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71 Luxury Kitchen Designs and Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation

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July 22, 2022
Kallista Design

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Whether using it for cooking or visiting with friends, creating a comfortable and luxe kitchen space is often high on the list of home renovations. Simple changes to your kitchen, like installing high-end faucets or adding a bold splash of color, can change the room into an interior design showcase with little effort.

Discover top kitchen design ideas curated by KALLISTA.

Modern Luxury Kitchen Design Idea

This modern luxury kitchen design idea uses white cabinets with black hardware are against the left wall for contemporary inspiration.
Credit: @ferrarinidesignbuild
Featured Product: One™ Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

A high-end kitchen design provides a clean and functional space while surrounding the homeowner with finer elements. Sleek countertops and open-space planning put the focus on food prep and gathering. A modern kitchen boasts high-end appliances and designer faucets perfect for preparing any delicious meal.

Traditional Kitchen Design Idea

This luxury kitchen design features a traditional apron-front sink and golden-finished faucets.
Credit: @meganlkarp
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

Whether inspired by fond memories of the family kitchen from childhood or one from the pastoral bed and breakfast you visited, a traditional style creates a feeling that personifies the kitchen as a warm space. This high-end kitchen design includes crown moldings and soft color palettes to create a homey atmosphere.

Black and White Luxury Kitchen Design With an Island

Luxury kitchen design with black cabinets and white countertops.
Credit: @degiuliodesign
Featured Collection: Juxtapose™ by Mick De Giulio

A kitchen island design provides ample space for food prep, as well as a central place to spend time in the home. This luxury kitchen style merges function and elegance using simplicity and high-class design elements. Add kitchen or bar stools to create a casual dining space.

Invest in a Designer Kitchen Faucet

Close-up of a kitchen sink and faucet. The arch spout and bridge-faucet design adds elegance to this luxury kitchen design.
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

A wonderful way to express luxurious kitchen style while enhancing functionality is the selection of a designer faucet. Add a touch of modern sophistication with the One deck-mount bridge kitchen faucet. With its sleek spout and soft curves, this faucet will enhance the look of any contemporary kitchen space.

Statement-Making Kitchen Design Idea: Apron-Front Sinks

In this breathtakingly luxurious kitchen design, subway tile serves as a backdrop to the hand-hammered stainless steel sink. White marble with grey and light green streaks forms the countertop and right wall.
Featured Product: Bacifiore® 24" Apron Front Butler Sink

An apron-front sink, also commonly known as a farmhouse sink, is a stylish addition to any kitchen. The design provides additional ergonomic benefits, allowing the user to be closer to the sink and avoid leaning over. An apron-front sink is a popular style choice for a modern luxury kitchen with a timeless feel, touted by many high-end kitchen designers.

Melding elements of sculpture, craft, and visual texture, the Bacifiore 24" Apron Front Butler sink is the perfect statement piece. The stainless steel material is both versatile and timeless with strong functionality and robust properties.

Black and White Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Black marble runs through the countertop and apron-front sink, contrasting with the white walls of this modern farmhouse kitchen design idea.
Credit: @elizabethlawsondesign
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Black and white provides a striking, modern appearance for high-end farmhouse kitchens. The stark contrast between a black apron-front sink and white cabinets creates a level of sophistication that elevates any kitchen experience.

Wood Kitchen Design Idea

Large U shape kitchen with medium-toned wood cabinetry throughout. 4 stools alongside the island are slightly darker wood which coordinate with the 3 wood-encased hanging pendant lights. White marble countertops and a chrome faucet finish the look of this luxury wood kitchen design.
Credit: @bradleystephensdesign
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Wood kitchens offer a classic and timeless look with the beauty of natural materials. There are many wood finishes to choose from, and the feel can range from sleek and modern to farmhouse rustic. Design high-end custom kitchen cabinetry to your specifications and in multiple colors to work seamlessly with the rest of your home. Choose a complementary metal finish for your kitchen fixtures based on the color of the wood.

