30 Kitchen Layout Ideas from Cabinets to Islands

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July 21, 2022
Kallista Design

When building or remodeling a kitchen, all the decisions you need to make can sometimes be overwhelming. Many things on your list may be top-of-mind, from the flooring and paint color to appliances and décor. But before focusing on the fixtures and fittings, you’ll need to determine your overall layout and design approach.

When it comes to high-end kitchen layout ideas, look no further than KALLISTA.

Credit: @degiuliodesign
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KALLISTA partners with world-renowned designers, architects, and artists to create functional and elegant kitchen fixtures of exquisite detail and innate beauty. We believe your kitchen deserves to be well-appointed and designed to your specifications and lifestyle.

Explore some of our favorite kitchen layout ideas from top designers to help you achieve culinary paradise. Whether you’re a chef, entertainer, or simply a passionate home cook, a fluid and functional kitchen is key. Discover what makes the best kitchen layout for each unique space.

Create a Kitchen Layout Around Existing Features

A large, luxurious kitchen with a U-shape layout. A kitchen island is in the middle, flanked by a fridge on the left and a stovetop and oven on the right. A giant window lets in sunlight.
Credit: @deleofletcherdesign

If your kitchen space possesses a statement piece—like a gorgeous window or a brick pizza oven—don’t be afraid to design the entire room around it. Often, the most unconventional kitchen layouts end up bringing the most joy. This modern farmhouse kitchen lets in rays of natural light through a breathtaking window, providing warmth and serenity to the neutral interior.

Elegant Kitchen Layout Idea With Island

A high-end kitchen with L shape layout features white countertops, walls, and cabinets. The island has black cabinets, with three bar chairs pulled up. An elegant chandelier hangs above the island.
Credit: @degiuliodesign
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As a popular choice for family homes, especially those with open floor plans, a kitchen layout with island tends to be a central gathering place. A sleek, modern island serves as a cooking space and dining area for this black and white kitchen. Many kitchen islands also house extra storage, entertainment, or built-in appliances.

When Space Is at a Premium, Use a One-Wall Kitchen Layout

A single wall in this kitchen features a sink, faucet, cabinets, shelving, and lighting.
Credit: @havenlivingco
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Kitchen setup ideas may seem limited in small spaces. Thankfully, a one-wall solution is a common option in living arrangements with limited open areas, such as studios or lofts. This rustic, white-and-wood kitchen with gold accents maintains functional charm with a single-wall arrangement.

Experiment With Unconventional Shapes for Your Kitchen Layout

An L shape kitchen layout features a rounded island with an extended outer lip for 3 bar stools.
Credit: @mikeshivelyarchitecture

Kitchen layout conventions are dependable standards to rely on, not strict rules to obey. There’s no objective reason your island needs to be rectangular or that the seating must be arranged on a specific side. This clever design opts for gold metal stools at a rectangular countertop supported by a curved island. The unexpected kitchen arrangement makes creative use of the open space in the center of the room.

Design a Galley Kitchen Layout for Efficiency

This compact space utilizes a galley layout, inspired by the cooking areas in the galley of a train, ship, or aircraft.
Credit: @christinaarmbrister
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Galley kitchens may not be common in family homes, but their ultimate functionality makes them quite popular among chefs with space limitations. Galley layouts provide an efficient food prep experience for small kitchens by maximizing counter space. This utilitarian kitchen features two walls with open shelves, cabinets underneath, wood countertops, and an ample sink.

Cover Corners With an L-Shaped Kitchen Layout Idea

This kitchen with cool grey and white coloring makes use of an awkward layout with n L shape arrangement.
Credit: @cpoppworkshop

Don’t let corners get in the way of designing an upscale kitchen. L-shaped kitchen configurations are a proven solution for handling large corner cabinets with ease. Although this modern bright kitchen is arranged in tight corridors near a staircase, this L-shape layout ensures no space is wasted.

For a Large Space, Try a U-Shape Kitchen Layout Idea

A white and grey kitchen with U shape design. From left to right: dining area, stools at bar-height island, and the rest of kitchen with appliances and cabinets.
Credit: @wilsonhowardteam
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U-shaped kitchen layouts combine the functionality of galleys with more storage. This bright, modern home makes use of this long-established kitchen layout with open shelving, inset ceiling lights over the cooking space, and a sleek chandelier above a quaint dining area.

