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50 Small Bathroom Designs and Ideas

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November 28, 2022
Kallista Design

With a lack of square footage, a small bathroom can appear to be a hindrance at first glance. However, using thoughtful design elements, well-crafted fixtures, and inspiring color palettes can transform your small bathroom into one of the most attractive rooms in your home.

From simple paint touchups to full remodels, explore our small bathroom designs and ideas with pictures to help spruce up powder rooms, half-baths, and everything in between.  

Choose Compact Fixtures

small half bath with wall-mounted console sink, wall-mounted floating toilet, and rectangle mirror
Featured Product: Grid™ Sink Faucet

Consider smaller toilets and vanities to open up the space.

Keep Small Bathroom Surfaces Light

white small bathroom with red and black flecks on the wall
Credit: @changoandco Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Cross Handles

Colors such as whites, crèmes, and pastels help visually expand your room.

Mirrored Wall for Your Small Bathroom

small bathroom with mirrored wall
Credit: @courtneygilesinteriors Featured Product: For Town Sink Faucet Low Spout Cross Handles

Mirroring a whole wall can elegantly open the space by reflecting light, patterns, and fixtures.

Bright & Airy Small Bathroom Design

small white bathroom with tub and shower combo
Credit: @hendrickinteriors Featured Product: One™ Showerhead With Arm

If your small bathroom has a large window, show it off and let in the sunlight. This will make the room appear larger and bring in cozy warmth.

Lean Into the Future While Embracing the Past

small bathroom with wood vanity and oval mirror
Credit: @interiordesign_bethphillips Featured Product: Script™ Sink Faucet, Arch Spout, Cross Handles

This bathroom embraces a vintage look with hexagonal tiles and a hardwood vanity. An innovative light strip adds a dash of modernity, giving the room a clean, modern feel.

Go for the Gold

white bathroom with console sink featuring gold legs and gold faucet
Featured Product: Script™ Decorative Sink Faucet, Arch Spout, Saint-Louis Crystal Handles

It doesn’t get much more elegant than a white and gold bathroom. The gold fixtures add just the right amount of sophistication to this small space.

Industrial Small Bathroom Design

black and gold small bathroom with white door
Credit: @alistinteriors Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles

The gold walls and piping make this small space exude sophistication, with white fixtures accentuated by the black lower wall.

Curved Pedestal Sink

small bathroom with blue and white speckled walpaper and a white pedestal sink with a gooseneck chrome faucet
Credit: @kiradaviddesign Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

Reclaim some of your precious bathroom space by installing a curved sink. It might not seem like much, but a little extra space can make a big difference.

Gorgeous Small Bathroom

white small bathroom with gray vanity and ornamental mirror
Credit: @el_designstudio Featured Product: Script™ Decorative Sink Faucet, Arch Spout, Saint-Louis Crystal Handles

In a small powder room, your bathroom vanity will do a lot of the heavy lifting, so why not make a statement by installing something exquisitely well-crafted to set the tone?

Create Your Own Oasis

We're setting the industry standard with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.


Keep It Up Top

small white bathroom with vessel sink on countertop and one red accent wall
Credit: @laurenessl Featured Product: One™ Single-Control Sink Faucet

Vessel sinks provide more underneath storage by keeping your sink on top of the vanity.

Use a Backlit Mirror or Medicine Cabinet

white bathroom with lighted medicine cabinet
Featured Product: Central Park West™ Sink Faucet, Arch Spout, Lever Handles

Lighted mirrors are an ideal solution if you don’t have room for over-vanity lighting, and they add a chic and modern look to small bathroom designs. If you opt for a medicine cabinet, you'll enjoy the benefit of extra storage.

Consider Multiple Mirrors

white bathroom with double vanity on the left with two mirrors, and a freestanding tub on the right
Credit: @thayerdesignstudio Featured Product: One™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

If a single large mirror isn’t possible, then multiple mirrors can help create the same effect while also creating a sense of separate space.

From Floor to Ceiling

attic bathroom with a backgammon style floor
Credit: @heartspace_design @johntrigiani  

The angled ceiling could make this bathroom feel cramped, but this backgammon-style floor naturally leads your eye to the vanity while helping make the room look longer.  

Show Off the Walls In Your Small Bathroom  

guest bathroom with green flowery wallpaper
Credit: @liacasaledesign Featured Product: Bellis® Sink Faucet, Traditional Spout, Cross Handles

This small powder room appears bigger thanks to the pedestal sink, which helps to explore the walls and floor.

Storage & Reflection Ideas for Small Bathrooms

small white bathroom with lighted mirror, full length medicine cabinet, and freestanding tub

An inset medicine cabinet saves precious floor space for your fixtures while serving double duty as a full-length mirror, helping to enlarge the room with gorgeous reflection.

