19 Interior Design Styles Guaranteed to Give Your Next Design Inspiration

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April 27, 2023
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Finding the right types of interior design styles can help you pinpoint your preferences and achieve your desired look for your home. Whether decorating or remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or entire home, the décor in your personal space is a reflection of you—so it’s important to choose designs that are comfortable and reflective of your aesthetic.

We’ve listed and provided photo examples of the most popular 19 different interior design styles below. Keep scrolling to determine which approach you’ll be taking for your next project.  

1. Bohemian Style Interior Design

bohemian interior design style bathroom with oak vanity
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Key features:  

• Natural materials
• Splashes of color combined with earthy tones
• Touches of nature
• Handcrafted goods
• A mix of patterns and textures

The bohemian style of interior design is laid-back and casual. Soft textures like fluffy floor cushions, patterned ottomans, colorful rugs, and rich tapestries fit right into the bohemian look. Wicker and earth tones are popular in this style, as are nature-inspired designs featuring the sun and the moon. Natural materials like wood, rope, and hemp are also common choices for the bohemian aesthetic.  

2. Contemporary Style Interior Design

modern living room with couches, ceiling fan, and recessed ceiling lights, large windows showing outdoor trees and grass

Key features:  

• Neutral base
• Organic touches
• Bold artwork
• In-the-now trends
• Highly functional

Opting for a contemporary design is a great decision for timeless longevity. Contemporary style relies on neutral colors, such as varying tones of beige, white, and gray for furnishings and surfaces. You can then add personality with art or sculptures and swap them out as trends change.  

3. Eclectic Style Interior Design

traditional style interior designed bathroom
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Key features:

• Experimental and unique
• One-of-a-kind pieces
• Bold colors and patterns

Eclectic interior design is perfect for those who do not wish to fit precisely into one category. For example, you can pair dreamy blues and greens of coastal interior design with an eccentric art deco sculpture. Try different patterns and colors throughout the floors and walls to create an eye-popping interior.

The eclectic look appears easy and carefree, but this style also makes it easy to accumulate clutter. For this reason, you should start with a few core pieces and build from there to keep the room organized and free of clutter.

4. Farmhouse Style Interior Design

white modern farmhouse style kitchen with white shiplap ceiling and golden pendant light fixtures
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Key features:  

• Shiplap walls or ceilings
• The use of white, brown, green, and blue
• Comfortable and casual

The farmhouse approach is all about comfort and warmth. Distressed white is a common theme when it comes to the farmhouse look, and shiplap walls add rustic yet modern appeal. For a playful approach, use colors like pastel blues, forest greens, and earthy browns. On the other hand, a black and white color scheme is ideal for a modern farmhouse bathroom design.  

5. Industrial Style Interior Design

industrial bathroom with metal cabinets and exposed brick wall
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Key features:  

• Metal and brick
• Exposed pipes
• Open floor plan
• High ceilings

Industrial design
blends comfort with an edge. Exposed brick and pipes give off an unfinished factory feel, while plush furniture, pillows, and throw rugs emit warmth. The contrast gives the whole style a chic yet grungy appeal. Matte black lighting fixtures add a perfect touch to this design approach.  

6. Japanese Style Interior Design

japanese interior room with tea table
Credit: Rennett Stowe

Key features:  

• Peaceful minimalism
• Paper doors and dividers
• Touches of nature

For a modern Japanese interior design style, picture the neutral colors of rock and sand, the earthy green of the trees, and the open beauty of a Japanese garden. Bamboo furniture, paper dividers, and lush, green plants can help you replicate these soothing Zen qualities.  

7. Mediterranean Style Interior Design

semi outdoor bathroom with steps up to a white freestanding tub with a tropical view
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Key features:

• Warmth
• Rich colors
• Stucco walls
• Exposed wood beams

The Mediterranean look is full of romance and richness. Pair earthy stucco walls with warm wood ceilings or chic tiling. Add vibrant fiery reds, oranges, and yellows with furniture and throw pillows. Leave your windows bare to allow as much natural light in as possible.  

8. Mid-Century Modern Style Interior Design

mid century modern inter designed bathroom
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Key features:  

• Simple lines
• Solid woods
• Retro décor inspired by the ‘50s and ‘60s  
• Pops of color

The mid-century modern design style features fun, colored patterns. Dove grays, toasty tans, and pale blues make a great base, while unique colors like mustard yellow and emerald green can be added throughout. Add some classic retro furniture and nickel plated lighting fixtures to blend everything together.