Round Sink Idea for Kitchen Bar

Luxury kitchen equipped with a small bar sink in a white countertop. A round, stainless steel sink is reflective, along with the single-control faucet with arch spout.
Featured Product: Monte Carlo Bar Sink

A small sink or wet bar is a handy feature to have in a kitchen where space is at a premium, especially during the busy holidays. To achieve a luxury look in a small space, install a bar sink with a hand-hammered finish, like the Monte Carlo bar sink by KALLISTA, with striking faucets to match.

Create Your Own Oasis

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Bold Kitchen Tile Colors and Patterns

Green square tiles with rounded accents decorate the back wall of this luxury kitchen design. In the foreground, a black arch-spout faucet adorns a large rectangle sink, with sliced bread atop a cutting board.
Credit: @degiuliodesign
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

Upscale kitchen designs and ideas often include splashes of color to bring forth unique personalities through individual preferences. Dramatic textured backsplashes provide elegance and sophistication, while an accent wall with a bold color is a simple change that can have a big impact. Along with upgrading your faucets, adding colors and patterns is a quick and easy way to renovate a kitchen. 

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Idea

This modern farmhouse kitchen design uses olive green cabinetry, white marble countertops, and gold fixtures. The wall features square tiles with floral patterns.
Credit: @katemarkerinteriors
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

A farmhouse kitchen is a cozy gathering place to share meals and create memories. Sleek wood cabinetry with shiny paint and color-matched hardware adds functional elegance to the farmhouse kitchen. Elevate this look with modern hardware of bronze, gold, or brushed nickel to achieve a homely yet high-end kitchen design.

Neutral Colors for a Tranquil and Inviting Kitchen Design

A white kitchen design features light wood flooring and light wood chairs against the island countertop. A stovetop, cabinetry, and range hood are in the foreground.
Credit: @paperwhiteinteriors
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

State-of-the-art kitchen design ideas are easily achieved with a fresh coat of paint. Bring calm and peace to your kitchen using muted shades like soft beige or pastel. A monochromatic theme evokes a high-end feel, while polished or brushed nickel brassware can carry on the theme of harmony in your kitchen.

Consider a Rectangle or Square Bar Sink for Your Kitchen

A kitchen bar setting with windows suggesting a loft or apartment. A kitchen bar is designed with black marble countertop is equipped with a shining, square bar sink and matte black bar faucet.
Credit: @degiuliodesign
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Bar Sink

Bar sinks provide extra prep space away from the bustling activity of the kitchen. Stylish options are available in round or square designs to fit any space. Dial up the drama of your bar area with a shimmering, distressed stainless steel sink. Enhance the high-end design with signature faucet finishes.

Luxury Kitchen Idea: Illuminate With Chandeliers

In this luxury bright kitchen, two elegant chandeliers hang from the ceiling above the kitchen island, with white marble countertop, sink and faucet, black cabinetry, and white designer bar stools. An oven, stove top, and range hood are in the background as well as white cabinets.
Credit: @degiuliodesign
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

Set the right mood in your kitchen with designer light fixtures. Chandeliers, pendant lighting, or inset LED lights can completely change the feel of a room and make your luxury kitchen feel like the most elegant room in the house. Consider alternating your lighting so that your food prep area has functional light and gathering spaces have flattering light.

Traditional English Kitchen Design Idea

Stovetop in an all-white kitchen design. A gold pot filler is installed near the stovetop with a tea kettle. A range hood is above the stovetop. Cabinet hardware matches the gold finish of the pot filler.
Credit: @studiomcgee

Stately English luxury kitchens are made whole with the right accessories. Charming brass or gold finishes against muted beige or British racing green cabinets can invoke a feeling of classic European elegance.