Work With Your Floor Plan, Not Against It

small bathroom with blue tile and walk-in shower with glass door

The sharply angled wall could have been a design issue, but this small bathroom idea uses a walk-in shower to bring a modern look while adding functionality to an otherwise small space. Appoint your walk-in shower with small bathroom showering fixtures in polished finishes for a timeless result.

Think Vertically for Your Small Bathroom Design

narrow white bathroom with toilet in the middle, tub/shower combo on the left, and vanity on the right

Use your bathroom’s vertical space when you can. This small bathroom storage idea helps make the most use of the vertical area in a narrow space.

Use Complementary Fixtures

small white bathroom with a stacked tile accent wall and freestanding tub
Credit: @chastityco  

By matching the rectangular freestanding tub with a rectangular sink, the fixtures are harmonious and help create a sense of flow.

Mix & Match Tiles

small white bathroom with reeded gray vanity, rectangle mirror, and shower-tub combo
Credit: @ninaazoulaydesign Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Cross Handles

The horizontal tiles on the outside of the tub help anchor the fixture, while the vertically slanted interior tiles help create a sense of movement and visual interest in a small bathroom.

Wall-Washing for a Dramatic Effect

small bathroom with a black angled sconce, rectangle mirror, and a modern black faucet on a marble countertop
Credit: @platformbuildinggroup Featured Product: Grid™ Sink Faucet

By angling sconces toward the wall, you can simultaneously hide rough imperfections and help eliminate shadows to make a small bathroom look larger.

Light Up Your Small Bathroom Mirror

small bathroom with white tile wall that looks cracked, with a black lighting bar, black framed mirror, and black faucet with gooseneck spout
Credit: @serendipitedesigns Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Lever Handles

By positioning your lighting on the sides or over your bathroom mirror, you can use smaller light fixtures while still getting sufficient light.

Avoid Over-Decorating Your Small Bathroom


When decorating your small bathroom, a few simple pieces can add just enough interest while keeping that clean, modern look.

Utilize Reflective Glass

small bathroom with white walls, wood vanity, grey marble countertop, and black hardware and fixtures
Credit: @dminteriors Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Lever Handles

This small bathroom design thoughtfully uses a large borderless mirror and a full-length glass door to create an airy feel while still providing separation between the shower and the sink.

No Door, No Problem

small shower with baby blue subway tiles, brass showerhead, a wood stool with folded towels, and a white pedestal sink

This small bathroom design embraces the wet bathroom look, which means there are no enclosers separating the fixtures, and everything has been sealed or can withstand excessive moisture.  

Revisit the Classics

small white bathroom with console sink showcasing reddish bronze legs and a gooseneck faucet with the same finish
Credit: @heartspace_design @johntrigiani

The classic herringbone pattern on the wall is effortlessly timeless while providing a sense of movement in this small bathroom.

Balance Light & Dark

small blue bathroom ith toilet on the left and white pedestal sink on the right. above the toilet is two white shelves with seashells and a plant. above the toilet is a rectangle mirror
Credit: @briannebishopdesign Featured Product: One™ Wall-Mount Sink Faucet, Cross Handles

Most small bathroom design ideas will tell you to steer away from dark walls, but when they are offset by brightly colored fixtures, it can make a space look sophisticated and welcoming.

Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom Vanity

small bathroom with light blue walls and hite vanity. a circle magnification mirror is in the middle
Credit: @joshuappickering Featured Product: For Town Sink Faucet Low Spout Cross Handles

If you have a small master bathroom vanity that provides plenty of storage, it can help free up much-needed counter space.

Pick the Perfect Placement

corner of a white bathroom with an oval tub and chrome faucet
Credit: @meghanlheeter @castledesignstl @aliseobrienphotography Featured Product: Central Park West™ Freestanding Bath Faucet

Many would be tempted to place this distinctive oval freestanding tub under the window, but by angling it, you can make use of the wall for a small shelf while still being able to enjoy the view.

Create Separation  

small bathroom with off-white walls, with a walk-in shower featuring marble walls
Credit: @99films  

This gorgeous marble shower is noticeably different but still complementary to the rest of the bathroom, and it helps create a dramatic transition in a small space.

Use a Mix of Mediums

white small bathroom with wood accents
Credit: @chastityco

Don’t be afraid to experiment with multiple materials. This small bathroom design uses wood, tile, and organic accessories to create a playful and inviting space.

All-White Small Bathroom

small white bathroom with toilet, floating vanity, and tub-shower combo
Credit: @chastityco  

Bathrooms with white walls are a great option if you want to brighten a space and reflect natural light.

Double Down on the Dark

small bathroom with two chrome vessel sinks and a large mirror on the right, with  a sliding glass door on the left open showing the toilet

A dark color can give a windowless bathroom depth.

