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34 Tips and Ideas for Making the Most of Your Small or Narrow Kitchen

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November 25, 2022
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How do you make a small kitchen both functional and visually pleasing? With a little planning, you can make the smallest kitchen feel elegant and user-friendly. Here are some small kitchen ideas with pictures, from efficient arrangements to visual tactics that make a compact space appear larger.

Pantry Idea for a Small Kitchen: Open Cabinets

white kitchen pantry with open shelves
Credit: @changoandco Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Bar Faucet

Enjoy easy access to daily items with open cabinets. This approach saves counter space and serves as an opportunity to show off your organizational skills.

Small Galley Kitchen Idea  

small, narrow galley kitchen with wood countertops and white cabinetry
Credit: @christinaarmbrister Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

A galley kitchen requires maximum use of vertical space. Wraparound counters and waist-to-ceiling cupboards can give you adequate storage in tight quarters.

Breakfast Nook Setup

small kitchen nook at the bottom of a staircase
Credit: @designcollectivewest

Consider creating a breakfast nook in a tucked-away corner of your home. This home has a breakfast nook at the bottom of the staircase, equipped with a luxury kitchen sink and faucet, with appliances and ingredients ready for food prep.

Small White Kitchen Idea: Add a Pop of Color

small white kitchenette with red stove
Credit: @kenneshepherd Featured Product: Quincy™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

‍A vivid accessory or appliance draws the eye with visual interest. A red stove in an all-white kitchen creates a sense of unique character.

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Built-In Appliances for Your Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

wood an black small kitchen
Credit: @max-artbovich

Building your oven and refrigerator into your walls gives you much more floor space and provides a modern, streamlined look.

Small White Kitchen With the Illusion of Extra Space

small white kitchen with four shelves mounted on the left wall
Credit: @max-artbovich

Floor-to-ceiling white surfaces reflect light, making the room appear spacious. Consider adding luxury kitchen accessories in polished finishes to add more reflective appeal.

Reflective Surfaces for a Small Black Kitchen Idea  

small kitchen with half black cabinets and half tan cabinets
Credit: @max-artbovich

Consider adding a shiny accent wall or backsplash for a roomy and sophisticated result.  

Creative & Bright

small kitchen with hexogonal wall tile pattern
Credit: @max-artbovich

Add a fun focal point to your small kitchen décor ideas for an affordable way to revamp your cooking area.

Distinct Designs for an Open Kitchen

apartment with an open design, showing  small dining table on the left, couch in the middle, and small kitchen on the right with wood cabinety and black countertops
Credit: @max-artbovich

If your living arrangement offers an open kitchen that flows seamlessly to the living room and dining area, you can experiment with ways to divide the space. In this case, a long table and pendant lights are all you need to create an elegant partition.  

Use Colors & Patterns for Sectional Separation

image shows a small kitchen on the right with a blue couch on the left
Credit: @max-artbovich

Use different textures and colors on your walls and floors to help section off areas of a loft or studio apartment.  

Small Kitchen Island Ideas: Bar Sink

small kitchen with recessed lighting under cabinets
Credit: @max-artbovich

Use luxury kitchen fixtures like bar sinks and faucets to accommodate limited counter space.

Idea For Storage In a Small Kitchen

small Ushaped kitchen with white cabinets, wood countertops, and grey glossy subway tile backsplash
Credit: @max-artbovich

Line your kitchen with cupboards to make every square foot count towards functionality.  

Shiny Marble  

small kitchen with shiny marble wall
Credit: @max-artbovich

Add an impact to your small kitchen design with a glossy marble accent wall. Enhance the shine by adding clear dome pendant lights.  

Embrace Natural Light

small kitchen with small table next to an apartment window
Credit: @max-artbovich

If you have a window in your small space, place a table and chairs in front to draw attention.  

Small White Kitchen With a Pop of Color

small white kitchen with tall blue chairs
Credit: @max-artbovich

Solid jewel tones can make quite the impression in a small space.  

Color Coordinate Throughout the Home

apartment showing the living room going into the small kitchen
Credit: @max-artbovich

Use the same pattern of your kitchen backsplash to accent your fireplace, or match decorative sofa pillows with upholstered bar stools for a cohesive result.

