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Bathrooms In Blue: 20 of the Best Blue Bathroom Ideas

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April 6, 2023
Kallista Design

Blue is known as a calming color, which makes it an ideal choice for designing a relaxing oasis. But did you know it could also potentially add value to your home?  

According to a 2021 study by Zillow Group, a home with a light blue bathroom could be worth about $5,000 more than its competitors.

However, you don’t need to stick to light blue if the shade doesn’t work well with your vision. From cool, gray-tinged hues to deep navy, there are a wide variety of blues to choose from on the color spectrum to give your bathroom a fresh new look.

Whether you choose a new tile pattern, paint color, or decorative accent, discover blue bathroom ideas from KALLISTA.

Embrace Old World Elegance

traditional blue bathroom design
Credit: @elizabethmillerreich

A deep shade of blue evokes feelings of royalty and opulence, from palaces to luxury resorts. When paired with white details, like light fixtures, towels, and flowers, you can create a blue and white bathroom design that feels at once classic and refreshingly modern.  

Light Blue Bathroom Tile Idea  

light blue bathroom design
Credit: @formandfield Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Bath Spout

Choose a light blue wall color that relaxes you at first sight. Add wood details to bring in some cozy warmth and metal fixtures to reflect the shine that this light shade emits in the space.  

Tropical Blue Bathroom Design

tropical blue bathroom design
Credit: @jeffreyfisherhome Featured Product: Script™ Sink Faucet, Ach Spout, Cross Handles

Blue is a great opportunity to implement a bright, coastal design. In this bathroom, the wood vanity serves as a stable centerpiece against the playful walls, making this small space speak volumes.  

Artful Blue Bathroom

speckled blue bathroom design
Credit: @kiradaviddesign Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

Blue and gold are a timeless pairing because of how effortlessly they bring out the best in one another. The detailed pattern of this wallpaper is an ideal contrast for the stark white of the sink and toilet, while the brass frames bring a hint of warmth into this transitional bathroom design.  

Add Subtle Blue Details

bathroom counter with blue plant pots
Credit: @tantalus_studio Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Lever Handles

A few subtle details, like blue vases, wall art, or other decorative elements, can add pops of color that help brighten the room and break up the otherwise neutral palette.

Keep Your Design Subdued With Navy

white bathroom with blue vanity
Credit: Robern

Navy blue vanity bathroom ideas complement gray and off-white tones, adding a vibrance to the room's overall sensibility. Wood details, like a shower bench, add some warmth to the cool colors of this space, centering the design and making the room feel more inviting.  

Choose Bright Blue Accents and Artwork

white and blue bathroom design
Credit: @kimradovichinteriors Featured Product: Classic Freestanding Bathtub

If you’re looking for ways to brighten up a contemporary bathroom design, blue details like window treatments and wall art are a simple way to update the space and add color. You can even explore other color options like green bathroom design as well.  

Paint a Cool Blue Backdrop  

light blue bathroom wall
Featured Product: Kasos Round Decorative Vessel

Let your bathroom vanity steal the spotlight and paint the wall behind it a cool gray-blue shade to serve as the ideal backdrop. This color is a step above neutral, allowing for plenty of playful design ideas, from fresh flowers to vintage metal trays and jars. For a cohesive interior design, you can even extend the color palette into other rooms and consider gray and white kitchen ideas.  

Choose a Vibrant Tile for an Accent Wall

chevron tile wall in blue bathroom design
Featured Product:  One™ Collection

For bathroom ideas, blue and gray is always a good option. You can make your modern bathroom design really stand out with a bright blue tile. This chevron design adds texture to the space and reflects light along with the metal details, helping to illuminate the space.  

Multiple Shades of Blue

blue bathroom design
Credit: @emiinteriordesign@davidyoungwolff Featured Product: One™ Collection

Sometimes one shade of blue just isn’t enough. Layer different shades of blue on trim, walls, and other details to create an oceanic and inviting space. Explore Matte Black faucet ideas to keep the vanity focused on delightful contrast.

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Add Texture to the Walls

textured wallpaper in a blue bathroom design
Credit: @briannebishopdesign Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Sink Faucet, Cross Handles

A small bathroom doesn’t have to limit your design. Take this opportunity to turn the compact space into an artistic statement. Choose blue wallpaper or tile that adds texture and elegance to the room with minimal effort, and look for bathroom door ideas that allow you to save space.  

Pair a Gray-Blue Countertop With Gold Accents

blue marble bathroom countertop with gold faucet
Credit: Robern Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

Blue and gold together can evoke contemporary elegance and grace. This Catia marble countertop with hints of blue adds some texture and visual interest to the space, while the golden brass details, such as the mirror frame and gooseneck faucet, bring a little extra brightness to the room’s sensibility.  

Bring the Beach Home With Seafoam

marble blue bathroom design
Credit: @monicafrieddesign Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Sink Faucet, Cross Handles

Create coastal vibes with a warm seafoam color that features hints of both blue and green. Paired with wood flooring, you can almost pretend you’re standing on the beach and enjoying an ocean breeze.  

Blue Bathroom Subway Tiles

bathroom sink with blue brick wall behind it
Credit: @annsacks_ny Featured Product: Grid Sink Faucet

As a backsplash for bathroom vanities—or for every wall in the room—the clean look of subway tiles is a classic choice. Add some color to this timeless style with blue vanity bathroom ideas, like these tiles. This design here offers a textured look that adds character to the space.  

Paint Half the Bathroom Wall

white and blue bathroom design
Credit: Robern

A subtle, blue-tinted gray paint color on just the upper half of the bathroom walls can give you a chance to choose a tile pattern for the bottom half to add visual interest. In this bathroom design, the neutral half wall complements the patterns on the rest of the wall and the flooring.  

Blue and Metal Make for a Charming Pair

chrome faucet and blue bathroom design
Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Nero Marquina Handles

With lighter blue bathroom walls, metal fixtures such as luxury bathroom faucets can help reflect light, making the room feel more open and expansive.  

Create Contrast With Darker Blue and Lighter Colors

white and blue bathroom design with gold accents
Credit: Robern

Let white details in your bathroom pop against darker blue walls for a charming contrast. This bathroom design uses clean gold lines to add a bit of shimmer to the space.  

Choose Blue for a Bathtub Backdrop

white bathtub and blue tile
Credit: Robern

Since most standalone tubs tend to be white, a blue wall behind the tub can allow your luxury bathing choice to serve as the bathroom’s focal point. With a partial wall, like the one here, you can even use the ledge to show off your favorite décor pieces or for storing small products.  

Create a Chic Vanity Space

marble bathroom with blue tile
Credit: Robern

Frame the space around the bathroom vanity with charming blue tile for an Art Deco aesthetic that blends traditional and modern sensibilities. The lighting and shelving choices, as well as the round mirror, also add to the room’s transitional aesthetic.  

Reflect Light With Blue Tiles

reflective blue tile wall in bathroom
Credit: Robern

Take advantage of any natural light in your bathroom by choosing a blue tile that has some sheen to its surface. The more light you can reflect in a space, the more open it will feel.

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