Mirrors Make All the Difference

small bathroom with tan vanity, wall-mount faucet, and a circular mirror
Credit: @eigelberger_architecture Featured Product: Perfect Under-Mount Sink, Centric Rectangle With Overflow

As far as small bathroom remodel ideas go, it doesn’t get much easier than swapping the mirror. You can immediately add chic sophistication to a small space with a decorative mirror.

Coordinate Mirrors & Light Fixtures

small bathroom with a white wall brushed with tan, and an oval mirror with an ornate wood frame
Credit: @yellowdoordesign Featured Product: Script™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Cross Handles

This innovative small bathroom design is a treat for the eyes.  

Embrace a Large-Scale Wall Pattern

small bathroom with white and gray streaked walls, rectangle miror, and a console sink with white marble top and chrome legs
Credit: @gemmaparkerdesign Featured Product: Inigo® Sink Faucet, Lever Handles

Wallpaper and tiles can help make a space feel larger by giving you an illusionary scale in your small bathroom.

Use High Gloss Walls to Reflect Light

small bathroom with console sink featuring black legs, white countertop, and an arch-top mirror
Credit: @aligndesignstudio Featured Product: Grid™ Sink Faucet

Although this small bathroom design goes with a dark colored wallpaper, its high gloss helps reflect light, making the space feel larger.

Extend the Tile in Your Small Bathroom

small bathroom with white subway tiles on bottom half of wall, and blue-gray paint on the top half

Seamless lines give the illusion of more depth. And by keeping the same tile pattern throughout, you create the effect of an unbroken surface that makes the entire bathroom seem larger.

Use Standalone Shelves

small bathroom with glossy black tile and a three-shelf linen cabinet holding soap, candles, and towels

When you don’t have a lot of counter space, a simple, but sophisticated standalone shelf can add more functionality to a small bathroom.

Organization Is Key for Small Bathrooms

metal basket organizer in bathroom medicine cabinet holds bottles of soap

This thoughtful medicine cabinet insert helps organize items, leaving you more counter space.

Floating Vanity for a Small Bathroom

small bathroom with floating vanity
Credit: @changoandco Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Cross Handles

A floating vanity not only exposes more of the floor, but also provides plenty of efficient storage.

Ceiling-Mounted Lights  

small black bathroom with ceiling mounted lights

Ceiling lights illuminate the entire space while keeping the walls free of fixtures, which can add the illusion of more space.

Clean & Sleek Small Bathroom Idea

small bathroom with grey tile walls and white floating vanity
Credit: @seffen99  

Modern small bathroom design focuses on clean lines and functional pieces which help bring sophistication while being perfect for daily use.

Small Rustic Bathroom Idea

small bathroom with floating sink made of brick
Credit: @_entreprenerd  

An unfinished look not only saves you on tiling, but immediately adds interest and texture to a small space.

Stretch It Out

white bathroom with grey floating vanity on left with white vessel sink, a toilet in the middle, and a walk-in shower on the rightthe walls are white subway tile
Credit: @thehk1

A long mirror and shower partition creates the illusion of higher ceilings in this small bathroom.

Large Circle Mirror

white bathroom with circle mirror on the left and a shower with two showerheads on the right
Featured Product: For Town Sink Faucet Low Spout Cross Handles

A large decorative mirror can make a small bathroom appear significantly larger.

Vessel Sink Idea

small bathroom with marble tile walls, oval mirror with gold frame, and gold gooseneck faucet
Credit: @samiivash  

Luxurious vessel sinks not only create a “wow” factor to any small bathroom design, but also provide more counter space and easier installation.

Go Natural

small white bathroom with plants as decorations
Credit: @philhearing  

Houseplants not only bring a pop of color, but also help small bathrooms designs feel more inviting.

Coordinate Your Countertops

bathroom with a white vanity and a three-panel mirror
Credit: Roland Bishop, Rosemary Richards

One small bathroom vanity idea is to match your countertop color with the wall color, creating the illusion of extended space.

Take on the Tile

bathroom with ornate tiles on the wall

By offsetting the tub and wall tile with a lighter shade, you create a sense of depth in a small space.

Hooks & Ladders

white bathroom with double vanity on left with two white vessel sinks, and a wide rectangle mirror. a white freestanding tub is on the right

Smart small bathroom design ideas include affordable ways to free up space while maintaining functionality. By using ladder style towel racks and wall hooks, you free up additional wall space to make your bathroom feel more open.

Create the Perfect Small Bathroom Design

Whether looking for a showstopping centerpiece or decorative accent for your small bathroom, KALLISTA offers a full range of design-driven fixtures with superior performance and reliability. From luxury faucets and sinks to tubs and shower fixtures, KALLISTA offers luxurious solutions for your small bathroom remodel.

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