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25 Chic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

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August 15, 2023
Kallista Design

If you want to create a modern, functional kitchen with a classic country style, farmhouse kitchen design may be the ideal option for your home. Designed to be sophisticated yet comfortable and down-to-earth, the farmhouse style has grown in popularity in the last decade, offering homeowners the best of both worlds with contemporary and classic designs.

Explore these farmhouse kitchen ideas from KALLISTA to find inspiration for your own kitchen design or remodel and to discover ways to bring the warmth of country life to your modern home.  

What Is a Farmhouse Kitchen?

The farmhouse style combines a variety of elements associated with traditional country and rural design, such as rustic décor and natural items. This aesthetic focuses on comfort and warmth, pairing naturally with both modern and vintage pieces.

A farmhouse style kitchen should effortlessly blend form and function, meeting the needs of the household and tying together the cozy at-home feeling of the past with the more modern functionality of the present. Look for handmade art and decorative details to complete a farmhouse kitchen design.  

Consider expanding this style throughout your home with farmhouse bathroom ideas and bathroom door ideas.  

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

white farmhouse kitchen
Credit: @carolinetran Featured Product: Quincy™ Kitchen Collection

A farmhouse kitchen should be an inviting environment. Create a space that is ideal for both food preparation and entertainment by adding stools to a kitchen island for extra seating.

Utilize Shiplap Walls

farmhouse kitchen with white shiplap walls and marble countertop
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mounted Bridge Faucet

Shiplap walls are one of the most popular modern farmhouse kitchen ideas, providing a sense of texture to white or off-white color palettes. Paired with warm wood floors, the result is a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Embrace the Warmth of Wood Elements

By KatrinaEra

Create a cozy vibe in your kitchen with warm wood elements that evoke the feeling of a well-loved cottage. Butcher block countertops and wooden cutting boards on display can add a natural comfort to the space.

Find Creative Storage Solutions

A farmhouse kitchen with a wooden table and chairs
By Nut

Storage in your farmhouse kitchen design can be both functional and stylish. Display pots and pans with hooks or add shelving inside a kitchen island where you can store dishes and other essential items.

Choose Sentimental Décor Pieces

farmhouse kitchen with white brick wall

If you have heirloom items, consider making them a part of your farmhouse décor, displaying these pieces on shelves throughout the space for an extra personal touch.  

Consider the Maximalist Design Approach

industrial farmhouse kitchen
By Digital Storm

While minimalist design creates a clean look, maximalism focuses on creating a vibrant and bustling space.  

Opt for an Eclectic Design

A farmhouse kitchen with a clock on the wall, black brick wall

Farmhouse kitchen design doesn’t have to coordinate perfectly. Instead, choose pieces that create a more eclectic look.

Pair Brick With Warm Wood

farmhouse kitchen brick wall
By Tatyana Sidyukova

Brick walls can still be a flawless part of a farmhouse kitchen. Consider painting the brick white or another neutral color, or leave it as is for a warm complement to wood details.  

Use Cooking Implements as Décor

stove area of farmhouse kitchen with exposed brick wall
By Tatyana Sidyukova

Display pots, pans, and glass storage containers for an easy way to add décor to your farmhouse kitchen space.  

Add Extra Seating for Entertaining

wood and white farmhouse kitchen
By Iryna

Make your kitchen an excellent place to host friends and family by providing plenty of seating.

Focus on White and Light Neutral Colors

By brizmaker

Lighter hues help a kitchen feel more open, reflecting natural light. Choose neutral colors like white, beige, and off-white to help brighten your modern farmhouse kitchen.

Choose Minimalist Decorative Pieces

By Oleksandr

For a more minimalist look, keep your décor items simple with clean lines and subtle, intentional kitchen color ideas.

Bring Nature Indoors With Greenery

white farmhouse kitchen with plants
By Pixel-Shot

Add vibrance and color to your small modern farmhouse kitchen with potted plants. Choose plants that will fare well in the room’s environment while brightening up the space.  

Opt for Subtle Flaws Over Perfect Designs

farmhouse kitchen with wood butcher block countertop
By magdal3na

Farmhouse style isn’t focused on perfection, but on a lived-in feeling. Embrace the imperfections in wood details like countertops or tables.  

Create Your Own Oasis

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Look for Modern Appliances With a Vintage Flair

luxury farmhouse kitchen stove area
Credit: @carolinetran Featured Product: Quincy™ Kitchen Collection

While you certainly need modern appliances for a functional kitchen, look for pieces that have a more vintage or old-fashioned look to blend the sensibilities of past and present.

Install an Apron-Front Farmhouse Sink

white apron front farmhouse kitchen sink with gold gooseneck spout faucet
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Choose a sink for your kitchen that blends form and function. A deep, apron-front sink paired with the best kitchen faucets will complete your space in style.  

Exude a Sense of Warmth and Welcome

white farmhouse kitchen with plants and apron front sink
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mounted Bridge Faucet

Choose decorative details like fresh floral arrangements or houseplants to add a touch of nature to a neutral farmhouse kitchen.  

Add Modern Décor Touches

farmhouse kitchen sink with golden brass faucet
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mounted Bridge Faucet

Update your farmhouse kitchen with modern accents, like gold faucets and fixtures or striking wall sconces.  

Add Gold Kitchen Hardware

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By Bahrija

To enhance your luxury kitchen design, consider choosing gold fixtures and handles.

Keep Your Design Simple Yet Satisfying

A kitchen with a brick wallDescription automatically generated with low confidence
By Africa Studio

Don’t overthink your farmhouse kitchen design. Add a modern touch with furniture that boasts clean lines and simple aesthetics.  

Glean Inspiration from the Past

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By ImageFlow

Look to the past to inspire your farmhouse kitchen style. Details like chalkboards and old-fashioned white canisters can create a timeless sense of warmth.  

Choose Cabinets With Texture

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By rois010

Choose cabinetry with subtle texture to add visual interest to your farmhouse kitchen’s overall design.

Light Woods Add a Feeling of Warmth

A kitchen with white cabinetsDescription automatically generated with medium confidence
By Melinda Nagy

Brighten your farmhouse kitchen with light wood on the countertops, islands, or flooring. You may even want to add wood accents throughout the space as decorative touches.

Ensure Plenty of Storage Space

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By rois010

Keep your kitchen clean and tidy by organizing your storage to ensure that every item has its place. Avoid clutter on the countertops to maintain a minimalist sensibility.  

Add Pops of Color

By sam73nz

Small splashes of color in decorative accents can brighten any space. From fresh fruit and veggies to playful bowls and other kitchen implements, decorate shelves with items that fit with your kitchen’s color palette and overall aesthetic.  

Design Your Ideal Farmhouse Kitchen

Take inspiration from these farmhouse kitchen ideas to create a space in your home that blends function and style.  

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