Consider Adding a Peninsula Counter

A sleek modern kitchen features a peninsula counter in the foreground and an island and fully-appointed kitchen in the background.
Credit: @orestudios
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When an island isn’t practical or desired, a peninsula counter is a wonderful alternative. Although it functions similarly to an island, the peninsula counter juts out from the wall instead of taking up space in the middle of the room. As an added feature, the peninsula can also serve as a half-wall to create separation.

Create Your Own Oasis

We're setting the industry standard with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.


Open Kitchen Cabinet Layout Idea for Your Pantry

A single-wall, white-colored kitchen features open cabinets displaying ingredients and supplies.
Credit: @changoandco
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Open storage allows for optimal convenience, making ingredients, quick pantry bites, and utensils readily available. This small white kitchen with open shelving also creates the illusion of making the room feel larger. As an added bonus, you can display china pieces instead of saving them for special occasions.

Install a Backsplash on Your Kitchen Wall

F-shaped kitchen layout with decorative tile on a single wall.
Credit: @amesinteriors
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Whether you use tile, wallpaper, or another textured material, a backsplash is a great way to add some depth to your kitchen. This kitchen utilizes mosaic tile to serve as an artful statement. Tile backsplashes are great for added protection from water and steam, and they’re a breeze to clean.

Don’t Be Afraid of Unique Spaces

A staircase nook equipped with kitchen functionality.
Credit: @designcollectivewest
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Even with the largest floor plan, kitchen layouts can be complicated. Small areas, oddly-shaped nooks, and other nuances of your home can actually make for a great opportunity. This modern home with white walls and bright wood accents makes use of a staircase nook by outfitting it with cabinetry and shelving.

While limited in space, this beautiful nook kitchen is well-equipped with an oven, food processor, storage, and a sink. A single-control faucet saves space while maintaining ultimate style and performance.

Enjoy Extra Space With an Open Floor Plan

A sizeable kitchen. Seating is in the foreground of the image and cutoff, with an island and fully appointed kitchen in the background.
Credit: @chelsea_design_construction
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A combination kitchen and dining room can be a great option for cooks who like to be a part of the action. With an open floor plan, you can still participate in dining room conversations while preparing the next course. This bright kitchen includes extra seating at the island to serve as the ultimate gathering place of the home.

Design Your Kitchen Configuration for Function and Fashion

U shape kitchen layout with natural wood cabinetry. Open, black, square shelves hang on the back wall.
Credit: KTG Design Group

When adding features like a range hood or storage to your kitchen, don’t forget these items can also be statement pieces for your design style. Don’t love the look of a hood? Consider a more aesthetically pleasing cover. Have extra shelf space? Use it to display some decorative items and elevate your look.

This kitchen features wood cabinets with flush handles, providing a sleek presentation while remaining entirely functional. Black, open shelves offer convenience while also serving as a stark display of color-matched cookware.

Get Creative With Kitchen Light Fixtures

A U-shape kitchen with wood surfaces throughout. White marble countertops and square, grey tile flooring.
Credit: @bradleystephensdesign
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A unique light fixture can elevate a basic kitchen setup idea and bring new life to a room. Whether you’re going for a classic culinary style or something more modern, the right lighting can take your look over the top.

This transitional kitchen configuration uses varying shades of wood throughout, including on the cylinder-shaped lanterns hanging above the island. The wood-encased light fixtures unify the kitchen in the warmth of natural materials.

Make Use of Natural Light to Brighten Your Luxury Kitchen

An L-shaped upstairs kitchen in the foreground, with a glass backdoor letting in sunlight in the foreground.
Credit: @foundbymaja
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We spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen between prepping, cooking, lounging, and cleaning. Natural light and windows make this time much more enjoyable. This white kitchen with hardwood floors is adjacent to sliding glass doors that are ushering in a delightful burst of sunlight.

Space-Saving Kitchen Layout Idea: Banquette Seating

A kitchenette with banquette bench seating and small circular table on the left. A compact yet luxurious cabinet with sink and gold faucet are on the right.
Credit: Molly Singer Design

Also known as fixed seating, banquette seating is a great way to add functionality to limited spaces.

This compact black-and-white kitchen design with gold accents uses a corner table with booth-style seating for optimal space accommodations. These seats are multipurpose, with cabinets constructed underneath for extra storage.

Dine-In Kitchen Layout With Island

A kitchen island features 4 chairs in this L shape layout. Grey cabinets and white countertops in this modern kitchen.
Credit: Max Humphrey

With the right design, you can turn your kitchen island into another oasis where you, your family, and invited guests can enjoy a meal. By providing a welcoming seating arrangement around the island, this white and grey kitchen allows for company to gather while the chef cooks. It can also be used as a seated prep area for more tedious tasks.

