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Elegant Contemporary Vanities for Your Bathroom

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January 25, 2024
Kallista Design

Selecting the right  bathroom sink vanity plays a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetic and functionality of the space. As homeowners seek to create bathrooms that seamlessly blend modern elegance with personalized style, the market offers a diverse array of options to meet these discerning tastes.  

In this exploration, we delve into the world of the best contemporary bathroom vanities from the Kohler family, meticulously curated to cater to a spectrum of design preferences. From the classic warmth of weathered wood to the sleek sophistication of mid-century modern installations, each vanity tells a unique story.  


Chestnut Hill Vanities

Embrace the timeless charm of weathered wood with traditional details. Ideal for those who appreciate classic touches in their farmhouse bathroom. The raised panel aesthetic and carved bevel drawer detailing bring sophistication to any space.

Cartesian Vanities

Explore modern design possibilities with this versatile vanity. Best suited for those who love versatility, the modular experience, various widths, and optional night light make it perfect for customization.

Sendai Vanities

Experience magnificent contrasts of metal and wood. Perfect for those who seek a statement piece, the integrated chamfer design pulls and open storage on the bottom shelf add an artistic touch.

Helden Vanities

Achieve a relaxed coastal vibe with soft curves and an airy aesthetic. Ideal for those aiming for tranquility, the rounded vanity frame and carved integrated drawer pulls bring a sense of calm.

Skaarsgard Vanities

Embrace clean simplicity inspired by Scandinavian design. Suited for those who appreciate the elegance of simplicity, the mitered thin frame and pre-installed solid stainless steel hardware offering a sleek look.

Mackey Vanities

Revel in perforated paneling and elegant distressing. Perfect for those who love unique textures, the perforated paneling and distressed finish add depth and dimension.

Alisal Vanities

Experience a relaxed and contemporary look with an industrial edge. Suited for those who prefer an industrial-chic aesthetic, the stainless steel sleigh legs and visually striking dimensional drawer fronts make a bold statement.

Profiles Vanities With Antique Mirror

Witness the fusion of age-old oxidation and modern form. Ideal for those desiring a touch of antiquity, the handcrafted glass and uniquely designed handle area create a one-of-a-kind finish.

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Lodern 60" Wall-Hung Bathroom Vanity Set with Sinks and Quartz Top

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The ultra-sleek wall-hung Lodern bathroom vanity set delivers contemporary styling softened by traditional elements. With solid-wood drawer fronts, elegantly contrasting hardware, and a Silestone® quartz vanity top, it's ideal for those seeking a balanced aesthetic in a modern bathroom.  

Kresla 48" Bathroom Vanity Cabinet with Sink and Quartz Top

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The Kresla vanity collection brings a quiet sophistication into your bathroom space with clean, architectural lines. With roomy interior storage, this set includes a cabinet, quartz countertop, sink, and hardware. Perfect for those who appreciate a modern and organized bathroom.

Jute 48" Wall-Hung Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

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This wall-hung vanity combines the warmth of wood with a sleek installation for a fun play on mid-century modern design, offering ample storage. Ideal for those who appreciate a mix of contemporary and mid-century styles.

In the pursuit of creating a contemporary haven within your home, the selection of the perfect bathroom vanity is more than a practical choice; it's an expression of your style and a testament to your commitment to quality living.  Whether you find resonance in the timeless appeal of weathered wood or the sleek lines of modern minimalism, these vanities offer more than functionality; they offer an opportunity to curate a space that is uniquely yours. 

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