Install a Durable Stainless Steel Sink With Accessories

A luxury kitchen sink with accessories installed in a white countertop. A deck-mounted bridge faucet with lever handles and a sidespray are installed.
Credit: @degiuliodesign
Featured Product: Multiere® 45" Kitchen Sink

In a luxury kitchen design, the durability of stainless steel isn’t its only admirable quality. As the preferred choice of commercial chefs, stainless steel is easy to clean to a shine, stain-resistant, never chips or rusts, and complements a variety of faucet finishes. Multiere by Mick De Giulio takes this modern look to the next level with additional features like storage, a colander holder, a flatware tray for rinsing cutlery, and a deluxe plantation teak cutting board.

Luxury Open Kitchen Design Concept

Large kitchen design idea with high ceilings. Two separate counterspaces are on the left and right, with a wide open walkway in between.
Credit: @thisiseau
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Include your elegant kitchen in the party with an open concept design. Guests can keep you company, enjoying snacks and drinks while you cook. A dining room that shares space with the kitchen, or stools at the island, includes everyone for that gathered-together feel. 

Use Colors to Your Advantage in Your Luxury Kitchen Design

A large luxury kitchen featuring red accents in the bright wood cabinets.
Credit: @summerthorntondesign
Product Feature: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

Color is one of the better ways to express personality and style in the kitchen. High-end kitchen designs often make use of accent walls to add depth for a modern feel, instead of only plain white or wood cabinets. Many appliances are available in an array of colors and can lend an unexpected element to your luxury kitchen idea.

Black and Gold Luxury Kitchen Design

Closeup of a matte black luxury kitchen faucet with gold accents.
Credit: @degiuliodesign
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

Give your luxury kitchen a fine dining feel with black and gold faucets. When the fixtures adorn a bar sink, you suddenly have your own speakeasy. Matte black and subtle gold accents, like the Semi-Professional Faucet by Mick De Giulio, create a mood of refinement and high-end design.

Utilize White Tile for a Clean Kitchen Design

This luxury kitchen viewed from the side features pastel blue cabinetry in the background, with white mosaic tiles on the wall behind the stovetop. An island with a gold faucet and a seating area sits in the foreground.
Credit: Style Guide Interior Design

A white kitchen evokes a clean, luxurious feeling and can make a small space appear larger. Opt for white kitchen design ideas for countertops, cabinets, white floors, and walls to create a bright and open environment. Installing luxury faucets will make the room even more sleek.

Walk-In Pantry Kitchen Design Idea

A luxury kitchen sink area, with two tall cabinet doors on both sides, with open shelving in the middle above the gold sink faucet. Cookware is stored on shelves, along with pantry ingredients placed on the counter.
Credit: @studiomcgee
Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

Organization is key to a functioning kitchen design. With a place for everything, you have more time to spend with friends and family. A small closet space can be converted into a walk-in pantry. Customize shelves to store everything from dried goods to pots and pans. Properly labeled bins and boxes can prevent the pantry from becoming overwhelming and cluttered.

Durable and Luxurious Kitchen Accessories

This luxury kitchen idea features a rectangular sink outfitted with a build-in cutting board and strainer full of washed vegetables under a reflective chrome faucet.
Featured Product: Multiere® 45" Kitchen Sink with Accessories

Instead of relying on outdated or unmatched cookware, your dream kitchen deserves well-constructed, long-lasting accessories. Choose well-made, long-lasting items that belong in your luxury kitchen. The highly functional and high-end design of the Multiere® 45" Kitchen Sink with Accessories by Mick De Giulio is an innovative idea that makes the most out of your sink space.

Rustic Modern Kitchen Design Idea

Luxury wood kitchen design with wood walls, wood rafters, and wood cabinetry throughout. Black countertops and a stove range hood provide a contrast.
Credit: @bradleystephensdesign
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

A rustic kitchen is meant to feel like a warm and inviting space that you never want to leave. Luxury kitchen ideas for this style include strong wooden cabinets, islands, and counters. Designer faucets elevate the rustic kitchen to a state-of-the-art masterpiece.

