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30 Breakfast Nook Ideas to Start Your Morning Off Right

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November 25, 2022
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The right breakfast nook can give you a quiet corner of your home to relax, focus, and mentally prepare for the day. Breakfast nooks are also convenient for busy households—you can set one up with all your essentials, which leaves the kitchen free for other housemates or family members.

Depending on the layout, adding a breakfast nook to your kitchen design may be possible for any size or budget. Here are some kitchen nook ideas to complement any living arrangement.

Make the Most of an Unused Corner

corner breakfast nook
Credit: @designcollectivewest  

Tucking a tidy and efficient breakfast nook next to your staircase is a great way to utilize space. As soon as you wake up and come downstairs, you can have convenient access to coffee and fresh fruit.

Creative Breakfast Nook Lighting Ideas

wood and white modern kitchen with island nook seating
Credit: @orestudios Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Visually unique pendant lights combined with natural sunlight give you a choice between soft, cozy warmth or a superior view of the sunrise.  

Transform Your Kitchen Island Into a Morning Oasis

white and green kitchen with stools at counter
Credit: @amandalodgedesign @analiciaherrmannphoto Featured Product: One™ Single-Control Sink Faucet

Farmhouse breakfast nook ideas, such as earthy touches with wicker or repurposed wood, can give your kitchen a sense of comfort and warmth.  

Bright Patterns & Intriguing Textures

two stools at a kitchen counter
Credit: @fwaheed17  

This concept works exceptionally well when your breakfast nook doubles as an in-home bar.  

Simple Breakfast Nook Idea

grey kitchen with table near a window
Credit: @fromitaly

Ideas for a breakfast nook do not have to be intricate—sometimes simple chairs, a small table, and a window are all you need for peace and tranquility.  

Distinctive Décor

white breakfast table with four white chairs
Credit: @jakegoossen

Rugs have a way of creating an intimate setting in even the largest space. Consider using rugs, wall art, or houseplants to distinguish your nook from the rest of the room.

Turn Your Kitchen Table Into a Lounge Space

wood table with bench seating on one side and three wood chairs on the other side
Credit: @joshhemsley

Adding assorted seating styles and low-hanging lighting gives your nook a low-key coffee shop feel.  

Timeless Black & White  

black and white kitchen
Credit: @naomish

Stark colors add crispness to the room and allow your space to be bold but welcoming.

Warm Neutrals & Fluid Lines

small table with two black chairs
Credit: @nirzar

Consider adding warm wood chairs with soft edges if you have hardwood floors.

Create Your Own Oasis

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Easy Breakfast Nook Idea  

white kitchen with wood floors
Credit: @csegedi-joszef

Extend your countertop into a table and add some designer bar stools for a classy yet simple look.

Take Advantage of Natural Light  

bright kitchen with natural light
Credit: @curtis-adams

Adding a nook to your open and sunny kitchen allows you to immerse yourself in glorious light.  

Small Breakfast Nook Idea With Boho Décor  

small wood table with chair and round ottoman
Credit: @emrecan

A white brick wall adds an illusion of space to this compact nook.

Tiny Kitchen With Breakfast Nook

black and white kitchen with small table
Credit: @laurathexplaura

A high-top drink table and tall chairs can help make a small kitchen appear much more spacious.

Add a Vivid Accent Accessory

kitchen table with blue cushioned chair
Credit: @max-artbovich

If you have a neutral kitchen, adding a bright focal point adds character while still being elegant.  

Wood & White Surfaces

white kitchen with wood chair and table
Credit: @max-artbovich

This simple and uncluttered look works well with rustic breakfast nook ideas.

Small Space Breakfast Nook Ideas for Your At-Home Office

chair at a small corner office space
Credit: @max-artbovich

A soft chair by a window provides a soothing area to brainstorm or organize your ideas.  

Add a Nook to Your Kitchenette

kitchen with a mix of wood and mint green cabinets. 2 chairs at the island create a nook area
Credit: @max-artbovich

Seating creates an inviting space out of a kitchenette.  

Place a Table Next to The Wall  

kitchen with dining table on the right and cabinets on the left
Credit: @max-artbovich

Enhance your kitchen space by placing a small dining table against the wall. Long, rectangular tables tend to work best for this layout.

Divide Multi-Purpose Rooms With Small Space Breakfast Nook Ideas  

open kitchen area leading into the living room space with a pink couch
Credit: @max-artbovich

Having a nook helps highlight the differences between living areas.

Eccentric & Playful Accessories  

kitchen with mint green cabinets and wood cabinets
Credit: @max-artbovich

Hanging artful light fixtures from the ceiling allows you to customize without losing counter space.  

Bench Seating for a Cozy Booth

dining area with small white table in middle surrounded by cushioned grey benches
Credit: @max-artbovich

A breakfast booth is great for a small bay window breakfast nook idea.  

Add Warmth to Elegant Marble

white kitchen with black marble backsplash
Credit: @max-artbovich

A nook with earthy or cool tones can add a homey contrast to chic marble surfaces.  

Effortless Breakfast Nook Idea: Add a Bar Stool

kitchen with high bar stool for eating
Credit: @max-artbovich

This approach is especially useful in compact kitchen arrangements.  

Finishing Touch for a Dark Kitchen

dark kitchen with plants in shelves as decor
Credit: @max-artbovich

Low, cushioned chairs add softness to industrial styles.  

Prime Window Seating

dark kitchen with table near windows
Credit: @max-artbovich

Incorporate bay window kitchen nook ideas into your home for a delightful burst of natural light and easy access to an outside view.

Breakfast Nook Lighting Idea

well-lit kitchen with overhead pendant lights and recessed lights under cabinets
Credit: @max-artbovich

Mixed lighting throughout your kitchen adds intimacy and warmth. You can transform your nook into an inviting area to enjoy coffee or tea with the right lighting arrangement.  

Breakfast Nook Ideas for a Small Kitchen: Shiny White Surfaces

white kitchen with white table set near the window
Credit: @max-artbovich

Experiment with colors, patterns, and seating arrangements to make a compact kitchen appear larger. A glossy white finish makes the light shimmer and bounce, making the room feel more open and airy.

Utilize the Island Countertop  

seating at a kitchen countertop

Add a side table to your existing island countertop for an efficient eating area. This maximizes your space and invites family and friends to come in for a chat when you’re cooking.  

Breakfast Nook for a Compact Space

small apartment kitchen with a tiny white table and  wood chairs next to the window
Credit: @runejohs

This nook adds function and style to the room without appearing cluttered. Warm white and medium-colored wood blends everything together and makes you feel at home.

FAQs About Breakfast Nooks

How do I make a cozy breakfast nook?  

Textures and fabrics can offer softness to your nook. You can add tablecloths, chair cushions, or even couches to your space for that cozy feel. Soft lighting can also create a relaxing and comforting mood.  

What is the purpose of a breakfast nook?  

Breakfast nooks offer a more intimate seating option than the traditional dining room. They also allow you to create more counter space in your kitchen. Items like your coffee maker, toaster, and electric kettle can reside in your breakfast nook, creating a more streamlined look in your kitchen.  

How do I build a breakfast nook in a small room?  

It’s important to opt for a design that works with your layout. For example, if you have a kitchen island, you can extend it with a table. Small drink tables are also a smart choice—rectangular versions line up against the wall nicely.

When shopping for breakfast nook amenities and decorations, look for smaller versions of essentials, as well as items that can serve more than one purpose. Our Bacifiore® bar sink is a durable addition to any kitchen island nook, and our Soltiere® stainless steel kitchen sink comes in three sizes and with a built-in flatware holder and cutting board.  

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