aesthetic for your space—from boho and cottage styles to modern geometric and minimalist fashions.

Out of all the stylistic approaches to designing your dream bathroom, there’s one color that doesn’t get the credit it deserves: the monochromatic gray bathroom. We’ve put together a few inspiring gray bathroom ideas so you can revel in as many shades of luxury as you desire.  

Light Gray Bathroom Ideas

gray bathroom with blue towel hanging on a chrome rod on the left well. in the center is a large, rectangle bathroom mirror above a double vanity. a white toilet is on the left
Credit: @2sdesignstudio Featured: Bellis® Sink Faucet, Traditional Spout, Cross Handles

By choosing a light gray finish for your walls, counters, and floors, you can achieve the brightness of a sleek white bathroom with added depth and texture. The addition of a lighted mirror—and subtle nuances like chrome fixtures—will enhance the room to create a glamorous space for relaxation or getting ready for your day.  

Fresh Flowers Bring a Pop of Color

gray bathroom with purple flowers on the patterned marble countertop
Credit: @dualconceptdesign Featured: For Town Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Cross Handles

Nothing brings a room to life like bright, fresh flowers. Whether you bring them in from your own backyard or purchase them from a fine retailer, you can brighten up any space with the exuberant colors of nature. A gray bathroom truly gives beautiful accents like these a place to shine.  

Gray Bathroom Ideas for Open Spaces

gray bathroom with a black walk-in shower enclosure, with a white tub and black faucet sitting outside the shower in front of the mirror
Credit: @jillharrisinteriors Featured: One™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

When you’re working with an open-concept bathroom, a freestanding tub brings a glamorous appeal to your bath. Lather in luxury and enjoy the view when you place your tub near a window. Consider matte black faucets and fixtures to continue the monochrome theme.  

Reflective Sheen for Your Gray Bathroom

black bathroom with alternating matte and shiny black thin tiles. there is a white countertop and chrome gooseneck faucet
Featured: Script™ Decorative Sink Faucet, Arch Spout, Saint-Louis Crystal Clear Knob Handles

Another gray bathroom idea to add depth and glamor to your space: utilizing shiny finishes. This chrome faucet paired with crystal handles draws attention and showcases its striking features against a charcoal gray backdrop.  

Allover Pattern Bathroom Design

marble open bathroom - or wet room - with chrome shower fixtures on the left, a toilet in the middle, and a single console vanity with rectangle mirror and two light sconces
Featured: Per Se® Bathroom Collection

When it comes to ideas for gray bathrooms, this may be the most unique. Create a distinctive look by utilizing the same finish or pattern from floor to ceiling. Continuing one cohesive pattern is a great option to make a small bathroom look bigger. Opting for a console sink with exposed plumbing leaves even more room for your exquisite materials to be seen in every corner of your space.  

Mixed Metal Bathroom Ideas

gray mosaic tile in a shower with a handheld shower sprayer mounted to the wall, in a metallic golden bronze color
Featured: KALLISTA Foundations Handshower With Hose

While chrome or matte black fixtures may be the most obvious options for an all-gray bathroom, consider mixed metals to bring depth and dimension to your finalized space. With a warm finish, this handheld shower fixture offers a sleek, modern appeal as a subtle way to bring in a touch of metallic sheen that contrasts beautifully with a gray bathroom.

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Select a Dramatic Statement Piece

dark gray bathroom with a fireplace and freestanding white tub in the middle, and two modern square vanities and lighted mirrors on each side
Featured: Papion™ Freestanding Bathtub

One of the many benefits of designing a gray bathroom is that it allows you to emphasize any feature in another color. A glossy white freestanding bath in the middle of a lavishly designed bathroom is sure to make a statement and provide royal treatment.  

Dark Gray Bathroom Ideas

black bathroom with charcoal gray tile, black and whtie spotted countertop, and matte black faucet
Featured Product: One™ Bathroom Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Nero Marquina Handles

If you’re in search of ideas for gray bathrooms with a darker color scheme, look for unique patterns and finishes with pops of lightness or color. These will allow you to maintain a dark, romantic aesthetic while simultaneously livening up the space and providing a focal point.  

