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What's In for 2023 Home Design

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August 15, 2023
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Are you thinking of redesigning your home in 2023? With a new year and new home trends to consider, now is the time to refresh your space. From bold colors and maximalism to natural materials and vintage touches, 2023 is all about creating warm and inviting spaces that reflect your personal style.  

In this article, we explore the top home design trends for 2023, providing insights and visual examples to help you transform your living space. Here are some of the most notable trends:

  • Maximalism over minimalism.
  • Warm tones replacing cooler ones.
  • Emphasis on natural materials.
  • Vintage and traditional touches.

Whether you are planning a significant renovation or simply seeking to refresh a space, you can use these trends as inspiration. Join us as we explore the top trends of home design for 2023.

Expressive and Bold: Maximalist Home Designs

According to a 2023 Insider report, designer Shanade McAllister-Fisher states that people are seeking to “incorporate more fun and creativity in their spaces.”

By Florian Dussart

In contrast to recent emphasis on minimalism and decluttering, maximalism is a dominant home design trend in 2023. This style is all about boldness, extravagance, and daring to be different.

What Is Maximalism?

Maximalism is about creating spaces that are full of personality and character, where every inch of the room is packed with expressive and engaging elements. It's a celebration of individuality and a rejection of the notion that less is more. In maximalist design, every item has a purpose and a story, and every color and pattern is intentionally selected to create a cohesive yet eclectic look.

Vibrant Colors

Unlike the subdued palettes of minimalist interior design, maximalism embraces bold and bright colors that make a statement. Think jewel tones such as emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, and deep purple. These colors create a sense of depth and richness that can bring a space to life.

By Oleksii

For inspiration, consider incorporating Viva Magenta, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023. This vibrant color is rooted in nature and descends from the red family, making it an ideal choice for adding a pop of color and vibrancy to any space.

Layered Patterns

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Maximalist designers often layer colors and patterns to create an eclectic, personalized look. They may mix different prints and textures, combining florals, stripes, and geometric shapes to create a unique and dynamic visual experience. The result is a playful and whimsical space that exudes energy and personality.

Unique Accents

One way to incorporate maximalism into your home is through statement furniture pieces. Consider a brightly colored sofa or accent chair, or add a bold pop of color with an area rug. If you're not ready to commit to such a bold statement piece, try adding colorful throw pillows or artwork to your existing décor.

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Warmer Colors for Inviting Homes

While cool tones have dominated home designs in the recent past, warm shades are on the rise. Interiors with tones of beige, taupe, brown, and coral are trending over cooler grays.

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The shift towards warmer colors can be attributed to the desire for a more inviting and cozy space.

Furnishings and Accessories

Despite the recent dominance of matte black home design, warm colors such as terracotta, rust, ochre, and mustard are becoming popular choices for accent walls, furniture, rugs, and accessories. For instance, a rust-colored accent wall can add warmth to a living room or bedroom, while a mustard-colored sofa can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in a lounge area.

Fixtures and Hardware

One way to incorporate warm colors into your 2023 home design is to choose faucets, cabinet hardware, and light fixtures with warm finishes.

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For example, an unlacquered brass faucet can add warmth to a shower tub combo, while a brushed gold pendant light can create a cozy atmosphere in a dining room. Warm toned metal hardware for cabinets and drawers can give a kitchen a timeless yet modern feel.

Organic and Sustainable Home Décor

In 2023, many homeowners are choosing to bring a sense of calm and tranquility into their living spaces, using natural materials to promote a connection with nature. These materials include:

  • Wood: Common for flooring, furniture, and bedroom décor ideas such as shelves or picture frames.
  • Stone: Consider using stone for kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, and accent walls.
  • Rattan: Try using rattan for outdoor furniture such as patio chairs or hammocks.
  • Wicker: Woven wicker is a traditional choice for indoor furniture such as chairs and pendant lights.
  • Leather: Sofas, armchairs, or headboards made of leather can create a timeless look.
  • Bamboo: Use bamboo for window shades and room dividers for a natural touch.

There are several design styles that incorporate natural materials, from rustic and traditional to bright and modern.

Comfortable and Rugged: Rustic Style

Rustic style is all about celebrating natural beauty and simplicity, so it often incorporates natural materials like wood, stone, and metal.  

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These materials are often left in their raw, untreated state, and they may be combined with rustic textures like burlap, linen, and wool. Rustic style often has a charming, warm feel that's perfect for cabins, lodges, or any home that wants to evoke a sense of nature and comfort.

Nature at the Forefront: Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is an approach that incorporates natural elements into indoor spaces to create a more harmonious and healthier environment.

By Michael

This style often includes living plants, water features, natural light, and other natural elements to help bring the outdoors inside.

Imperfection Is Beauty: Wabi Sabi

By 2ragon

Originating as a worldview in 16th-century Japan, Wabi Sabi style celebrates the beauty of imperfection. This design style often features organic shapes and textures, like rough-hewn wood or stone, and it often incorporates natural materials like bamboo and paper.

Relax and Unwind: Coastal Calm

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Taking inspiration from the ocean and beach, coastal style often uses materials like driftwood, seagrass, and wicker. Coastal style also incorporates a lot of light, airy colors like white, beige, and soft blue to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Final Thoughts for 2023 Home Décor Trends

For those looking to upgrade their kitchens, open kitchen ideas remain a popular choice, allowing for seamless transitions between the kitchen and living areas. Matte black faucet ideas also remain on-trend, bringing a sleek and contemporary touch to any kitchen design. And for those looking to incorporate a touch of rustic charm, kitchen shiplap ideas can help to add texture and warmth.  

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