High-Contrast Kitchen Design Idea

Luxury kitchen design idea with white walls, black cabinets, and black faucet and soap dispenser combo.
Credit: @degiuliodesign
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Collection

Focusing on only two hues is a mark of high-end and modern kitchen design. The contrast of black and white always feels sharp, clean, and classic. Faucets and accessories from Juxtapose by Mick De Giulio can help create a designer atmosphere in your luxury kitchen.

Incorporate Tropical Design Elements

Luxury kitchen design idea with tiki bar decorations. Island is outlined with bamboo-like wood, with wood stools for seating. The white countertop holds tropical plants, fruit, and a gold faucet. Wood cabinetry and tile walls are in the background.
Credit: @hommeboys
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Create an oasis in your home and feel like you’re on holiday year-round. Low-maintenance flowering plants can establish a tropical sensibility in your luxury kitchen. Soft, beige tones and rattan accents create an atmosphere of escape, as if you’re perched at a tiki bar with a gentle breeze.

Add Pot Fillers for Convenient Kitchen Design

A pot sits on a stove, while a wall-mounted pot filler is extended out ready to fill. Grey and white tile backsplash adorn the background of this luxury kitchen design..
Credit: @degiuliodesign
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Wall-Mount Pot Filler

In a luxury kitchen, pasta lovers will enjoy a pot filler that is out of the way of the busy sink. This design choice is a contemporary way to show off your culinary skills. The Juxtapose wall-mount pot filler is both simple and striking, offering practicality with an upscale design.

Marble Kitchen Countertop Design Idea

Modern farmhouse kitchen design with white marble with taupe colorations throughout the countertop and wall. Marble continues on the apron-front sink. A stovetop and oven with range hood sits on the left side.
Credit: @glenbrookcabinetry
Featured Product: Vir Stil® Minimal Pull-Down Faucet

Upscale, elegant hotels feature marble throughout because it invokes a sense of grandeur. Marble brings a sense of splendor to your high-end kitchen design, as well as durability and easy cleaning. Colors vary from whitest white to deep black, with natural patterns to provide a stunning visual display. Once selected, you can pair your favorite faucet finish, and each piece has a specific pattern that becomes a part of your kitchen artistry.

Functional Kitchen Backsplash Idea

Traditional kitchen design idea features an oven with ornate gold hardware on a dark blue stove, surrounded by a white kitchen. A pot filler is mounted to the wall, with a large range hood above the stovetop.o
Credit: @vtsdesignsmith

Create extra space above your stovetop with clever additions. Floating shelves are easy to install and can hold items that you use most often in the kitchen. Another practical yet high-end kitchen design option is adding a wall-mount pot filler for efficient food prep. Choose a pot filler to match your faucet and backsplash.

Illuminate Your Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

Recessed lighting under cabinetry provides luxurious illumination for this upscale kitchen design idea.
Credit: @maison_birmingham
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Bar Faucet

Under-cabinet LED lighting adds a sophisticated look to your luxury kitchen. Additional lighting also helps with brightening up the countertops for food prep. If you have a decorative backsplash, this under-cabinet lighting will illuminate and draw attention to the pattern.

Wood Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Bright kitchen design idea, a glass door lets in natural light in the background. In the foreground, a white marble kitchen island features 3 stools and orb-like ornamental lights are hanging from the ceiling.
Credit: @foundbymaja
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Wood floors add warmth to any luxury kitchen. For a highly-used space, oak, maple, and cherry are durable and beautiful. When used in an open kitchen space, the wood floors can flow throughout the rest of the home, making your kitchen an extension of liveable space.

Decorate Your Kitchen With Flowers and Plants

This white luxury kitchen design features a sink with a single-control pull-down faucet. On the right, a bouquet of white flowers sits on the countertop next to a cutting board with apples.
Credit: @peabodysinteriors
Featured Product: Vir Stil® Minimal Pull-Down Faucet

Arranged flowers set in front of a striking backsplash can add a lavish touch to your luxury kitchen. Plants and flowers bring warmth to any space, even in a crisp, modern environment.

