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Standard Shower Head Height: Comprehensive Guide and Height Considerations

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December 18, 2022
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Whether you’re designing a new space or updating an old bathroom to create a more luxurious escape, your shower should be a relaxing experience. Whether you opt for a mobile hand shower, a classic wall shower head, or an opulent rain shower, the height of your shower head can make or break your experience during your daily bathing routine. Learn about the ideal shower head heights depending on your shower type, your height, and the experience you’d like to have.  

Standard Shower Head Heights

When creating your ideal space for a relaxing shower, you must consider a few factors to ensure your shower head is at an optimal height. To make sure you get the most out of a hot shower at the beginning or end of your day, consider the following:

  • Your height: If you’ve ever tried to get clean in a shower that’s far too tall or too short, you know it can be a struggle. Crouching down for 15 minutes under the water is not a relaxing experience. While standard shower heads are typically placed around 80” high, they can range from 68 to 86” for people ranging from 5’ to 6’6” tall. Of course, there is no standard shower head height code, so when it comes down to it, you can place your shower head wherever it feels best to you. The maximum height for a shower head is really up to your discretion, depending on your household’s needs.  
table showing general guidelines for shower head and control height based on user height. ranges from 68" shower head height for someone 5' tall, and 86" shower head height for someone 6'7" tall
  • Height of others using the shower: your shower head should be installed in a location for easy access by both the tallest and shortest members of your household. This creates a space everyone in your household can use to relax and maintains a safe place to clean up for people of any age and ability. If your family has a broad height range, an adjustable shower head height provides a successful shower experience for every user. Additionally, multiple shower heads may be a viable solution to accommodate multiple heights.
  • Construction codes and plumbing regulations: Most builders and areas do not have a required standard height for shower head placement, but if you’re looking to sell your home in the future, it may be a good idea to follow standard construction and plumbing procedures. This will ensure your home is sellable to a variety of potential buyers.  
  • Your chosen type of shower head: Different styles of shower heads may require different mounting heights. A standard wall-mounted shower head may need to be set lower than an overhead rain shower, and a multi-head system with a handshower could be placed higher on the wall since the hand shower will be accessible to shorter members of the household.  

Types of Shower Heads

Since we mentioned that the type of shower head you choose might affect the ideal height for placement, let’s go over the different types of shower heads and their benefits.  

Average Rain Shower Head Height: 85 to 90”  

shower with ceiling-mounted rain shower head, wall-mount shower head, and handshower

Rain showers offer a luxurious showering experience that evokes the feeling of enjoying a natural rainfall. Many of these fixtures are mounted to the ceiling, and rain shower head height is significantly higher than standard showerheads to account for the rainfall experience. Generally installed 85 to 90” above the shower floor, rain showers can be great for those who need a taller shower but may require special installation.  

Average Handshower Height: 72 to 78”

shower with wall mounted showerhead and handshower

Handshowers, or handheld shower heads, are detachable from their wall mounts for full cleaning functionality. They come in single and multi-spray options, whether you’re in the market for a simple bathing device or a pulsating massager. Not only are they great options for your personal shower needs, but they also make bath time for pets a breeze and cleaning your shower much easier. Handshowers are generally installed at 72 to 78”.  

Average Wall-Mounted Shower Head Height: 80”

The most common type of shower head, wall-mounted units are likely to be found in many homes and public spaces like gyms and spas. Typical shower head height for these styles can vary but tend to be around 80”. They should be installed at a level accessible to those of average height.  

Combination Shower Heads for Custom Heights

shower with a bar-mounted handheld shower head and a wall-mount shower head

For the best of both worlds, try a bar-mounted or multi-head shower. Bar mounts allow you to adjust your shower head to various heights, making them great for families. Adding a detachable option to your standard shower head mount increases accessibility for any possible use.  

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Height of Handles and Controls

Typically, shower controls should be placed at about 40 to 50” above the shower floor. If your controls or knobs serve both a shower and a bathtub faucet, though, the valve is typically installed between 8 to 18” above the faucet. Using this method, you can place your controls where they work best for you, even if your shower head height exceeds the standard range. You can customize the location of your shower controls to install them at whatever height works best for the family members using the space.  

Shower Door or Curtain Placement  

If you’re installing your shower head at a non-standard height, it’s important to account for this change when it comes to other components of the shower as well. For example, if you’ve installed your shower head at a higher-than-normal placement, you may want to extend your shower curtain or doors higher as well. This will ensure that no overspray or water escapes.  

FAQs About Standard Shower Head Heights

What is the standard shower valve height?  

The standard shower valve is placed between 68 to 86” in height, but this height can be adjusted based on the type of shower head you choose and the height of those in your household.  

What is the standard height for a shower grab bar?  

Per the ADA, a shower grab bar should be installed 33 to 36” above the shower floor for safety.  

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