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19 Stylish White Kitchen Designs & Ideas to Create Your Dream Kitchen

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July 28, 2022
Kallista Design

A white kitchen is a classic yet fresh starting point to express your own design style. Common white kitchen ideas include using paint, hardware, and accents to make it feel like your own creation. There are multiple ways to execute your white kitchen inspiration from modern to traditional and anything in between.

Explore the best white kitchen design ideas collected and curated by KALLISTA.

Contrast Your Modern White Kitchen Design With Black Accents

White kitchen design with black accents by Mick De Giulio.
Credit: @degiuliodesign
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If you can’t fully embrace the idea of an all-white kitchen, adding contrasting accents can be a happy medium. This modern white kitchen uses black cabinets, faucets, and accessories to provide opposition to the white walls. Sleek black kitchen faucets from KALLISTA add a bold statement to this modern white kitchen.

Renovating your bar instead? Explore our matte black bar faucets.

Create a Sleek White Kitchen Design Using Chrome

Sleek white kitchen design with chrome appliances.
Credit: @serendipitedesigns
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

White kitchen inspiration is achieved in this small space, accomplishing its goal of seeming larger than it is. Bright and shiny chrome on the refrigerator and drawers reflect the light to enhance the overall effect of the white kitchen’s impact. Uniquely shaped cabinet hardware adds to the futuristic feel. The matte black faucet and countertop dare to contradict the mostly white space.

Use Lighting to Brighten Your White Kitchen Design

Bright white kitchen idea with natural light.
Credit: @foundbymaja
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Give your contemporary white kitchen a boost by adding unique lighting that will act as a conversation piece. Natural light adds an additional element of radiance to this luxury white kitchen.

Add Hints of Black to a White Kitchen Design

Whimsical white kitchen design with ornate black tile accents.
Design by Studio Miel, Photography by Stacy Zaring Goldberg, Product Benton Mosaic Clara in White Thassos/Nero Marquina

This uniquely shaped kitchen layout has all of the hallmarks of classic white kitchens: white top and bottom cabinets, glistening marble countertops, and bright white tile. Jumping into the fray are splashes of black patterns and accents. Luxury kitchen accessories like gold faucets and cabinet handles add sophistication to this charming design.

Adorn Your White Kitchen Design With Luxurious Gold Brassware

An elegant white kitchen with white marble countertop and gold hardware.
Credit: @twinconstruction
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Create your dream luxury white kitchen with minimal effort by adding gold accents. A designer gold faucet, light fixtures, and hardware will provide a sense of esteemed elegance. 

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Install a Shiny White Backsplash

White kitchen tile design with black faucet.
Design by Holly Gagne Interior Design, Photography by Jared Kuzia

Impactful additions to beautiful white kitchens can be achieved with a backsplash, which can change the entire look of the space. Small square tiles provide a clean backdrop, allowing you to make additional design choices that won’t clash with your sink area.

White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Idea

White kitchen design with modern farmhouse appeal, including a white apron front sink.
Credit: @allisonbabcock

Lean into the idea of your all-white kitchen surroundings. One white kitchen cabinet idea is to have overhead doors showcasing white dishes. This design takes it a step further, with white trim adorning window and cabinet frames, while an apron-front luxury kitchen sink is front and center.

All of the light comes shining through a central window to add to the brightness of the space. When considering white kitchen floor ideas, lean towards wood which completes the warm feeling of the room.

White Kitchen Design With Earthy Tones

Idea for decorating white kitchen with flowers and natural warm tones.
Product: Craze 8"x12" Field in White, Design: Kelle Contine Interior Design, Photography: Jake Holt

Liven up your white kitchen design with the addition of warm, personal touches. Sprinkle wooden and terra cotta pots on top of counters, doubling as vessels to hold kitchen items. Fruits and flowers throughout can also make the space feel like a garden paradise.

Use Grey Wallpaper to Offset a Beautiful White Kitchen

Grey wallpaper with a washed ook adds a softness to this bright white kitchen.
Credit: @cpoppworkshop
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

This large white kitchen is doing everything right, with soft grey wallpaper muting the brightness of the room only slightly. The wallpaper expands on the pattern offered by the marble countertop as if clouds are passing through the area.

Add Depth to Your White Kitchen Design With Multiple Textures

Bright kitchen design with white cabinets, textured wallpaper, and sleek chrome appliances.
Product: Radius by Barbara Barry Wedge Field in Custom Colors, Designer: Gathered Group Photography: Andrew Sherman

This white wall kitchen is awash in cool pastels, evoking the feeling of a Caribbean bar. Inset pastel tiles with white accents add depth and texture to the room. See more kitchen bar designs and ideas here.

Geometric Backsplash Idea for Your White Kitchen Design

White kitchen with tile backsplash in geometric black outlines.
Credit: @bonnieammoninteriors

Bring your luxury white kitchen into the future using modern geometric tiles in the white theme. A backsplash is both functional and decorative, as it complements modern kitchen faucets while protecting the wall from moisture, heat, and buildup. Geometric patterning lends an additional depth to the kitchen space, making it appear bigger.