Store Dishes Above the Sink

A luxury kitchen design featuring mostly white surfaces and gold hardware accents, including the faucets. Dishes are stored above hanging shelving.
Credit: @katierogue
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Dow n Kitchen Faucet

Residents of smaller homes know how to make every square foot count. A stylish and functional luxury kitchen option is over-the-sink storage space. Striking combinations of gold finish on wood add sophistication to practicality. Easily put away oft-used dishes with this efficient solution.

Consider a Bridge Faucet for Your Kitchen Design

A bridge faucet with lever handles is finished in reflective chrome to finish this luxury kitchen design.
Credit: @thorpeconcepts
Featured Product: For Town Kitchen Faucet with Sidespray

Designer accessories immediately add artful refinement to help you achieve luxury kitchen results. A bridge faucet by KALLISTA feels more like an art piece than a mere sink accessory. Timeless and classic, the For Town kitchen faucet with sidespray evokes the elegance of a 1930’s Park Avenue apartment and complements a variety of kitchen environments.

Two-Tone Luxury Kitchen Design

A luxury kitchen design with dark cabinets on the left and light cabinets on the right.
Credit: @studiomcgee
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

Create a luxury kitchen with just two colors. A combination of wood, like oak and cherry, adds a designer feel but is also practical and feels warm. Contrasting bright colors bring a more modern edge to the kitchen. Finally, black and white can create an elegant art-deco feel.

Luxury Kitchen Design Idea: Brick Backsplash

A luxury kitchen with an island and a range hood made of black bricks.
Credit: @krywicki_interiordesign
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Brick continues to be a sought-after kitchen design element. When shopping for a new home, natural brick is always a pleasing find. The timeless brick look can also be achieved with a subway tile backsplash. Offered now in many colors and styles, a brick backsplash can be customized to suit your style needs.

White-On-White Kitchen Design Idea

A white luxury kitchen design with gold accents and a red patterned runner rug.
Credit: @peabodysinteriors
Featured Product: Vir Stil® Minimal Pull-Down Faucet

All white is a clean, crisp, and classic look for a high-end kitchen design. With this clean slate to start from, a fine array of finishes are available to complete the design. Chrome and white together is a trendy and modern kitchen pairing.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Idea

Outdoor patio with a bar and seating area, demonstrating an outdoor luxury kitchen design.
Featured Product: Bacifore® Bar Sink

Entertaining outdoors is a highlight of the summer—or all year if you live in a temperate climate. A well-equipped kitchen and grill bring the restaurant feel of a luxury kitchen out into the fresh air. To avoid running in and out of the house, install a bar sink so much of the kitchen prep can be done while entertaining guests outside. The Bacifore bar sink provides a durable stainless steel finish with elegant detail and a high-end design.

Create a Reflective Environment

A bright kitchen design idea with glossy white surfaces and reflective chrome faucet.
Credit: @bonnieammoninteriors

Light in an upscale kitchen is important for both cooking and ambiance. Reflective surfaces can brighten up a space for a more modern feel, and a glossy backsplash adds a luxurious atmosphere. Add a mirror to make smaller kitchens seem more spacious. Chrome faucets by KALLISTA add the perfect finishing touch by capturing the reflections of the surrounding environment.

Layer Textures and Colors in Your Luxury Kitchen

A luxury kitchen with white marble with grey streaks throughout the countertops nd cabinet wall.
Credit: @justinesolerdesign
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Turn your luxury kitchen into a work of art. Gallery and art fair finds can enhance the kitchen environment and create talking points. Elaborate cutting boards, modern vases, and textured backsplashes emulate a designer showcase.

Introduce Golden Hues With Unlacquered Brass

A luxury kitchen design featuring white cabinets and gold hardware, including a arch-spout faucet finished in unlacquered brass.
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Gold conjures images of royalty and extravagance. Adding gold accents to your high-end kitchen design feels luxurious and elegant. KALLISTA's signature Unlacquered Brass finish on faucets and cabinet pulls add this level of designer style to your luxury kitchen.