Add Pantry Cabinets for Optimized Storage

A U shaped kitchen showcases an island with white countertop and black faucet in the foreground. Floor-to-wall wood cabinetry is in the foreground wall.
Credit: @refined_renovations
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If you have enough space, adding a pantry to your kitchen helps create distinct storage zones for food, utensils, and other cooking essentials. Instead of rifling through cabinets looking for the ingredients you need, give yourself enough space to organize items in an efficient way with a shallow pantry.

This transitional kitchen with wood cabinetry also boasts a bar sink on the island, allowing for cocktail necessities to be stored in the drawers and cabinets below. 

Increase Functionality With Two Islands

Expansive Wood kitchen with black accent surfaces. 2 islands are in the foreground, with an oven in the back and more appliances on the left. A sink and faucet are on the right.
Credit: @eigelberger_architecture

Create as many prep zones as you need with multiple islands, or utilize one for cooking and another for entertaining guests. This large wood and black kitchen boasts double the counter space, proving the possibilities for your kitchen setup are endless.

Improve Air Quality in a Small Kitchen With a Range Hood

A one wall kitchenette. On the left sits a sink with drawers underneath and glass-door cabinets atop. On the right is a stove with range hood above. The kitchen is mostly white, while the oven is red and range hood is silver.
Credit: @kenneshepherd

A range hood can be a major difference-maker in your kitchen experience, especially in small spaces. Making room in your design for a quality hood can help eliminate odors and excess heat and reduce grime that can build up from cooking. This addition will not only benefit you today but will likely help your kitchen remain pristine for years to come.

In this kitchen, the ceiling-mounted oven hood is placed above a red oven and stovetop with matching dials. While more storage might have been one direction for an upgrade, the homeowner prioritized the longevity of the kitchen and healthy indoor air quality. The silver finish on the hood matches the stovetop and faucet, becoming a seamless element of the overall layout.

Bonus tip: add a pot filler for convenient food prep.

Tried and True Kitchen Layout Idea: the Work Triangle

A bright mostly white kitchen incorporates the work triangle, with food prep in the middle island in the foreground, and the refrigerator and sink behind.
Credit: Style Guide Interior Design

A renowned model that dates back to the 1940’s, the kitchen work triangle is a well-known choice for how to design a kitchen layout. It ensures your storage, prep, and cleaning spaces are all easily accessible and within quick reach of each other. Many kitchen floor plans utilize other systems, but why not rely on a proven method?

This white kitchen with gold and wood accents makes use of this dependable arrangement, with recommended placements of the sink, refrigerator, and stovetop.

Aim High With Vertical Storage Solutions

A narrow galley kitchen with black cabinets, white walls, white countertops, and dark wood flooring.

Whether you need to make the most of a small space or just want your large kitchen to be as open as possible, vertical storage is a great option. If you don’t mind extending your reach a bit for items you don’t use as often, raising your storage will take your kitchen to new heights. This sleek black and white kitchen even has a ladder for those hard-to-reach areas.

Open Up Your Kitchen Layout With Minimalistic Hardware

A bar kitchen area is outfitted with blue cabinetry and gold fixtures, including the faucet, cabinet handles, and a polaris-shaped ceiling-hung light.
Credit: Maison Birmingham
Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

This modern bar area features a sprawling white marble countertop, providing ample space for cocktail essentials. The white windowsill is coordinated with the marble in a delicate backdrop to the brilliant shine of the Unlacquered Brass faucet. Color-matched gold handles against dark blue cabinets complete the design in striking detail.

Open up your counter space with beautiful, minimalistic fixtures like luxury kitchen faucets. Compact fixtures like low-spout faucets add style while also allowing more room for your other necessities.

Kitchen Cabinet Layout Idea: Optimize Storage by Combining Options

A bright kitchen with white and pastel green surfaces. A long kitchen island with 4 chairs is in the foreground, while the oven area is in the foreground, complete with open shelves on the wall and a white range hood.

Open shelving and classic cabinets are both great additions to a kitchen layout—so why not use both? Taking inspiration from this mostly-white kitchen with pastel blue walls, you can use open shelves to showcase aesthetically pleasing items like cast iron cookware, precious china, or cookbooks. In this open yet refined design, cabinets are reserved for more functional cooking essentials to preserve the sophisticated appeal.