Gray Tile Bathroom Ideas

shower with dark gray tile walls and matte black shower fixtures
Featured Product: Matte Black Shower System

Consider selecting a matte black finish for your hardware when paired with a gray tile. Tile with depth and dimension of color will help make your space feel vibrant and welcoming, even when you opt not to add any color. Sometimes an understated, simple design can provide the most tranquil experience.  

Don’t Be Afraid of Black & White

white bathroom countertop with matte black faucet and stone walls
Featured: One™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

If your gray bathroom design feels a little lackluster, don’t be afraid to add black-and-white elements. Black and white are the two components of gray, so they’ll add a pop of contrast to your design while maintaining the integrity of your chosen color scheme.  

Utilize Mirrors In Your Design

white powder room with single gray vanity, with a white vessel sink, chrome gooseneck faucet, and ornate mirrors
Credit: @el_designstudio Featured: Script™ Decorative Sink Faucet, Arch Spout, Saint-Louis Crystal Clear Knob Handles

Mirrors are the ideal accent pieces to add to your gray small bathroom ideas. They reflect light, make your room feel larger, and can provide a pop of color or a focal point by reflecting anything you place in front of them. When not being used, they blend in effortlessly with other gray and silver finishes.  

Gray Bathroom Accent Wall

bathroom with white brick wall, gray modern floating double vanity, chrome faucets, lighted bathroom mirror, and full length mirror on the right
Featured: Per Se® Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Lever Handles

If you’re not quite committed to an entirely gray bathroom design, adding an accent wall can be the perfect compromise. You can choose any color, texture, pattern, or material as long as it complements the gray tones you’ve chosen. This design can create a touch of drama in your otherwise calm and soothing space, giving the eye a place to rest.  

Use Pastel Colors to Complement Grays

small bathroom with single gray vanity, white countertop, chrome faucet, and rectangle mirror. no the right is a shower with a handheld shower head
Credit: @ninaazoulaydesign Featured: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Cross Handles

If you want to bring some color to your gray bathroom without making too bold of a statement, consider pastel accents. Wall art, flowers, or other décor is a great way to bring depth to your space without drawing too much attention away from the finely crafted details you’ve chosen to adorn your room.  

Relax In a Rain Shower  

gray shower room with two black rain showerheads mounted to the ceiling
Featured: KALLISTA Foundations Air-Induction Soft Modern Rain Showerhead

Experience the relaxation of a rainy day when you add a rain shower head to your gray shower design. Imagine the sound of rumbling thunder and visualize storm clouds overhead while you enjoy the soft rainfall from a luxurious rain showerhead.  

27 More Gray Bathroom Ideas

image of a dark gray modern minimalist bathroom
image of a luxurious modern gray bathroom
image of a high-end black and gray hotel bathroom
image of a beautiful luxury bathroom with gray walls and gold accents
image of a black and gray bathroom with lighted mirrors
image of a dark gray victorian style bathroom
image of a gray bathroom with a walk-in shower
image of a minimalist gray bathroom
image of a scandinavian style gray bathroom
image of a white and gray farmhouse bathroom
image of a rustic, gray modern bathroom with wood vanity
image of a gray marble hotel bathroom with lighted mirror and white bowel sinks
image of a dark gray, ornate and luxurious bathroom with sculptural mirror frames
image of a gray and gold luxury bathroom
image of a light gray scandinavian bathroom with wood floating shelving
image of a rustic bathroom with wood paneling and gray accent walls
image of a modern minimalist gray bathroom with soft lighting
image of a gray modern bathroom with bronze accents
image of a gray minimalist art deco style bathroom
image of a gray marble bathroom with walk in shower
image of a modern industrial gray bathroom with backlit mirror
image of a gray marble bathroom with gold accents
image of a traditional style gray bathroom with ornate, sculptural mirror frame
image of a light gray and white bathroom with round lighted mirror
image of a gray and white bathroom
image of a blue and gray bathroom
image of an orante, art deco and victorian style bathroom, with gray walls and brass accents

What’s Next for Your Gray Bathroom Design?

Your gray bathroom can be a sophisticated backdrop for bold colors, or it can be a softly lit, relaxing oasis to elevate your daily routine. Whatever direction you choose to take your design, don’t be afraid to give gray a chance when choosing your color scheme. When you use these tips, you won’t end up with simply agreeable gray bathroom ideas—your room will be a true showstopper.  

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