Clear Cupboards

gray and white kitchen with clear cupboards
Credit: @max-artbovich

Open shelving for cookware adds depth and visual interest. Track lighting can also draw the eye upward, making your kitchen appear larger.  

Soft, Cool, & Minimalist

white kitchen with light gray cabinets
Credit: @max-artbovich

A modern home with soft color coordination encourages a seamless flow between rooms.

Mix Matte & Gloss

brown and tan kitchen with black oven and wine fridge
Credit: @max-artbovich

Combine a glossy backsplash with matte cupboards for added depth, an effect that is more impactful in a small kitchen.

Add Warmth With Wood

kitchen with half wood surfaces and half mint green surfaces
Credit: @max-artbovich

Keep the look modern with eccentric lighting fixtures.  

Small Rustic Kitchen Ideas

small white kitchen
Credit: @max-artbovich

Use white and wood to create a modern rustic environment. Consider a Multiere Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink to blend seamlessly with this look.  

Black & White Small Kitchen Idea

black and white kitchen
Credit: @max-artbovich

Creatively use this contrast to expand the illusion of space.

Bar Seating

white kitchen with red walls on the right side
Credit: @max-artbovich

Swap a dining room table for a bar space to open up your floor plan. A vivid accent wall adds personality and charm.  

Multi-Colored Neutrals

small brown kitchen
Credit: @max-artbovich

Light colors can maximize the room in your small kitchen design.  

Experiment With Colors & Finishes

small white kitchen with teal blue wall on the right
Credit: @max-artbovich

Accent walls and reflective light fixtures add decorative interest to even the most compact spaces.  

Pantry Idea for Your Small Kitchen  

small kitchen with long wood shelves above the stovetop
Credit: @max-artbovich

A tall pantry doesn’t take up a lot of room and gives you versatile storage options.  

Small Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

small white kitchen with gray marble countertop and black and white diner flooring
Credit: @max-artbovich

Play up a white room by adding a checkered floor.

Creative Seating

image shows small kitchen on the left with lving room on the right
Credit: @max-artbovich

Extending a countertop and adding chairs eliminates the need for a bulky table. Sometimes, it’s all about the placement.  

Exposed Brick for an Industrial Atmosphere  

narrow kitchen with countertops on the left, oven in the middle, and brick wall on the right
Credit: @max-artbovich

Consider incorporating old album covers or pop art prints against an exposed brick wall.  

Paint Your Exposed Brick

small kitchen with white brick on back wall and multi-colored square tile backsplash on the right
Credit: @max-artbovich

Put your colorful dinnerware on display and add a multi-colored backsplash to make the room warm and inviting.  

Mirrored Cupboards

white ktichen with reflective mirrored cupboards
Credit: @max-artbovich

Mirrored surfaces create the sense that the room is larger.  

Personalize Your Small Space

small one-wall kitchen with a TV mounted to the wall on the right
Credit: @max-artbovich

Eccentric pendant lights are an easy way to add character to a modest room.

Large Chandelier & Recessed Lighting

small kitchen on the right with living room on the left and a staircase is in the middle

Use warm wood with cool tones for a striking contrast against these elegant fixtures.  

FAQs About Small Kitchen Ideas  

What is considered a small kitchen?  

Generally, any kitchen that is less than 70 square feet is considered small.

How can I fit everything in a small kitchen?  

A good trick is using as much wall space as possible for storage. Adding a pantry is also a great option because many compact designs are tall and narrow.  

If your kitchen is truly tiny, you may want to add a small breakfast nook in another part of your home.  

What is a good layout for a narrow kitchen?  

If you have a galley kitchen design, lining the walls with cupboard and counter space will help improve efficiency. Consider using glass cupboard doors to maximize the appearance of more space.  

What colors make a small kitchen look bigger?  

Light colors make the light bounce, while darker colors tend to absorb it. Stick with pale colors for large areas like your walls and floors. You can, however, accessorize with darker colors, such as our luxury kitchen faucets in Matte Black or Gunmetal finishes.

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