Wicker Kitchen Island Seating for Warmth and Comfort

Wicker chairs at the island add warmth to this luxury kitchen design, complete with a golden brass faucet and hanging lights.
Credit: @amandalodgedesign
Featured Product: One™ Single-Control Sink Faucet

A modern, luxury kitchen with an island invites guests to sit and watch kitchen prep or enjoy snacks before dinner. Introducing wicker or rattan chairs instead of classic bar stools adds warmth and comfort, making your guests feel at home in your high-end kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

A sleek modern kitchen design idea with chrome-finished hardware, including the graceful arch spout faucet.,
Credit: @bspnyc
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Minimalist high-end kitchen design feels modern and sleek. The clutter-free area invites cooks and guests to enjoy themselves and not worry about a lack of counter space. With smooth, flat cabinets and simple hardware, like the One pull-down kitchen faucet, you can embrace simplicity with sleek forms and balanced designs.

Add Designer Bar Stools

Luxury kitchen featuring bar stools with sleek gold legs and clear plastic seating.
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Invite your guests to sit with you while you cook or enjoy appetizers with sophisticated bar stools. Elements of high-end design kitchen chairs are lucite backs, metal legs, and sleek, artful design. Measure carefully to know if you need bar or counter stools.

Color-Coordinate Your Kitchen Hardware

Featured Products: KALLISTA Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen hardware is an effortless way to create a luxury kitchen. A fine array of finishes are available to match your personal design style. Matte black shows sophistication and elegance, while brass tones exude warmth, and chrome feels contemporary. Matching across faucets and cabinet hardware creates a cohesive look in your high-end kitchen.

Work With a Professional Kitchen Designer

Credit: @degiuliodesign
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Collection

When you’re ready to create your dream luxury kitchen, there are many things to consider. You may have many ideas about what kind of stove is best, what colors you like, what hardware and faucet finishes you love, and where everything needs to go. A professional kitchen designer can help with every detail.

Modern, farmhouse, contemporary, and rustic kitchens are all options. Working with a designer will allow you to decide what options best fit your style needs. 

Luxury Kitchen Design FAQs

What makes a kitchen design luxurious?

Your ideal luxury kitchen is filled with high-end kitchen designs and ideas, such as: 

  • High-quality designer faucets
  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Premium stoves in an array of finishes
  • Refrigerators with the newest software built in
  • Modern cabinetry crafted of the finest quality wood
  • Kitchen islands that invite guests to assist and visit in the kitchen
  • High-end, designer lighting both above and under cabinets

The luxury kitchen is the room in your house that you never want to leave. Surround yourself with high-end, quality design elements.

What is the 2022 trend for kitchens?

Open luxury kitchens are still a popular choice. These designs allow the high-end designer theme to flow naturally into the rest of the home. Wood floors can extend from your dining room into the luxury kitchen, creating a seamless transition. 

High-end designer fixtures are an easy way to upgrade your kitchen space with elegance. A wall-mount pot filler, like the Juxtapose by Mick De Giulio, immediately elevates your space to the level of sophistication that defines a luxury kitchen. 

A stainless steel sink is another significant component of a luxury kitchen. The Bacifore designed by Mick De Giulio 30" apron-front butler sink is a prime example of high-end kitchen design, boasting functionality merged with style. 

Which design style is best for luxury kitchens?

The luxury kitchen is often thought of as modern or contemporary in design, but traditional styles like English country or farmhouse, can be elegant as well. The defining elements of a luxury kitchen are high-quality appliances, lighting and fixtures, sleek cabinetry, and designer sinks. You can design your own luxury kitchen on your own or with the help of a professional who can provide you with high-end kitchen designs and ideas.

What are the essential features of a luxury kitchen?

Luxury kitchens are defined by high-end design elements like fixtures, lighting, and cabinetry. High-end appliances, like eight-burner gas stoves and smart refrigerators, showcase designer touches. Faucets with sidesprays and soap dispensers are indications of high-end design and can be customized with finishes that work with the design flow of your luxury kitchen.

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