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9. Minimalist Style Interior Design

minimalist bathroom interior
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Key features:  

• Open-concept rooms
• Functional with minimal decoration
• Simple hardware and light fixtures
• Neutral and calm

Function has the utmost importance when it comes to a minimalist look. Everything should have a place, and every item should serve a purpose. Stick with pleasing neutral shades instead of bright pops of color.

10. Modern English Country Interior Design

white bathroom with green cabinets
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Key features:  

• Richly patterned wallpaper
• Ornate fabrics and tapestries
• Floral designs
• Bright colors

The English country interior design style draws inspiration from the traditional, countryside homes in England. Garden-inspired motifs are commonplace in these designs. Use one pattern throughout for a cohesive approach or mix and match for a more eccentric result.

11. Spanish Style Interior Design

spanish style interior design

Key features:  

• Clean lines
• Use of stucco, brick, and natural stone
• Warm tones
• Abundance of natural light

Spanish interior design
is known for its warmth and textured materials. The Spanish style is punctuated with products made of natural stone and ceramic, as well as pottery and candle holders.

12. Transitional Style Interior Design

transitional interior bathroom
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Key features:  

• Neutral colors
• Relaxed sophistication
• A combination of modern and traditional
• Uses both straight and curved lines

Traditional design will always be a classic, but the transitional style gives you traditional aspects with a bit of modernity to keep it fresh and updated. This style is also much more monochrome, with calming neutrals and only a couple of personal touches.  

13. Rustic Style Interior Design  

rustic wood kitchen
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Key features:  

• Natural, untreated materials
• Rugged style
• Imperfect and handmade products

For rustic design appeal, look for handcrafted items made from stone and wood that contain natural imperfections. Add comfort to the look with materials like wool, cotton, rattan, and rope.  

14. Scandinavian Style Interior Design

white and wood bathroom with scandanivian interior design style
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Key features:  

• Uncluttered
• Light colors
• Focused lighting

The modern Scandinavian look exudes minimalist comfort. Natural woods, open spaces, and light colors can give your home a refreshing breath of Nordic air.  

15. Traditional Style Interior Design

classic parisian style bathroom with chandeliers
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Key features:  

• Historic
• Timeless  
• Antique items

Quality is key in traditional style design. Look for pieces that will last forever, like lovingly used antiques or classic art. Fabrics should be thick and rich. Opt for solid woods with clean lines, and don’t shy away from making decorative statements.

16. Hollywood Style Interior Design

glamorous hollywood marble bathroom
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Key features:  

• Opulence
• Sensuous lines
• Touches of gold  

This look is classy and timeless. Round curves, bright colors, and luxury materials like velvet and brass add to this classy style. To encapsulate that Hollywood feel, add touches of gold in gilded mirrors, chandeliers, and gleaming hardware.  

17. Art Deco Style Interior Design

marble bathroom with an art deco interior style
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Key features:  

• Bold and colorful
• Indulgent details
• Geometric shapes  

The Art Deco style has a glamorous yet vintage appeal. Use bold symmetry, rich colors, and decadent details. Our listicle of colorful kitchen designs is a good starting point into the Art Deco look.  

18. Feng Shui Style Interior Design

modern living room with artistic light fixtures

Key features:  

• Precise placement
• Elemental balance
• Positive movement of energy
• Serenity

Feng Shui design
is all about maximizing energy in your home. Feng Shui principles dictate that bringing in the earth’s elements can make the energy (or Chi) in your house flow properly. They use tools like water features, wind chimes, plants, and fiery colors or candles to keep the elements in balance.  

19. Coastal Style Interior Design

white and blue coastal style living room
Credit: Maine Cottage

Key features:  

• Blues, greens, and grays
• Seascapes
• Natural décor like seashells or driftwood
• Sandy tans and browns
• Nautical décor  

If the beach is your happy place, the coastal design will be well-suited for your tastes. Calming cool colors and paintings of water will allow you to open a window, lean back, and bring the sea right into your living space. Consider incorporating seashells into your coastal bathroom design.  

Bring Your Interior Design Ideas to Life

Identifying all your options is a great way to pinpoint your tastes and preferences. Continue exploring luxury interior design ideas from KALLISTA for more inspiration.

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