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Blending Art Deco Charm and Minimalist Simplicity

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August 25, 2023
Kallista Design

Merging two distinctive styles, minimalism and Art Deco, can create a space that celebrates a rich history and embraces modern simplicity. This blend of the complex, ornate details of Art Deco with the calm, uncluttered aesthetics of minimalist style forms an elegant, streamlined design. It provides the perfect backdrop for our newly launched product: One™ x Armory, which represents a unique minimalist Art Deco interior design, creating an inspiring ambiance that is both luxurious and approachable.

A Sleek Approach to Art Deco Elegance

gray minimalist art deco bathom with open concept layout
One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Armory Handles

Introducing the One Armory handle, an Art Deco bathroom faucet handle that offers rhythm and grace in every touch. This masterfully designed handle blends clean, curvilinear lines with unique, tactile patterning. It crafts a narrative of understated elegance and enduring attention to detail.  

minimalist art deco bathroom faucet handle

An homage to American Art Deco, the Armory handle's design unveils its roots in this illustrious movement. This fusion of aesthetics encapsulates a rich history, offering a bridge between past and present.

One x Armory Handle: A Symphony of Aesthetics

chrome gooseneck faucet in minimalist bathroom
One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Armory Handles

The One x Armory handle upgrades blend minimalism and Art Deco flair, elevating your bathroom to a realm of modern elegance. The attention to detail in these faucet handles resonates with contemporary settings while honoring the iconic American Art Deco era.

art deco minimalist faucet
One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Armory Handles

With graceful forms, durable solid brass construction, and an array of signature finishes, these Art Deco bathroom faucets can add a touch of sophistication to your space. Discover the beauty of warm and cool finishes to suit a variety of interior design styles.

Brushed French Gold: Luxurious Warmth

green and gold art deco bathroom with gold faucet and round mirror
One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Armory Handles

The soft gleam of Brushed French Gold offers a refined look, ideal for enhancing the natural serenity of a green bathroom. This luxurious touch brings out the lush hues of a green bathroom, creating a harmonious space that evokes tranquility and richness. Pair this finish with Art Deco-inspired accessories for a balanced look that celebrates both nature and opulence.

Matte Black: Bold and Modern

matte black faucet
One™ Sink Faucet, Tall Spout, Armory Handles

For a sleek, futuristic ambiance, the Matte Black finish offers a striking contrast, especially in a modern wet room bathroom. This bold choice embodies the strength and simplicity of contemporary design while echoing the angular forms characteristic of Art Deco. The Matte Black finish, set against lighter tiles and fixtures, provides a visually stunning centerpiece.

white and gray modern bathroom
One™ Sink Faucet, Gooseneck Spout, Armory Handles

Whether your preference leans towards the warmth of Brushed French Gold or the contemporary edge of Matte Black, these finishes offer a sleek approach to elegance, transforming your space into an oasis of sophistication.

Create Your Own Oasis

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Art Deco Minimalism: A Timeless Fusion of the Past and Present

assortment of faucet handles in varying finishes - matte black, brushed gold, chrome, and brushed nickel

The marriage of minimalist and Art Deco styles presents a distinctive approach to interior design. Ready to bring this fusion of tradition and innovation to your own space? Contact KALLISTA customer service, and our expert team will guide you in choosing the perfect elements for your bathroom or kitchen. With KALLISTA, your room transcends mere functionality, becoming a living work of art that celebrates elegance in every detail.

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