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15 Stunning Black Kitchen Color Designs & Ideas

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July 20, 2022
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Turn your kitchen into an elevated space using black kitchen ideas. Dark and contrasting colors for kitchen cabinets, walls, lighting, islands, and floors can be incorporated into your design goals. Go all-black for a bold approach, or weave in splashes of wood or color for elegant contrast. Black kitchen design styles range from modern and minimalist to traditional and industrial.

With KALLISTA, you can achieve a result that you have only seen in high-end hotels or architectural magazines. Discover our curated list of black kitchen designs from around the world.

Combine Black Kitchen Faucets With Gold Highlights for an Elegant Display

black kitchen faucet design
Credit: @degiuliodesign
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Bar Faucet

As a dependable color scheme in black kitchen décor, black hardware with gold details invokes an Art Deco style. An arching faucet design exudes elegance, while the sleek lever handle with gold accents elevates the sink into an engaging focal point against the dark marble countertop.

Stay subtle with minor gold touches such as cabinet handles and a gold fruit bowl, or expand on the look with a gold kitchen hood to brighten up the whole space.

Contrast Black Tile Floors With Light Color Wood

black kitchen floor color designs

Black tile flooring is the basis for this modern black and wood kitchen design. The porcelain tile is laid in a crisscross pattern giving it a modern edge. Pale wood cabinetry and mixed-material chairs lighten up the space.

Add Splashes of White to an All-Black Kitchen

black kitchen design and idea

This dark modern kitchen uses mixed materials in an almost entirely black space. Black tile across all walls is finished with white grout. Cabinets continue the black theme but in a slightly softer presentation. White window trim breaks up the all-black kitchen design without taking away from the overall effect of the intentionally stark color scheme. The black and white marble island offers a contrast, with its contemporary nature tying in with the overall theme.

Pair Black Kitchen Cabinets With White Countertops and Walls

black kitchen designs with three colors
Credit: @degiuliodesign
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Collection

The classic contrast of black and white is a popular choice for modern black kitchens. A clean all-white kitchen can turn into a two-tone space with a few simple changes, bringing a black kitchen design trend to the forefront.

Windows outlined in black against a white wall begin this design. Black pendant lamps provide a dramatic overhead touch, accentuating the black cabinets and island. White countertops, walls, and one set of cabinets provide a striking visual variance. Matte black faucets with gold accents complete the designer look in subtle elegance. 

Dramatic, Dark Modern Kitchen Ideas

dramatic black kitchen designs
Credit: @chasegreenbuilt
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

For an industrial, dark modern kitchen design, combine black cabinetry with sophisticated lighting. Theatrical lighting with pendant lamps and sconces creates a luxurious ambiance for this cooking space. Marble countertops come in an array of darker shades and provide a unique prep surface, with their own swirls of art within. A black, industrial-style stove adds to the upscale feel of this impressive design. Gold faucets, stove dials, and cabinet handles highlight a designer touch.

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Black Marble Countertops in a Small Kitchen Bar

marble black kitchen design
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Make the most of space limitations to create the small black kitchen bar of your dreams. Nero Marquina marble anchors the reflective, designer sink, with chrome faucets adding an additional appeal to this high-end bar design.

Design a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen With a Black Apron-Front Sink

black kitchen farmhouse idea
Credit: @elizabethlawsondesign
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

When considering black kitchen designs, an unpredictable and unique feature is a black apron-front sink. This lays a foundation to color-block the rest of the kitchen. Black and white cabinets exude a quaint farmhouse appeal with just a touch of modern flair. You can add reflective faucet and hardware finishes to maintain some traditional charm or opt for modern matte black to accentuate the stark color contrast.

Make a Bold Kitchen Design Statement With a Black Tile Backsplash

black kitchen design with tile backsplash
Credit: Stoffer Photography Interiors

While black kitchen designs often focus on countertops and cabinets, another modern kitchen design idea is to use a dark backsplash. Frequently used and viewed due to its proximity to the sink and stove, inset backsplashes tend to draw attention. Even in a small black kitchen, this has a significant impact.

Contrast the black theme throughout the kitchen with grey marble countertops and grey wooden cabinetry. To add color, consider bronze or gold faucets. A bright runner rug gives this black kitchen design a pleasant touch of warmth.

Add Splashes of Color to Your Black Kitchen

black kitchen idea with accent wall design
Credit: @paramounthamptons
Featured Product: One™ Bar Faucet

While designing a black kitchen, you might decide to incorporate a splash of color to break up the monochromatic theme. A single accent wall of paint or wallpaper is the perfect way to achieve this, and it needn’t be only one color. A textured, patterned wall can add an exquisite feel to the space. Reflective, polished faucets and hardware add a touch of brightness to black kitchen cabinets.