Design Your Kitchen Layout Around Your Appliances

Credit: Gathered Group

This soft, radiant kitchen relies on stainless steel appliances to further brighten the charming environment. An industrial-style oven hood serves as the functional centerpiece, with a sleek fridge recessed into the cabinetry on the right and a pair of ovens on the left. Neutral and light tans, blues, and greys complete this delightful kitchen design with a dine-in kitchen island.

If a large stainless steel refrigerator is on your list of must-haves, why not start there and set up the rest of your kitchen around it? Whether that’s your fridge, a gas range, double ovens, or a stand mixer, create a space that works for the items you use and care about most.

Create Extra Space by Foregoing an Island

An open kitchen design with a high roof. Sink and appliances are on the right, with food prep and a wine refrigerator on the left.
Credit: @thisiseau
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If your kitchen is in the main thoroughfare of your home, a small galley-style space or an island may not work in your best interest. A more open kitchen allows for multiple cooks to work at once, and also keeps a path clear for others to pass through while you work.

Instead of placing an island in the broad walkway, this transitional kitchen provides maximum space for those in the kitchen and others just passing by.

Break Away from Traditional Kitchen Layout Ideas

A compact L shape kitchen. The L shape counter is on the left, and a small dining table with 2 wood chairs on the right.
Credit: Rune Enstad

While standard kitchen setup ideas are often dependable and safe, they are not always practical for your space or useful for your preferences. Don’t be afraid to arrange your kitchen in a fresh way. Adding wraparound counters or centering your kitchen around a pillar in the room can create an appealing look and become a conversation piece in your home.

This kitchen layout features an L-shaped countertop and a small dining space for two. While others may prefer a single wall with an I-shaped countertop or to forego the dining space, your kitchen is truly your own space to experiment.

Kitchen Cabinet Layout Idea: Equip Your Island With Storage

Credit: @suitesixdesign
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

Islands and kitchen counters aren’t just for looks or extra counter space—they’re often brimming with extra storage space. Whether you use this for cookware, linens, or even a wastebasket or dishwasher, try this multipurpose kitchen layout idea.

This island utilizes dark wood cabinets equipped with a stove and multiple cabinets and drawers. White countertops and an apron-front sink complete the island design in practical luxury, with light wood flooring providing a pleasing visual contrast to the overall design.

Pour a Drink at a Wet Bar

A bar is in the background with black cabinets, white countertops, and a white wall outfitted with a large abstract painting in the middle flanked by open shelving. A dining table is surrounded by 4 black and white checkered chairs on 3 sides, with bench seating on 1 side.
Credit: @lesleemitchell
Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

If you have a dining section near your kitchen, consider adding a wet bar. This pastel, artsy dining area includes a bar against the wall with shiny black cabinets and white countertops. This wet bar offers a captivating and welcoming environment for gathering, drinking, and dining.

Wash Up in a Kitchen Mud Room

One side of this white kitchen is visible. A silver apron-front sink is in the middle, with overhead glass cabinet doors atop on each side and white cabinet drawers underneath.
Credit: @smithandhutton
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

If your kitchen is near a commonly used entrance to your home, your sink may be the first stop upon coming inside. Opting for an open area near the sink with a large basin for washing is a great way to create a multipurpose kitchen. Just make sure you choose a material that’s durable and easy to clean, such as stainless steel.

This white modern farmhouse kitchen features a sprawling apron-front sink for convenient cleaning. The powerful faucet and matching sidespray provide versatile washing options. If your kitchen is located around the corner from your back door, consider this elegant approach to a mud room kitchen layout.

To create a beautiful and durable space to handle your household’s needs, explore luxury kitchen sinks from KALLISTA.

FAQs About How to Design a Kitchen Layout

What is the best layout for a kitchen?

For chefs who need efficient workspaces, a galley kitchen is ideal. If seating and dining are of importance, a U-shaped kitchen with an island may be the best kitchen layout.

Which kitchen layout idea is the most efficient?

Ideal kitchen layouts will vary depending on how you use the space. Galley kitchens are known for their efficiency since the countertops are close enough for easy access, and the triangle rule can be easily maintained.

What is the kitchen triangle rule?

The kitchen working triangle, or the golden triangle, was developed in the 1940’s. This guideline says that your areas for cleaning, preparing, and cooking food should be arranged in a triangle formation that allows you to complete all your tasks easily and with no obstructions.

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