24 of the Best Kitchen Storage Ideas to Save Space and Declutter

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April 27, 2023
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A well-organized kitchen brings peace of mind and a sense of functionality. Whether you’re looking for small kitchen ideas or inspiration for a walk-in pantry, we’ve curated some of our favorite photos below.

Here are 24 storage ideas for the kitchen that can help improve efficiency.

Glass Cabinet Doors and Open Shelving  

white farmhouse kitchen with wood floor
Credit: @allisonbabcock  

Put kitchen storage on display and showcase coordinated dishes and décor. This idea can be used in various design styles, from farmhouse to minimalist.

Open Shelving for the Pantry  

white pantry shelving
Credit: @changoandco Featured Product: One™ Single-Control Sink Faucet

With open shelves in the pantry, you can easily access what you need and see when you need to add ingredients to your grocery list.  

Kitchen Island Storage

white kitchen with black countertop
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Islands can give you more counter space and cupboard space. Consider adding seating and plumbing to achieve a convenient kitchen bar idea.

Kitchen Bar Storage

green kitchen bar
Credit: @bridgewaterbuilders Featured Product: One™ Single-Control Sink Faucet

Add a nook to a small kitchen for a tidy and convenient bar or prep area. Include a mini fridge or wine cooler for easy access to beverages.  

Galley Kitchen Storage  

white galley kitchen
Credit: @christinaarmbrister Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

Space is limited in a compact galley kitchen, so overhead cabinets and shelves are must-haves. Consider the use of clear storage containers to keep everything labeled, organized, and easy to see.  

Kitchen Knife Storage Idea  

white kitchen storage
Credit: @designcollectivewest

If you have a kitchen island, consider utilizing a few top drawers for cutlery and cutting boards. You can also use a knife block for easy selection when it’s time to prep food.  

DIY Kitchen Storage Idea: Install a Shelf

wood kitchen
Credit: @formandfield Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Simple shelving is affordable to make and relatively easy to install. Hang a shelf under your cupboards to easily store mugs, dishes, or spices. You can paint them or leave them untreated for natural appeal, which is particularly useful for farmhouse or rustic aesthetics.  

Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Idea

white ktichen
Credit: @havenlivingco Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

In a white kitchen with natural brass accents, consider using wood storage shelves and cookware for added warmth. With a vertical shiplap backsplash, this farmhouse kitchen is both functional and stylish.

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Idea for Storage in a Small Kitchen

white marble kitchen
Credit: @justinesolerdesign Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Are you remodeling or building a new small kitchen? Consider installing a recessed nook with a shelf. This technique gives you extra room to organize without losing square footage.  

Pantry Storage Idea  

green and white kitchen
Credit: @katemarkerinteriors

Consider installing pantry shelves between your cabinets and stovetop if your kitchen has the space. A pantry like this is sleek and attractive and can be painted to blend right in with your other kitchen cupboards. You can use your pantry to store bulk items or shelf-stable goods.  

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Idea

white modern kitchen
Credit: @matthew_ferrarini Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Are you working with a minimalist kitchen? Consider opting for efficient cabinets with flush handles. Consider a natural wood material to add warmth to a monochromatic interior.

Nook for Food Prep

wood kitchen with black metal hardware
Credit: @orestudios Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

A stovetop nook is a common kitchen feature, with cupboards on each side of the stovetop. Install wall-mounted shelves for additional storage. You can keep dishes or cookware on these shelves for easy access while preparing food.

Kitchen Pantry Storage Idea

kitchen cabinte storage
Credit: @paramounthamptons Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Add a built-in pantry to your kitchen for the ultimate space saver. Keep the storage behind doors to maintain a streamlined, upscale feeling.

Kitchen Island Idea With Storage

wood kitchen island
Credit: @suitesixdesign Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

Consider installing your appliances in the island to maximize space and efficiency. Many island designs now include spaces for ovens and range tops, as well as wine coolers and an extra sink.  

Color-Coordinated Storage

kitchen with red cabinets
Credit: @summerthorntondesign Product Feature: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

If you envision a color theme for your kitchen, utilize your cabinets and cupboards to maintain your desired aesthetic. Here, wood cabinetry is accentuated by red accents, coordinating with the bright red stove.

White Cabinetry Gives the Illusion of a Larger Space  

white and black kitchen
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Use white surfaces to make your kitchen appear larger. Consider Matte Black or Gunmetal kitchen accessories for a touch of timeless contrast.

DIY Under Kitchen Sink Storage Idea

white kitchen
Credit: @carolinetran Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

If you wish to have a streamlined and functional space around your kitchen sink, consider installing chrome soap dispensers or sidesprays. You can even install lotion and hand soap dispensers to keep those bulky bottles off your counter.  

Kitchen Counter Storage Idea

kitchen stove
Credit: @carolinetran

While organization and de-cluttering are important, so are convenience and efficiency. Keep cooking oils, spice shakers, and utensils on your kitchen counter with storage dishes and trays. Add touches of nature with small succulents or flowers for a delightful experience.

Display Fresh Fruit and Baked Goods

white and green kitchen
Credit: @carolinetran

Use dishes like bowls and cake stands to keep fruit, bread, and pastries within sight. This can add decorative flair and serve as a visual reminder to grab a readily-available snack.  

Wood and Glass Cabinet Doors

white kitchen with light blue cabinets
Design by Style Guide Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge Photography, Product Savoy Hive Mosaic in Paperwhite

For a chic yet subtle statement, choose wood kitchen cabinets with small glass windows at the top. You can use these windows to display wine glasses or fine dinnerware.  

Space-Saving Island Kitchen Sink  

white and gray kitchen
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

Many kitchen islands have a small sink for convenience. Installing a full-size sink in the island area can free up a wall for more cabinets and counters.  

Kitchen Wall Storage Idea

blue kitchen cabinets
Credit: @maison_birmingham Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet, Lever Handles

A built-in armoire allows you to store most of your kitchen essentials all in one place.  Paint it a bold color to create an accent wall effect.

Recessed Refrigerator

white kitchen with stainless steel fridge
Credit: @serendipitedesigns Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

This idea maximizes square footage by keeping your refrigerator flush with your cabinetry. Choose a high-shine stainless steel fridge for a sleek, modern statement.  

Combine Storage and Display

white kitchen with gold hardware
Credit:@twinconstruction Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

If you have a wall of cabinet space, consider adding glass windows to the center doors for displaying your finest glassware or ceramics.

Inspiration for Your Kitchen

Explore more luxury kitchen designs to determine the approach that works best for your project.  

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