Use Natural Materials for a Luxurious Black Kitchen Design 

luxury black kitchen designs
Credit: @krywicki_interiordesign
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Elegant black kitchen designs often make use of natural materials and textures. Marble, brick, and wood can all live together in the kitchen to keep the space lively. Glossy black subway tile pairs effortlessly with white or grey marble. Continue the marble theme into the countertops using black marble for contrast against the lighter wall and cabinet color. Round out the black kitchen décor with cabinet hardware and decorative faucets.

Revamp Your Kitchen Bar With Black Marble Countertops and Shelves

kitchen bar design in black
Credit: @nielsenbuilders
Featured Product: One™ Single-Control Sink Faucet

Think of your bar space as a small black kitchen. It has less square footage but is no less important than the actual kitchen. The bar serves as a warm and comforting social space to enjoy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Stools in a contrasting color beckon your guests to slide up to the counter. In this dark bar design, black marble countertops and inset shelves conjure the feeling of a big city downtown bar.

Combine Warm and Bright Colors With Black Kitchen Accents

wood with black countertops kitchen idea
Product: Arcilla 5"x5" in Blanco Gloss, Design: KTG Design Group

This modern black and wood kitchen starts with bright cabinets and white walls, establishing a fundamentally bright and airy atmosphere. Strong black accents finish the rest of the space for a striking contrast, including shelving, cabinet hardware, and matte faucets. Completing the look are black accessories like dishes, utensils, and a bold stove hood.

Elegant Finishing Touches of Black Kitchen Décor

black fixture kitchen design
Credit: @luxemagazine
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Wall-Mount Pot Filler

Luxury is in the details. A thoughtful black kitchen design requires touches of sophistication throughout. This premium design features black kitchen décor items, including a matte black pot filler with a matching pot, to provide functional and thematic cohesion.

By coordinating your cookware and hardware finishes, you extend the black kitchen design to encompass the entire cooking routine. Dine with black plates and cups to maintain the aesthetic beyond the kitchen. Additionally, black trim on windows will add a luxe feel.

Add One Black Accent Wall to Your Kitchen Design

black accent wall design
Credit: Jean-Philippe Delberghe

If all-black kitchen walls will make the atmosphere too stark, try the dark modern design trend of painting just one wall black. You can also achieve this with an all-black backsplash or wall of cabinetry. Painting just one or two cabinets black will also create this effect and provide contrast to the other colors in the room.

Install Matte Black Kitchen Faucets, Soap Dispensers, and Hardware

matte black kitchen fixture idea
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

The easiest way to get started with black kitchen ideas is with hardware and accessories. Matte black kitchen faucets add a high-end, designer feel to your kitchen with minimal effort. The combination of a faucet, sidespray, and soap dispenser creates upscale convenience. Add striking visual detail to these already sophisticated faucets with gold accents. Cabinet pulls in matte black can complete this elevated look. 

Black Kitchen Designs and Ideas FAQs

The black kitchen is a popular design trend, with the opportunity to make your space personal and unique. You can go entirely black or use hardware, faucets, and accessories to execute the look. We provide some answers with black kitchen ideas to help you take your next steps. 

What color pairs best with a black kitchen?

Wood cabinets and black accents provide a striking look. Other black kitchen designs can have all white with black accents or all black with white accents. Black paired with gold is an upscale, Art Deco-inspired look. Black and grey keep the kitchen more muted. Be as creative as you want when creating the modern black kitchen of your dreams.

Are black kitchens in style for 2022?

Modern black kitchens are a top trend in 2022 and will likely continue for many years. People are spending a lot of time in the kitchen and wish to make it a space on par with the rest of the designer home. Moving away from traditional looks brings black kitchen designs to the forefront. Experiment with this black kitchen design trend by painting a wall black or changing your faucets out to matte black instead of the standard chrome.

Are black kitchens modern or traditional?

Black kitchen décor can be customized to your own personal design style. If you want to go modern, keep the colors monochromatic. Use varying shades of black and grey to accomplish a serene kitchen. 

For a more traditional space, combine high-end designer style with an apron-front sink and wood cabinets. Using polished wood to create a black and brown kitchen moves away from the more contemporary look and gives the space a more traditional feeling.

What floor looks best in a black kitchen?

Depending on how you want to implement your dark modern kitchen, you can keep the shades of flooring darker, with walnut or grey wood. If you’re looking to use color contrast, a white tile floor against a mostly black kitchen will brighten the room.

How do I clean a black kitchen?

One of the best things about all-black kitchens is that they look clean all the time. You will still need to keep the kitchen clean as you would with any other color scheme, but it won’t be as visible as with an all-white kitchen. First, get a microfiber cloth. Soap and water are best to clean painted walls. An environmental cleaning solution will keep subway tile sparkling and clean. For marble counters, a granite-safe cleaner can be applied.

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