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15 At-Home Spa Day Ideas for Ultimate Relaxation

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July 22, 2022
Kallista Design

Ideal spa days are soothing in theory, but setting up appointments and coordinating all your desired amenities can cause unnecessary stress. When all you need is tranquility after a demanding day, sometimes a spa night in the comfort of your own home is the perfect solution.

We’ve put together a few tips for turning your bathroom into the at-home spa of your dreams—no appointment required.

Maintain Maximum Comfort With Heated Towels

spa day towel idea
Credit: Chad Mellon
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Proper preparations make for an optimally relaxing experience. Warm towels after a spa treatment are the ultimate indulgence. Whether you invest in a towel warmer or simply tumble your towels in the dryer for a few minutes, this amenity requires minimal effort to help you achieve a luxury spa at home.

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Fold warm towels on the countertop or on a seat near the bathtub for ultimate convenience.

Prepare Treats and Drinks

spa day drinks and desserts
Credit: Taryn Elliott 

A great spa experience engages all the senses, so don’t be afraid to curate some tasty delights for your day. For a refreshing and light option, try a bright fruit and vegetable tray. If you’re feeling sweeter, choose a few decadent desserts like crème puffs or chocolate truffles. Wine or your favorite cocktail may be the perfect pairing to go along with your treats, and can surely add a finishing touch to your at-home spa experience.

Renew Your Glow With Moisturizer

spa day lotion idea
Credit: @jamie_banfield_design

Adding quality moisturizers to your self-care routine will help you achieve soft and vibrant skin. Be sure to select appropriate products created specifically for the face and body, and account for any skin considerations you may want to address on your spa day. 

Establish the Mood With Scented Candles

candle idea for spa day

Create a peaceful ambiance by lighting a candle bursting with your favorite scent. As one of the simplest at-home spa ideas, a candle will fill the room with a refreshing aroma, with the flickering light acting as a visual and elemental catalyst, gently ushering you into relaxation. 

Try an Exfoliating Body Brushing Session‍

body brush for day spa
Credit: Karolina Grabowska

Often done before bathing or showering, dry brushing is a common beauty technique for healthier skin. Simply scrub a stiff-bristle bath brush in small circles all over your body. Dry brushing can stimulate collagen production and increase blood flow, which is essential for strong skin.

Soak in a Tranquil Bath

tranquil bath spa day
Credit: @lyndenlane
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The main event of your at-home spa day may be an immersive bath. Bath bombs, salts, and oils can elevate your self-care experience. Consider adding a tray to your bathtub or placing a stool nearby to set amenities easily within your reach.

spa day wood stool
Credit: @miguelewis
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Create Your Own Oasis

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Rest Your Tired Feet

spa day foot stool
Credit: @shophousedesign

Whether you use a bathtub, a bench in your walk-in shower, or a small foot spa, adding some Epsom salts to warm water provides the perfect solution for relaxing your feet and releasing tension. Follow up the foot soak with a full pedicure for complete rejuvenation.

Relieve Sore Muscles With a Pulsating Handshower

handshower spa day idea
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A handheld shower head, or handshower, adds a new layer of ownership and individuality to your at-home spa bathroom. KALLISTA’s luxury handshowers provide massaging, soft aerating, or pulsating settings ideal for soothing tired muscles.

With a fine assortment of designs ranging from sleek modern to charming traditional, KALLISTA handshowers offer an unmatched, custom showering experience.

Create Your Own Facial Mask for DIY Spa Day

DIY spa day mask
Credit: Tijana Drndarski

Try making a facial treatment from common household items for your at-home spa day. Many kitchen staples can work wonders for your skin. For example, you can combine coconut oil and honey to create a DIY spa mask to calm and brighten your skin.

Calm Your Senses With a Rain Shower Head

rain shower head
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A rain shower head offers a reinvigorating cleanse. When mounted from the ceiling, water flows down in a rainfall-like fashion. KALLISTA luxury rain shower heads are engineered with patented air-induction technology, which infuses air into each drop of water to produce a more powerful shower. The euphoric feeling of cascading water across your skin will help you loosen up after a long day.

Feel at Ease With Warm Loungewear and Towels

warm towels spa day idea
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Along with heated towels, spas are known for cozy robes and slippers. Don’t be afraid to indulge in these amenities when recreating the spa atmosphere. Splurge for a new loungewear set so you can truly pamper yourself from the comfort of your home. Hang your robes and towels on a set of decorative hooks for a luxurious arrangement.

Hydrate With Infused Water

infused water
Credit: Charlotte May

The glass of citrus or cucumber water given to you after a spa treatment offers vital refreshment. It’s important to stay hydrated while getting pampered (or pampering yourself) because spa treatments often involve heat and oils that can dehydrate your body. Before your spa day, fill a pitcher with water and add whatever fruits you’d like to infuse flavor. Your rejuvenating beverage will be ready to rehydrate you at the end of your DIY spa day. 

Design a Luxury Spa at Home

luxury home spa
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Major remodels and small updates alike can transform a bathroom into the oasis of your dreams. Sophisticated renovations, such as installing decorative vessel sinks or building a walk-in shower and tub combo, will bring spa-inspired appeal to your personal sanctuary.

When sweeping changes to the design or layout of the room aren’t feasible, try upgrading your wall art, bathmat, or luxury faucets for subtle yet impactful results.

Install a Pivoting Shower Body Spray

pivoting spa shower
Featured Product: Modern Body Spray

When designing your custom spa shower, look no further than pivoting body sprays. KALLISTA shower body sprays are outfitted with innovative internal volume controls for a cleaner-looking shower configuration. The pivoting body sprays are constructed from solid brass for exceptional performance and the durability to stand up to the rigors of daily use while remaining beautiful for years to come.

Don’t Stress, Just Relax

relaxing bathroom view
Credit: @janettemalloryinteriors

Your at-home spa day ideas will be great—don’t stress about achieving perfection. The point is to rest, relax, and re-energize. Prepare ahead of time to keep your DIY spa day serene.

FAQs About Having a Luxurious Spa Day at Home

You deserve to experience your bathroom as a sanctuary of comfort and relief. Discover solutions to common queries so you can achieve a reinvigorating spa-like experience in your personal retreat.

What items are essential for an at-home spa day?

From relaxation enhancers like candles, scent diffusers, and noise machines to cosmetics like face masks, nail polish, and moisturizer, self-care items are essential for a successful at-home spa experience.

What are some at-home spa day ideas for couples?

Preferred at-home spa day ideas for couples include a couples massage, romantic bubble bath, or a hot yoga session. An at-home spa day for couples can be a romantic, private date night for you and your special someone. 

How do I have an at-home spa day with friends?

For an at-home spa day with friends, try adding a fun cocktail or charcuterie board to the mix. For ladies’ spa night ideas, a group DIY project can make things more interactive—whether you create your own facial masks using pantry ingredients or sit down to make jewelry together.

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