Luxurious White Marble Kitchen Design

White kitchen designed with marble, featuring grey streaks.
Credit: @justinesolerdesign
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

If you have been considering white kitchen design ideas but are not sure about an all-white kitchen, a marble countertop is a safe choice. It is durable for countertops and backsplashes and provides brightness for a luxury white kitchen. Marble with unique patterns adds shades of grey in an artful display. Await your next drink at the white topped, marble kitchen island equipped with a luxury bar faucet.

Make an Island the Centerpiece of Your White Kitchen Design

Large white kitchen with white island counter and tiled backsplash.
Design by Style Guide Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge Photography, Product Savoy Hive Mosaic in Paperwhite

Your white kitchen design doesn’t need to have all elements in white. A bright, white kitchen island in the middle of the space sets the tone for the rest of the room. Insert your own style ideas around this centerpiece with luxury kitchen faucets and cabinet handles.

This Small White Kitchen Design Has a Large Impact

Small white kitchen with a red oven.
Credit: @kenneshepherd
Featured Product: Quincy™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Don’t let a small space derail your favorite white kitchen design ideas. A designer-inspired kitchen is achieved here with color blocking. The silver range hood contrasts with the red stove and gives way to their white sink neighbor. Detailed etching within the white and glass cabinets elevates the space. To pick the right sink, learn about common types such as undermount sink vs. drop-in sinks.

Dark Wood and White Kitchen Design Idea

Product: Nottingham Diamond Tundra Tile by ANN SACKS

If you love rich wood but also like the idea of a clean white kitchen, the best compromise is creating a white and wood two-tone kitchen. Large, white cooking and prep space is offset with strong, dark wood cabinets and floors. Merging the two are upholstered white counter chairs with similarly colored wood, bringing a cozy feel into the bright kitchen.

Old-Fashioned Touches Create Comfort in This Transitional White Kitchen Design

Kitchen with white cabintes and range hood, with pastel tile walls.
Product: Tiempo Azhahar Field in Oxford and Blue on White

White kitchen inspiration needn’t be modern or traditional. Transitional design exists between these two opposite ends of the spectrum. This kitchen utilizes a mixture of classic and contemporary elements to create a unique and inviting space. A large white range hood adds flair with its sweeping design, setting the tone for the rest of the kitchen. White on white kitchen cabinets with inlays contribute to the traditional feel. White lattice counter chairs add the final flourish creating a homey gathering spot.

Sleek Black and White Kitchen Design

Black and white kitchen idea with white marble and speckled black spots.
Product: Craze 8"x12" Field in White, Design: Kelle Contine Interior Design, Photography: Jake Holt

Is it a black kitchen with white splashes or a white kitchen with black accents? It’s in the eye of the beholder. In this modern white kitchen, the white tile and sleek black island provide an engaging contrast. White, rectangular porcelain tile shows up in the backsplash and under the island, juxtaposed with black grout.

Modern Log Cabin Gets Splash of White

Log cabin kitchen with white walls and wood accents.
Product: Context 1.75"x11" field in Jasper

The white and wood kitchen of your dreams is executed in this strikingly modern architectural space. Placing the white accent walls up high brings the kitchen out of the darkness. A bright white quartz island top breaks up a sea of multi-colored wood surrounding the rest of the kitchen. The tubular light fixture adds an unexpected sense of whimsy to the center of the room.

White Walls Set the Stage

Credit: @cpoppworkshop

A white wall kitchen gives you the freedom to get creative with other aspects of your design. Wood and grey combine to add sophistication to this small bar space. White walls prevent the space from feeling enclosed and dark.

FAQs About White Kitchen Design Ideas

White kitchens have been the traditional standard for many years. If you move into a new place, there is a strong possibility that the kitchen walls and cabinets are painted white. This is the perfect opportunity to express whatever white kitchen design ideas you may have been thinking about.

What colors pair best with a white kitchen?

The best aspect of a white kitchen is that it provides a blank slate for you to realize your dream kitchen. If that means white walls and black counters or white counters and green walls, that’s how you can make the kitchen your own. The colors also depend on the amount of light available to you in the kitchen. If there is natural light, dark colors can work more effectively. If only overhead lighting is available, stay close to lighter colors like white and pastels.

What is a timeless kitchen backsplash?

Within all-white kitchens, the opportunity is endless for you to get creative with a backsplash. A more traditional and timeless option is the rectangular subway tile. Use white grout for the most classic look or black grout to give it some personality.

Are white kitchens still in style?

White kitchens are an enduring look that will remain classic for years to come. White kitchen remodel ideas are infinite. The key is to take elements of design that appeal to you and create a luxury white kitchen that makes you happy and comfortable.

What kind of kitchen backsplash is in style?

Start by considering what type of backsplash fits your dream kitchen, and then build off of that. Subway tile is always classic, even when trends come and go. To make this style more contemporary, pick a striking color like teal. Subway tile also comes in larger shapes and with a glass front that will give your kitchen a sleek look. 

Shapes are a great way to assert your inner designer. Arabesque and hexagonal tile are two examples of staying somewhat traditional but with an upscale decorative feel.

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